C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Dec. 1 – Dec. 7) – Shi Shi

Shi Shi (孫盛希)

Shi Shi (孫盛希, pinyin: Sun Sheng Xi) is a Chinese-Korean singer born in Gangneung, Korea on November 30, 1990. She wanted to become a singer so she moved to Taiwan 1.5 years ago to write and sing. She participated in the singing competition Chinese Million Stars and signed with Rock Records Taipei. Shi Shi released her debut album “Girls” in 2014.

Featured Songs

不該 不該 Shouldn’t Shouldn’t


瘋起來(feat,葛仲珊) Crazy It Up feat. Miss Ko

恆溫 Constant Temperature

Other Songs

你的誰 Your Somebody
沒有理由偽裝成理由 There Are No Reasons To Disguise As Reasons
跟你住 Living With You
Yes, I Do
想想你也好 It’s Okay to Think of You
是愛還是陪伴 Is It Love Or Is It Companionship


Shi Shi is one of the few new artists that debuted this year (that I know of) and is definitely worth checking out. Her debut album is pretty solid with some good pop songs and ballads. She seems to be starting her career off to a good start and already has had drama tie-ins. Collaborating with last year’s Best New Artist winner, Miss Ko, should also help her get notice. I like her a lot and she should have a decent career. I’m not sure what it is but she really reminds me of Diana Wang. So if you like Diana check out Shi Shi and vice versa.

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  • The tie between Diana Wang and Shi Shi is their producer, Skot Suyama. Not since Jeff Lynne have I known a producer to have such a definite fingerprint. MEC Band, Rchord are others who have cocreated with him.