C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Sept. 22 – Sept. 28) – Ma-te-Lin

Ma-te-Lin (林瑪黛)

Ma-te-lin is an electronica group based in Taiwan. They are made up of lead singer Asha and DJ/Producer Shao-Yong Huang. They formed in 2012 and released their debut EP in 2013. Some of their influences include Air, Portishead, Kimbra, Fiona Apple, Lana Del Rey, and Imogen Heap. Their themes are inspired by animal and human interactions including animal abuse and the affects on wildlife. – Ma-te-lin Official Page

Featured Songs

Ancient Mark

滿奇 Manchi

Oh Darling

孥克的詭計 Nuke’s Trick

Other Songs


Zombie Dog 

大象說 Elephant says

孥克的詭計 Nuke’s Trick (house mix)

我的地盤 My Place

Where Is My Feeling

Ma-te-lin Wrapup

There were a lot of good Cpop debuts in 2013 and I feel that Ma-te-lin is one of the more promising ones. They were one of the few indies on this list of debuts, so that was part of it. Their sound isn’t the typical pop and ballad songs found in Cpop while instead they did their own thing and it’s refreshing to get something different once in a while.

I really like Diana Wang, and Jia Jia’s vocals are amazing but Ma-te-lin are more exciting to me because I think they have a higher ceiling in terms of music quality. They can try different things and experiment with their music without sounding out of character or strange. They can release something in the future and completely surprise me and that is something I don’t feel with other acts.

Ma-te-lin are still pretty young as an act and I look forward to hear what they do in the future. I hope they experiment and go harder electronic or even try out rock. It would be interesting to see what they would do with that. They haven’t released that much material so far, I think I listed most of their songs that they’ve released and some might even be demos.Therefore they have tons of room to grow and whenever they are ready to release their first full length album, I will be ready!

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