C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Feb. 23 – Mar. 1) – Keeva Mak

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Keeva Mak (chinese: 麥家瑜, pinyin: Mak Ka Yu) is a Hong Kong singer. She loved music as a child and often played in her father’s recording studio. Many veteran singers recorded there so she was exposed to various styles of music and famous musicians. After sending a demo to Hong Kong, she was invited to record music and eventually signed a contract with Universal Music. She debuted in 2008 with the song “The Tenderness That Kills Me”. She went on to release two albums, a self-titled album in 2009 and “More Than Love” in 2013. Source

Featured Songs

殺死我的溫柔 The Tenderness That Kills Me

病入膏肓 Fatally Ill

望天光 Looking At The Sun Rays

聽到的神話 The Fairy Tales I’ve Heard

Other Songs

我國 China/My Country
起跑線 Starting Line
不方便的真相 Inconvenient Truth
火滾 Boil With Fire
好得很 Very Good
吃不消 Intolerable
不要教壞我 Don’t Lead Me Astray


I decided to feature a Cantopop artist because it has been a long time since the last one. This week we have Keeva Mak, who is one of the first Cantopop singers that I actually liked. I still go back and listen to her music every once in a while. Keeva Mak sings mostly ballads so if you don’t like slow songs, she’s most likely not for you. “Fatally Ill” and “Looking At The Sun’s Rays” change it up a little bit and are less typical but the rest of the ballads are your usual piano or acoustics driven ones.

Keeva Mak is not a name that I see being talked about. She is probably not very popular, which would explain having only two albums in seven years. I think that she deserves more than that. Not outstanding in any way but with a decent voice and two solid albums, she is worth looking into.

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