BANANALEMON, New Digital Single “I WANNA, I WANNA” + VOGUE Event


BANANALEMON’s new song “I WANNA, I WANNA” was released today September 7th. BANANALEMON did a dance practice collaboration with choreographer RIKIMARU, his channel exceeding 2.1 million total views. BANANALEMON will performing at VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT 2017 this weekend.

This summer, the four member dance & vocal group BANANALEMON that appeared before their début on large festivals such as SUMMER SONIC 2017 and MUSIC CIRCUS ’17, and which gained increased attention, is releasing a new song “I WANNA, I WANNA.” This song was chosen as the theme song of the Yokohama original short movie “Rain Encounter Slope” fourth episode, and has also been shown off at summer festivals and live events in various places.

It was announced that the choreography of the song was done by RIKIMARU, who also releases dance practice videos on YouTube as well as song distribution. RIKIMARU is active as a dome class tour dancer in addition to offering choreography to foreign artists such as BoA, SHINee, supernova, etc. What’s most paid attention is the amount of YouTube views he has garnered from his dance practice videos and who he has worked with being such a young dancer.

As the lyrics say, “If you want me to get rid of it with your hand,” the world’s view on the song is finished in a supportive song of a strong girl with the flow of unrequited love. Producer STY also commented “I’m very happy if it’s a song that can push the back of all the girls with love!”

In addition, BANANALEMON will be attending the VOGUE FASHION’S NIGHT OUT 2017 on September 9th. On that day, they will perform at the “FNO GIRL’S PARTY” SPECIAL LIVE held in Harajuku. The event will be free.

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