C-Pop Artist Of The Week (May 18 – May 24) – Yvonne Hsieh

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Yvonne Hsieh (解偉苓) is a Taiwanese singer. She participated in many singing competition shows including Chinese Million Stars and Super Idol. During one competition where F.I.R’s Ian was a judge, she sang F.I.R’s 相信愛 and impressed him so much that he invited her to train at their company. Yvonne had a big breakthrough in 2009 with her song “Expel Love” that was used in the Taiwanese drama “Black & White”. She continued doing performances and singing for dramas while gaining popularity. Yvonne Hsieh released her debut album “Expel Love” on December 26, 2014. Source

Featured Songs

掩飾 Conceal

無誤 No Doubt

婚禮的祝福 Wedding Blessings / (Album ver.)

放逐愛情 Expel Love

Other Songs

悲傷止步 Stop, Sadness / (Album ver.)
幸福者 Happy Persons
好想好好愛你 Wish To Love You Well
藍天 Blue Sky
我又想起你 Thinking Of You Again
寶貝快睡 Sleep My Baby


If you’re more than just a casual Cpop fan, you probably like ballads and hopefully you like Yvonne Hsieh too. Her first album came out at the end of last year and it is pretty solid. She started her career singing for dramas, so expect to hear those types of emotional songs in it. That’s about all the album has actually. Not much variety in it but Cpop fans would be ok with that I think. The album has been what I listened to when I have trouble going to sleep and need something soft on. She’s been around for a while but this is probably the true start to her career and I wanted to help spread her name a bit. Good ballads and a good voice, what more could you ask for.

Also everybody watch Black & White! It’s a great drama. Just ignore Mark’s bad acting and focus on Vic and Ivy instead. How Mark and his constant yelling and overacting won the award, I’ll never know.

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