The End of K-pop As We Know It Or Fear-Mongering At Its Best? A K-pop Fan’s Guide To THAAD

THAAD - the acronym spreading fear and speculation among K-pop fans. These days, if any China-adjacent K-pop controversy arises, THAAD is sure to come up. For some it’s a harbinger of doom, the end of Korean entertainment as we know it; for others it’s just another controversy, one that will

Single Album Review: Dreamcatcher – Fall Asleep In The Mirror


Release Date: April 5 2017 Tracklist: My Toys (Intro) Good Night (Title) Lullaby Good Night (Inst.) Total Runtime: 10:27 Recommended for: Those looking for something darker and more rock-based in their K-pop as well as fans of powerful concepts with a strong performance aspect. NOT recommended for: Those who only like bright, bubblegum