The Big Three: A Close Look at the Most Powerful Names in K-Pop

The South Korean music industry has given birth to plenty of record labels that all experience varying degrees of success. The established ones come to host many popular artists, whereas many labels fail to put forth just one popular act in the saturated market of Korean pop. However, three iconic

A Killer Comeback: How Cube Entertainment Turned it Around

After losing their primary breadwinners girl group "4Minute" and boy band "BEAST" (now known as "Highlight"), all hope seemed lost for Cube Entertainment. The company was left with numerous once-promising acts, but constantly mismanaged them which subsequently prevented them from hitting it big. The company seemed to be in a

A Q&A With Your Favourite English Cover Artists

The western audience for Asian entertainment is steadily growing, and subsequently, more and more people are listening to music in a language they don't know. Whilst the language barrier is clearly not an issue for plenty of people, there are many Hallyu fans who wish to hear the music that

Sub VS Dub: A Close Look at the Age-Old Debate

Spoiler alert: This article contains minor "Free! Eternal Summer" spoilers. My younger brother has a very narrow taste in anime. His first anime, like thousands of others, was "Naruto." We would lie down and watch it on a tiny screen everyday after school, our favourite past time. From then on, he

Introducing Wanna One: The Top 11 of “Produce 101 Season 2”

The wait is finally over. After eleven long weeks, the second season of the MNET survival show "Produce 101" has come to a close. Produce 101 was initially established in 2015 with the goal of producing Korea's best girl group from a pool of one hundred and one trainees from forty-six