C-Pop Artist Of The Week (July 6 – July 12) – Misi Ke

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Misi Ke (柯泯薰) is a singer from Taipei, Taiwan. She started her career in 2008 and over the next few years, she put out 4 EPs, all produced and sold by herself without external help. People didn’t pay any attention to her, counting her out as just another folk singer songwriter. It was only when she performed in Okinawa did people realize that maybe they missed something about her. Her vocals are described as between that of Cheer Chen and Desert Chang. Not wanting to be pinned down, she continues on solidly from Kay Huang, Sandee Chan, Ze’Hwang, and Waa Wei in terms of the talents and tradition of female Taiwanese singer-songwriters. on her path towards a unique maturity of her own, Her first official album “Play” was released in 2014.

Featured Songs

卡夫卡 Kafka

署名給 Dear…

這是我的地方 Where I Belong

等妳擁有勇氣 Waiting For Your Courage

Other Songs

指北針 Compass
最喜歡的你 You Whom I Like Best
遊樂 Play
送給我的世界 The World Is Your Gift feat. Europa Huang
旅鳥 Paper Crane
陌生的瞳孔探險 Exploration Through Unfamiliar Pupils
我不懂 I Don’t Understand


If anybody actually follows these threads, it should be pretty obvious after hearing one or two of her songs that I would like her. I have featured many artists with similar sounds including Waa Wei, Maffine, Hello Nico, Frandé, and probably one or two more that I’m forgetting at the moment. I just love the dreamy instrumental and soft vocals combination. To me, it is like an alternative to a ballad. I get the emotion I look for in a ballad, but I also get a more interesting and layered instrumental to accompany it. More so than the other bands I mentioned earlier, Misi reminds me of a Japanese duo named Haruka to Miyuki, who have become a favorite of mine over the past two years or so. The progression of the songs, the hazy guitars, and just the overall vibe reminds me of them. Haruka to Miyuki are far more dynamic and diverse though.

I take the opportunity to promote Haruka to Miyuki any chance I get!

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

If you had no interest in the bands that I mentioned, you probably won’t like Misi Ke. I understand that some might find her boring. I enjoyed the album and think that she can have a good career. I’ll be keeping an eye out on her and look forward to what she does next.

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