17 K-Pop Idols Who Need To Sleep In On World Sleep Day

world sleep day wjsn

Today, March 16th officially marks the commemoration of World Sleep Day. It might sound silly but the importance of sleep can never be overstated. And yet, it’s almost universally known how little sleep most idols generally get. Recording for music and variety shows can last an entire day and many

OH! Press Picks: Upcoming Anime of 2018

free iwatobi swim club shingeki no kyojin

With 2018 in full swing, anime lovers everywhere can anticipate new and upcoming anime ahead. You can expect your favourite shows to return with a new season, OVA, or movie, or possibly even get curious about new anime. Spring alone heralds the return of seasonal anime such as Tokyo Ghoul

K-Pop Workout Playlist: Tracks To Get Your Heart Rate Going

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As someone who enjoys working out, I am constantly on the lookout for songs to add to my workout playlists. Whether you're like me or you've lately felt the need to introduce a new fitness regime into your schedule, here's a k-pop workout playlist that might just come in handy.

Album Review: KARD – 2nd Mini Album ‘YOU & ME’

KARD's 2nd Mini Album Review

Release Date: November 21, 2017 Tracklist: INTO YOU Trust Me (Jiwoo & J.Seph ver.) Push & Pull Because (지니까) You In Me Trust Me (BM & Somin ver.) INTO YOU (Instrumental)* You In Me (Instrumental)* Trust Me (Group ver.)* * bonus tracks in the physical edition Total Runtime: 00:22:00 Recommended for: Hidden KARDs; anyone craving for

Movie Review: Gordon Chan’s God of War

God of War

Old school martial arts film stars make their silver screen comeback in historical war film God of War. Even with a premise that borders on nationalistic, God of War is underperforming in China. The film saw approximately USD 9.25 million, a little over a week since its release, in the Chinese box

OHvision Song Contest 2017: Grande Finale (Non-European)

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Previously, we’ve gone through the 11 incredible European contestants of the OHvision Song Contest 2017. But there are also gems aplenty in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Oceania. Now, let’s take a look at the rest of the no less incredible 9 OHvision hopefuls from beyond Europe. Here are

OHvision Song Contest 2017: Grande Finale (European)

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An impressive turnout of 44 artists represented their countries, battling it out in the OHvision Song Contest 2017. 20 of them slipped past the initial semi-final eliminations. But now, only 1 of the most outstanding artists stand a chance to win. Sit back and relax as Sansa, Wasta, Sakura, Sapphic,