C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Dec. 15 – Dec. 21) – Chocolate Tiger

Chocolate Tiger (猛虎巧克力)

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Vocal/Guitar:Enno 鄭宜農
Guitar:Hsu 徐振偉
Bass:Celine 林思伶
Drum:Hiko 劉彥廷

Chocolate Tiger is a band formed by Taiwanese Singer/Songwriter/Actress Enno Cheng (鄭宜農). She first appeared in the film industry in 2007 when she took part in the film Summer’s Tail, for which she wrote the script. She was the main character, Zheng Jia-Yue/Yvette Chang, and was nominated as the Best New Performer in 2007 at the 44th Golden Horse Awards. Enno released her debut album in 2009 and formed Chocolate Tiger in 2013. Source 1, 2

Featured Songs

腦炸症 Information Overload Syndrome

理由 Excuses

小事 Triviality

別讓我孤單 Don’t Leave Me Alone

Other Songs

不再是少年 Not A Teenager Anymore
在一起 Together
夜工廠 Nighttime Factory
拼湊 Piecing Together
無以名狀 A Nameless Mood
怎麼辦 What to Do
四百擊 The 400 Blows


I found this band when I was looking up Enno Cheng’s music about a year ago and saw that she was also in this band. Chocolate Tiger do mostly rock and soft rock songs. They are most likely not going to wow anybody with their music but I think they are pretty good. Their album release was solid and the demos they put out this year were good also. Enno’s singing is nice. She has a soft and soothing voice for the slower rock-ballads but can still pull off rock songs decently well. If I compare her vocals to the last band I featured (Astro Bunny), I would say her vocals are a lot better than Astro Bunny’s Lena Cha.

Enno Cheng continues to perform as a soloist as well as with the band. Her solo material is worth checking out if you like acoustic music. It’s much softer than Chocolate Tiger’s music so you might like her music even if you don’t like the band’s. I might feature her as a solo artist eventually, but if you’re curious, here’s a taste.

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