C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Nov. 17 – Nov. 23) – Eve Ai

Eve Ai (艾怡良)

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Eve Ai (艾怡良, pinyin: Ai Yi Liang) is a Taiwanese singer born on March 24, 1987. She won first place in the fifth season of the singing competition Super Idol, winning a contract with Sony Music Entertainment. She released her debut album “If You Luvvvvv Me” in 2012 and was nominated for the Best Newcomer award at the 24th Golden Melody Awards. She then participated in China’s version of the X Factor and The Voice of China. Eve Ai released her sophomore album “Grown Love” in 2014. Source

Featured Songs

上流玩法 Sophisticated Game

Never Be The Same

別說出 Don’t Say It

你說了算 You Have The Final Say

Other Songs

Why Am I Born If I Can’t Get Your Love?
敏感 Sensitive
真心話 Truth
如果你愛我 If You Love Me
哈羅 Hello
在我愛你之前 Before I Loved You
光榮 Glory
節骨眼 Vital Link


Eve Ai is a singer that I like a lot. I thought her first album was really good and her recent second album did not disappoint. There was a thread a few weeks ago where we discussed how Taiwan has the same artists topping the charts for the last decade and that there weren’t any new artists that could be stars, well Eve Ai is probably the one with the most potential to be that star. She has the talent, the music quality, and a diverse discography.

I think she has a great voice and can pull off a variety of genres. If you like ballads and jazzy type songs, check out her first album. Her stronger ballads are on that album. But she really matured and surprised me for her second album. It’s more interesting and has more variety. There’s an intense song like “Sophisticated Game”, a RnB song like “Never Be The Same”, a non-generic dance song like “Why Am I Born If i Can’t Get Your Love?”, and also a smooth and mellow old school sounding song with “Truth”.

I know most people are hyping up Jolin Tsai’s new album right now. I am a huge Jolin fan but I haven’t listened to it enough to form an opinion of it yet. So until that happens, I am choosing Eve Ai’s “Grown Love” album as my favorite Cpop album of 2014. I highly recommend listening to it and checking out the rest of her music too.

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