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Y2J (traditional Chinese: 神木與瞳; simplified Chinese: 神木与瞳; pinyin: Shén Mù Yǔ Tóng) is a Taiwanese rock band composed of two participants (Yuming Lai and Jane Huang) from the 2007 season of One Million Star, a singing competition. Yuming Lai was crowned champion of the competition. Jane Huang finished seventh but won the popular vote. The two-member band’s English name is derived from Yuming Lai’s first initial (Y), the number of band members (2), and Jane Huang’s first initial (J). The band released its debut album “Live For You” in 2008 and their second album “Guardian” in 2010. Source

Featured Songs

守護者 Guardian

美麗 Beauty

草戒指 Grass Ring

武裝的薔薇 Armed Rose

Other Songs

崩裂前聲嘶力竭 At The Top of One’s Voice
愛鍊 Chains Of Love
終結 / The End
轉淚點 The Turning Point
寬恕 Forgiving
愛在末日前 Love Before Doomsday
Q & A
理由 Reasons
不放 Not Letting Go


Jane Huang was featured for an AOTW thread early on, but before her solo career, she was was part of Y2J. If you are a fan of Jane, I think you will most likely enjoy Y2J’s music also. Their styles are similar but the duo has more of an emphasis on rock over melancholic songs. Both singers have strong versatile voices and they work well together. They take turns in the spotlight giving the other the lead in some songs while being the focus in others. Each also have solo songs on the albums. I would say that they are pretty balanced but with Jane being slightly more favored than Yuming. I am a fan of Jane and her solo career, so I could be biased, but she was clearly the one with more star potential out of the two to me. I kind of feel sorry for the guy. He was the one who won the competition but after Y2J’s second album came out, Jane went solo and put out two albums and I don’t know what Yuming is even doing now.

Both albums are pretty good. I think I prefer Live For You more than Guardian, but both are solid. If you are a fan of Jane and want more, then definitely give them a listen. Or, if you are looking for something rock but you’re not a fan of the soft indie rock that most Cpop bands do, then Y2J might suit your tastes more. There are still ballads though. This is Cpop after all 🙂

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