C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Apr. 13 – Apr. 19) – Soft Lipa

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Soft Lipa (蛋堡) is a rapper from Taiwan. His style combines rap and jazz music. He debuted in 2009 with great success. That year he received awards for Top Ten Album and Best Newcomer making him one of the most popular and influential Chinese rappers. In 2011, he was nominated for Best Mandarin Album at the Golden Melody Awards for his album “踩.腳.踏.車”. He has now released five studio albums. Source

Featured Songs

偷偷 Secretly feat. Olivia Yan

Soft Lipa X Jabberloop – 經典! Old School! / Blu-Swing Remix

Soft Lipa X Jabberloop – I Want You

當我來到這里 When I Arrive feat. Miss Ko

史詩 An Epic

Other Songs

噓… Secret feat. Lala Hsu
踩腳踏車 Biking
寫一首歌 Drop The Hit feat. Khalil Fong
Soft Lipa X Jabberloop – 過程 Process
Soft Lipa X Jabberloop – 月光下 Gekko
Ahh Yeah
雨沒停過 Endless Rain


Soft Lipa is probably the only rapper that people know of about in Cpop. He’s one of the few mainstream rappers in the scene along with MC Hotdog, MJ116, and I guess Miss Ko now too. It’s funny to see him featuring in other artist’s songs almost like they want to have a rapper in the song so they get the only one that people would recognize. Miss Ko has featured on a few songs now and she’s starting to become that as well. The rap scene is bigger than I thought it was though. Soft Lipa was the only rapper I knew for a long time but i’m starting to see more than just him. If you clicking on related videos, you’ll see that there are a lot of other rappers. After featuring Dewen和拖鞋 for an AOTW, I found the T-Crash record label that focuses on hiphop and R&B music. So it’s there if you want it, but it’ll just take a bit of digging if you want more rap music in Cpop.

That is mostly what I feel like saying for this week’s feature. To actually talk about Soft Lipa’s music a little bit, he is worth checking out. He is different than the other rappers because he raps over jazz beats a lot of the time. His style of rapping is also slower and smoother than the other mainstream rappers who have a more…aggressive delivery? My main problem with him is all the filler in his albums. There always seems to be a lot of skits and instrumental tracks in the albums. It bugs me because I just want to hear an actual song!

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