Album Review: KARD – 2nd Mini Album ‘YOU & ME’

KARD's 2nd Mini Album Review

Release Date: November 21, 2017 Tracklist: INTO YOU Trust Me (Jiwoo & J.Seph ver.) Push & Pull Because (지니까) You In Me Trust Me (BM & Somin ver.) INTO YOU (Instrumental)* You In Me (Instrumental)* Trust Me (Group ver.)* * bonus tracks in the physical edition Total Runtime: 00:22:00 Recommended for: Hidden KARDs; anyone craving for

Movie Review: Gordon Chan’s God of War

God of War

Old school martial arts film stars make their silver screen comeback in historical war film God of War. Even with a premise that borders on nationalistic, God of War is underperforming in China. The film saw approximately USD 9.25 million, a little over a week since its release, in the Chinese box

OHvision Song Contest 2017: Grande Finale (Non-European)

ohvision header 2

Previously, we’ve gone through the 11 incredible European contestants of the OHvision Song Contest 2017. But there are also gems aplenty in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Oceania. Now, let’s take a look at the rest of the no less incredible 9 OHvision hopefuls from beyond Europe. Here are

OHvision Song Contest 2017: Grande Finale (European)

ohvision header 1a

An impressive turnout of 44 artists represented their countries, battling it out in the OHvision Song Contest 2017. 20 of them slipped past the initial semi-final eliminations. But now, only 1 of the most outstanding artists stand a chance to win. Sit back and relax as Sansa, Wasta, Sakura, Sapphic,

Album Review: PSY – 4×02=8

PSY 4X2=8

Release Date: May 10, 2017 Tracklist: I LUV IT New Face 마지막 장면/LAST SCENE (Feat. 이성경/Lee Sung Kyung) LOVE (Feat. 태양/Taeyang) BOMB (Feat. B.I, BOBBY) We Are Young 팩트폭행/FACT (feat. G-DRAGON) Rock will never die 기댈곳/REFUGE 오토리버스/AUTO REVERSE (Feat. TABLO) Total Runtime: 00:35:31 Recommended for: Anyone curious enough to listen to other aspects of PSY's

Oh! Press Talk: Does Sajaegi Cause More Harm Than Good?


Recently, Laboum was accused of committing sajaegi. It became a large issue since they won a KBS Music Bank award against South Korea's National Sweetheart IU. A broad definition for the Korean word ‘sajaegi’ is chart manipulation, whether it’s physical or digital. So how does sajaegi affect music charts, rankings

Movie Review: Park Kwang-hyun’s Fabricated City

Fabricated City Ji Chang wook

Fabricated City was released a few months ago in South Korea, but took what felt like forever to arrive in Singapore. Maybe they had to literally ship the reel by sea, or it got lost in the mail. Either way, Fabricated City debuts to seemingly lukewarm response in Singapore, even as it topped South Korea's box office.