C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Mar. 9 – Mar. 15) – Dewen和拖鞋

Dewen和拖鞋 is a hiphop and R&B duo from China formed by rapper J-Sleeper性感的拖鞋 (Left) and singer Dewen (Right). They signed with the hiphop label T-Crash in 2013. In the same year they participated in the singing competition Superstar China where they reached the final 5. They released their debut EP “女神不说话” in 2013 and their debut album “超能力开挂侠” was released in 2014. Source


女神不說話 Goddesses Don’t Speak

戰火榮耀 Glory of War

過不完的夏天 Endless Summer

J-Sleeper性感的拖鞋 feat. Dewen – 抓不住 Uncatchable


This week’s format will be a little different. They don’t have that much music on youtube and I can’t link to the usual streaming site because it isn’t available in my area. But they do have a full album video. So instead of the usual Featured and Other sections, here’s their latest album that you can listen to.

Released: 05-30-2014

01 超能力迪斯科 Super Disco Power – 0:00
02 爱你的意义 The Meaning of Loving You (Feat. 李魏西) – 4:16
03 开挂侠 A Spirited Man – 8:32
04 顶级说唱歌手 The Top Rapper – 12:15
05 女神不说话 —— 未收录
06 交杯酒 Wedding Wine (Feat. 大眼炮) – 15:53
07 写给浪漫 Writing to Romance – 19:20
08 如果我是权志龙你会爱我吗 —— 未收录
09 过不完的夏天 —— 未收录
10 亲爱的 My Love – 23:36

* The songs that are crossed out are not included in the video above


Dewen和拖鞋 is an interesting duo that might appeal to people who either can’t get into ballads or want something different to mix it up. The two work well together and each bring something different to the table. Dewen has a pretty nice voice and J-Sleeper性感的拖鞋 can rap well also. Together they have a nice dynamic and it allows them to try out many different sounds. Sometimes J-Sleeper性感的拖鞋 takes the spotlight for the more upbeat hiphop songs. Other times Dewen gets to shine for the smoother and softer R&B tracks. When they split time, they can put out some well balanced songs where both of them can do their thing.

There weren’t a lot of videos on youtube for their music, so I couldn’t feature my favorite songs or show the different sounds they have. I recommend using the time stamps to skip around the tracks of the album I posted. It is a diverse album that showcases hiphop, R&B, pop, and rock. I liked what I heard. They are definitely different from the usual cpop, which you might either like or hate. They are worth checking out either way just to see for yourself how you feel about them.

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