The Start of E.G. Family: A Quick Guide


As many may have heard and seen throughout Twitter and Instagram today, what E.G. Evolution was all about was revealed today. It came to a surprise to everyone that E-girls and the sub units were going to be restructured. They announced that the group E-girls will now be in an organization

FAKY’s Major Debut: Fan Book Project


As a long time fan of FAKY, since their debut back in 2013, I wanted to do something special for them. After seeing a lot of successful fan and collage book projects that fansites have done for J-pop groups, I thought we should do the same for FAKY to show

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE Opens Up Burger Shop + Additional World Tour Dates

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE have announced that they have opened a burger shop in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The members have discussed about this project for a good amount of time and felt like they wanted to invest in something together and Hayato gave the idea that they should open up a

Spring 2017 Anime Simulcast: My Watchlist


The Winter 2017 anime season is now ending, with plenty of series having now aired their final episodes in the past week. As we get into April, the Spring 2017 season’s upcoming series are about to take over. We start our look at Spring 2017 with the new and returning