C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Mar. 2 – Mar. 8) – Cyndi Wang

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Cyndi Wang (Chinese: 王心凌, pinyin: Wáng Xīnlíng) is a Taiwanese singer and actress of Hakka descent. She was born on September 5, 1982. Cyndi graduated from the Okazaki Arts School in Taipei and completed a drama course at Hua Gang Arts School. She speaks Mandarin, Japanese, English and Hakka.

She appeared in music videos for Tanya Chua, Beatrice Hsu, and Kenji Wu before entering in a Avex Taiwan competition in 2003. After the competition, Cyndi was given the chance to go to Japan and train for three months where she received lessons from famous artists such as Hamasaki Ayumi, BoA, Utada Hikaru, Namie Amuro and Hitomi. Giving impressive results, she was offered a contract from Avex Taiwan. She has gone on to release ten studio albums and star in several dramas. Source

Featured Songs

非Soul Mate (Non-Soulmate)

不哭 (Don’t Cry)

我會更好 (I’ll Be Better)

說不出的味道 (Indescribable Taste)

Other Songs

戀愛節奏 (Rhythm of Love)
變成陌生人 (Stranger)
這… (This…)
愛太空 (Love Outerspace)
愛呢 (What About Love?)
搖滾吧姑娘 (Rock N’ Roll Bar Girl)
當你 (When You)
Mr. honey
灰姑娘的眼淚 (Tears of Cinderella)
On My Way


Cyndi Wang is a name that most people have probably heard of. She seems to be pretty popular among international Cpop fans either because of her music or her dramas. Cyndi has had a long career and a ton of albums. She has been with three record labels since she debuted so I listened to a handful of albums and made sure to cover music from her time at each of them. The albums that I listened to were: Begin, Cyndi Loves You, H2H, Sticky, Love or Not, and The 10th Cyndi. Yes, that is a lot, lol. I was already a Cpop fan by the time Sticky came out in 2011, so I listened to that and the newer ones as they were released.

Her music consists of the usual for female Cpop artists. She does ballads, pop, and dance songs. After listening to the albums at different points in her career, the major difference that I heard was for her upbeat songs. Early on, her pop songs sounded like 90’s western pop and I really liked that. Begin is actually probably my favorite album of hers because of this. But this sound disappeared over time and it seemed to be in favor of bubblegum pop. I think she always had various amounts of it in her albums, even in Begin, but it seemed like more of a thing later as her image revolved around being cute. For her last two albums, she included some dancepop tracks and they are honestly not that good. Then we get some type of bubblegum and dancepop hybrid like “Baby Boy” *cringes*. Fortunately this is Cpop, that means you are required by law to sing ballads (not really), and her ballads remain consistent throughout her career. I would go as far as to say that it is her strength now. In my opinion, her ballads are the best songs in her last two albums.

Cyndi has some good songs but I wouldn’t say that any of them are amazing. It’s not there anymore, but I remember reading on her Wiki that she was compared to Jolin at the start of her career. Unfortunately I don’t think she ever broke out musically to allow her to get the success that Jolin has. It’s like she is stuck in the “good” range and never moved onto “great”. Nothing is wrong with that though. Not everybody can be top tier of course. I like her, and do recommend her, but keep your expectations in check.

PS watch Love Keeps Going

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