C-Pop Artist Of The Week (May 11 – May 17) – Weibird Wei

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Weibird Wei (also known as William Wei, 韋禮安) is a Taiwanese pop and folk-rock singer. He first began publishing music on the online blogging platform Streetvoice in 2006, and received media attention as the champion of the CTS variety show “Happy Sunday”. In 2009, Wei released his debut EP “Màn man děng” (慢慢等). The following year, on 4 June 2010, he released his self-titled debut album William Wei (韋禮安首張同名全創作專輯) for which he was nominated Best Mandarin Male Singer, Best New Artist, Best Mandarin Album and Best Composer at the 22nd Golden Melody Awards in 2011, and subsequently won Best New Artist. Since then, he has released two more studio albums with the most recent one being released in 2014. Source

Featured Songs

生存之道 Survival Guide

在你身邊 By Your Side

轟炸 Bombing

面具 Mask

慢慢等 Wait Slowly

Other Songs

翻譯練習 Translation Exercise
有人在等我 Someone Is Waiting For Me
兩腳書櫥的逃亡 The Fleeing of a Two-Legged Bookcase
故事 Story
還是會 Still
因為愛 Because of Love
沉船 Sinking Ship
曙光 Breaking Dawn


First of all, I’m calling him Weibird Wei instead of William Wei because it’s what his official music videos refer to him as. Anyway, it’s been a while since I featured an artist off the request list and it’s also been a while since the last ballad singer. Weibird covers both of those while also helping me mix in some male singers, because I would rarely choose a male artist on my own!

I wasn’t very familiar with his music. I’ve only been exposed to him through drama OSTs. I liked what I heard but never got around to properly going through his discography. His songs seem to alternate between acoustic/piano ballads (slow and mid-tempo) and pop rock, with one song a little more jazzy/funky like “Bombing” per album. He has a really nice, soft voice so even someone who prefers female vocalists like me, enjoys his songs. The stranger thing is that I prefer his ballads over his pop rock songs. They were hit or miss for me and I found that his ballads were more consistent.

Speaking of consistency, I thought that two of his albums were pretty solid. He has three albums and I liked the first and the latest album. His second album was the weakest one for me. I would rank them with the self-titled album first, then “Journey Into The Night”, and “Someone Is Waiting” last. I’ll probably keep listening to him and will say that he is worth checking out.

PS. As I said in a recent thread on the forum, The Pursuit of Happiness has the best overall OST for a Taiwanese drama that I have heard. Check it out to hear his song “By Your Side” and other good songs too!

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