Former Trainees of Big Companies: Where are they now? (Female Edition)

The Korean entertainment industry has some of the most rigorous pre-debut training ever heard of. Companies are ruthless when it comes to preparing groups, cutting trainees out left and right. Here are some of the most well-known trainees who either were cut or left their previous company in the past

New Generation Girl Groups: The Fashionistas

With the coming of new girl groups, fans see all different kinds of fashion from them. Whether it be trendy, preppy, or badass, fans see it all. Here are some of the newest idols who have recently became known for their fashion taste! Red Velvet's Joy Joy has a girly, ethereal fashion

Opinion: Will new generation girl groups be able to take the crown?

In 2012, over 100 new groups debuted, marking the rise of rookie group debuts. Yes, over 100 groups. No, many of them haven’t survived. The girl groups who have debuted post-2012 are unable to climb the wall of popularity because they come from small companies. There are, though, surprise success

Opinion: Will IOI be able to reach success after they disband?

IOI is one of the biggest K-Pop groups out right now. From various performances, commercials, variety shows, to their own reality shows, IOI is virtually everywhere. Ultimately, though, their contract with YMC Entertainment only lasts 10 months, after which the group will officially disband in front of the thousands of