Oh, Heyi Girls!

As I was lurking around the OH forum, I happened to chance upon this particular article about netizens comments on this sixteen member girl group, Heyi Girls, that debuted earlier this year in China. Curious, I clicked on the thread link, despite the negative way of phrasing the article that

Solo Debut : The Little Prince by Ryeowook

Release Date : 27 January 2016 Tracklist Like A Star The Little Prince (어린왕자) Hello (그대) People you may know (알 수도 있는 사람) Foxy Girl (Feat. 딘딘) POOM (품) Total Runtime : 23 min 3 seconds Recommended for : Die-hard fans of Ryeowook, fans of ballads or Elfs! NOT recommended for : Those who dislike hearing slow & monotonous songs 3402

Album Review : JJ Lin’s From M.E to myself

Release Date: 25 December 2015 Tracklist "序曲:调音" (Tuning Up) "不为谁而作的歌" (Twilight) "序曲:中场休息" (Intermission) "关键词" (The Key) "只要有你的地方(晚安版)" (By Your Side(Bedtime)) "弹唱" (A Song For You Till the End of Time) "有梦不难" (Adolescent) 序曲:Welcome to the Livehouse Too Bad "你,有没有过(Livehouse版)" (Roll On(Livehouse)) "序曲:12年前" 12 Years "现在的我和她" (No Longer Us) "序曲:海边 初"

Album Review : TaeTiSeo Dear Santa

Release Date : December 4 2015 Tracklist : Dear Santa I Like The Way 겨울을 닮은 너 (Winter Story) Merry Christmas 첫눈처럼 (First Snow) Dear Santa (English Version) Total Runtime : 00 : 21 :27   Recommended for : Those who like TTS, still in the Christmas mood or you just need a change in genres! NOT recommended for :