C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Nov. 10 – Nov. 16) – Astro Bunny

Astro Bunny (原子邦妮)

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Astro Bunny is formed by vocalist Lena Cha and bassist/producer Jay Cheng (程杰) and is based in Taiwan. Lena Cha was the vocalist for the now disbanded all girl rock band Cherry Boom under the name Zha Zha. Astro Bunny debuted in 2012 with their EP “What If There’s No Tomorrow”. They changed their name to Awesome Blossom (花漾年華) in 2013 but only released one EP before returning to the name Astro Bunny.

Featured Songs

沒有捨不得 No Reluctant

愛又算什麼 What About Love?

花兒 Little Flower

四月天 April

Other Songs

外婆的泡泡糖 Grandma’s Bubble Gum
美人淚 Beauty Tears
折桂令 Zhe Gui Song / The Song of Title Capturing
如果沒有以後 If there’s no After
紅太陽 Bright Red Sun
喜歡你的勇氣 Courage
旅人 Travellers


I first discovered Astro Bunny when they released their EP under the name Awesome Blossom. Just to get it out of the way, I think Awesome Blossom is a stupid name. Astro Bunny isn’t a great name either, but it is a better one. Anyway, I thought the EP was good, so I looked more into them and found out about the music they released as Astro Bunny. Their sound is sort of similar to Jane Huang at times when they go for a more rock style, but also very Carrchy-like with their slower paced songs. The vocals are decent enough. I do think she is missing something in her singing though. Like she needs just a little bit more oomph at times or more emotion at other times. Overall I don’t think they are anything amazing, but they are worth checking out.

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