C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Dec.22 – Dec. 29) – Lie Gramophone

Lie Gramophone (謊言留聲機)

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Vocal & Keyboard: A-FLIGHT
DJ: Leo
Drums: Krish

Lie Gramophone (Chinese: 謊言留聲機; simplified Chinese: 谎言留声机) is a Taiwan Drum & Bass / Electro / Rock band. The electronic band was set up in the end of 2009. The members came from the background of rock music. They decided to adopt “Lie Gramophone” as the name of the band to convey their beliefs through their music. Lie Gramophone released their debut album, Future Primitive, in 2012 and their sophomore album, Dark Light, on November 11, 2014.

Here’s a description of the origin of their name:
“Today media is manipulating public awareness of and opinions on pop music. “Lie Comparing the commercial power behind media to a turntable, and media to a gramophone, “Lie Gramophone” mocks mainstream music as it found mainstream music is a lie, it keeps deceiving the public.”

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Featured Songs

分手夜 Break-up Night (feat. 徐佳瑩 Lala Hsu)

光之城 City of the Lights (feat. B.C.W. 懶領階級)

讓子彈飛 Let the Bullets Fly

怪女孩 Like You Do (feat. B.C.W. 懶領階級)

Other Songs

預告片 Trailer feat – 秦宇子 Yuzi Qin
回去的方向 The Way We’re Coming Home
火燒厝 House on Fire
火蜂鳥 The Humming Bird on Fire
公路電影 Those Days
無知少年 Young and Dumb
迷夜 Midnight (feat. 秦宇子 Yuzi Qin)


I heard about these guys a while ago, but it’s only been recently that they have started to grow on me. I first came across them with their song with Lala Hsu and I really liked it. But when I checked out their other songs, I couldn’t get into them. I really hated dubstep then, so that was probably a big reason for me not liking them at the time. However, I have come to tolerate a certain amount of it now, but it is still a genre I tend to avoid, though.

I revisited them recently, and gave them another chance when their newest album came out just last month. I soon realized that they don’t even do dubstep all that much. I must have hated the couple of dubstep songs that I heard so much that I didn’t give them a proper chance. Besides dubstep, they also do regular pop and dance music. Their choices of the featuring artists are pretty good. I have never heard of Yuzi (or UZ) or B.C.W. before but now I am interested in checking them out. There’s Lala too of course, but I think most people know that i’m a big fan of hers by now.

After listening to their new album and re-listening to their first one, I have become a fan. They have a lot of songs I like and they mix it up with female vocals and rap features. I have to give them credit for not only being different from the usual cpop, but also doing it well. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something different in cpop.

Just wanted to give a heads up that I will probably be taking a couple of weeks off from doing the AOTW. I want to take a break. The cpop AOTWs will resume in 2015.

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