Author’s Feature: SatByeol (R&B)

Hi Guys! I decided to do an Author’s Features! In this segment, I will do short reviews and talk about artists and songs that I enjoy listening to. Since Kpop is already huge among international fans, I wanted to address artists of other genres, especially Hip Hop and R&B, which I am a huge fan of. There won’t be any addressing of technicalities about the artist or the songs; it’ll just be my thoughts. Through this section, I hope to expose songs/artists that other users may enjoy! Basically, it’s kind of like my version of AOTW, but this won’t be a weekly thing. I’ll try to update whenever I have free time. The first artist I will introduce is Satbyeol, a Korean R&B singer.


Satbyeol has been active in the Korean Hip Hop/ R&B industry since 2005 but debuted as a solo artist in 2011. She did many collaborations and worked with many artists such as Crown J,B-free, Outsider, Kebee, MC Sniper, Sool J, the Quiett, etc.


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Thoughts on Satbyeol

It’s a bit difficult finding information and translated lyrics for Satbyeol, but regardless, I still enjoy her songs a lot. The beats on her songs are quite enjoyable for me, and she has a very nice voice. My favorite songs of her would definitely be “1+1+1” and “Do Me”. I look forward to more of her future music, and I will update on her if anyone else is interested in her. It would be a dream of mine to have the chance to interview her!

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  • Omg!! Yes!!! I am so happy for this article 😀
    I like her features in hip hop I’ve heard

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    You can find translated lyrics on her tumblr. For Do Me and Woo Baby, I think.

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