C-Pop Artist Of The Week (May 25 – May 31) – the Huiting

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the Huiting is the name of Tizzy Bac’s Chen Huiting’s (陳惠婷) solo project. Chen Huiting is Tizzy Bac’s vocalist and pianist. The band formed in 1999 and have released five albums. They have been nominated for multiple Golden Melody awards. In 2014, Chen Huiting released her debut solo album titled “21 Grams” and has been nominated for Best Newcomer in the 26th Golden Melody Awards in 2015. Source

Featured Songs

荊棘的冠冕 Crown Of Thorns

Set On Fire

黯 Gloom

白鯨記 Moby Dick
(Some places list this as “Moby Dick” and some as “Mody-Dick”. I chose to use Moby Dick because it actually makes sense)

Other Songs

She only has one solo album so far, so I’m just going to post links to the album.


01 荊棘的冠冕 Crown Of Thorns
02 時間的孤島 Island Time
03 無聲之中綻放的煙火 Fireworks In Silence
04 Gloom
05 末日求生守則 Survival Guide
06 The Freak Show
07 極光 Aurora
08 White Lie
09 黑鳥 Black Bird
10 金色的河流 Golden River
11 Set on Fire
12 白鯨記 Moby Dick
13 Gloom (Guitar version)


With the nomination list for the Golden Melody Awards released last week and the awards itself coming up next month, I thought that it would be nice to focus on some of those nominees. It’s a good mix of styles that includes big name artist and lesser known ones too. Some I’ve already featured but some I haven’t and they have been requested. So, I think it’s a good way to prep for the awards by introducing these artists and knocking out some requests at the same time. I’m going to stick to the nominees for the main categories, and even then I might not get through them all, but we’ll see. ChthoniC and Jay Chou have both been on the request list for a long time, so this means that I’ll finally do those requests sometime soon-ish lol.

I’m starting it off with “the Huiting”. I’ve only listened to a few Tizzy Bac songs so I’m not familiar with Chen Huiting at all. I’m interested but I just haven’t gotten around to it. I went into 21 Grams with not much expectation but I was really blown away by some of the songs. I actually had a lot of trouble picking which song to post first because that spot is usually designed for what I think is the best song. I’m still not sure which one I like more between “Crown Of Thorns” and “Set On Fire”. Those two songs, and the other two featured, had heavy electronic influences and they were the highlight of the album for me. It’s a good direction to take for upbeat music instead of going the generic dance route.

A good amount of the songs are like the ones I talked about above, but the other ones are different. They are safer songs without the electronic influences and are piano/acoustic guitar driven instead. That doesn’t make them bad songs but I found them less enjoyable in comparison. There are only a few songs that I think were misses and the album overall is great. I think it’s good enough to have gotten her nominated for Best Mandarin Female Singer in place of A-Mei and/or A-Lin, but then again, I don’t actually know what that category means. I think the Golden Melody Awards categories are a little weird and seem a bit like some are made just so they could include more artist names to attract attention. But, that is a tangent and I’ll stop (unless you want to discuss about it!)

The album has some jams and I will definitely keep listening to it. It also gives me motivation to finally properly look into Tizzy Bac also.

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