C-Pop Artist Of The Week (May 4 – May 10) – Maffine

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Singer: Xie Meng Ting
Guitar: Chu Shi Ming
Synthesizer & Clarinet: Huang Jing Xian
Bass: Wu Xin Zhe
Drummer: Liu Li Jie

Maffine (瑪啡因) is an indie band from Taipe, Taiwan that was founded in the summer of 2011. They made their debut with the EP “迴loo-oops” in 2013. They have had gigs at many festivals and were showcased at The Next Big Thing in 2015. Maffine released their first full length album in April 2015. Source

Featured Songs

透明 Transparent


(There is a MV for this but it’s only on Yahoo for some reason. Watch it HERE)

不要 Don’t


紡織人 The Weaver
Released: 04/17/15

Besides the songs in the featured section, there’s only a few other songs and the new album that recently released. You can stream the album on their StreetVoice page HERE.

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