C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Nov. 24 – Nov. 30) – Fish Leong

Fish Leong (梁靜茹)


Fish Leong (born 16 June 1978) is the stage name of Jasmine Leong, an ethnic Chinese, of Cantonese descent[1][2] Malaysian singer. She is prominent in the Mandarin pop scene who has had much success in Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. Leong, known as “the Queen of Love songs”, is famous for her love-themed ballads, many of which have become popular karaoke hits. Source

Featured Songs

彩虹 Rainbow

不想睡 Don’t Want to Sleep

會呼吸的痛 Breathing Pain

絲路 Silk Road

沒有如果 No Ifs

Other Songs

無條件為你 Unconditionally For You
分手快樂 Happiness of Breaking Up
如果有一天 If Someday
最想環遊的世界 The World That Desires to Travel the Most
崇拜 Worship
燕尾蝶 Swallowtail
屬於 Belong
愛久見人心 Love in Heart


I hope you like ballads! If you are not a fan of the genre you should close the tab now and try again next week. If you like ballads then you’re in luck because ballads songs are Fish Leong’s specialities. She has been in the industry since 1999 and has released twelve albums. Yeah, that’s a ton of ballads. Just because of the sheer number of them, there are a lot of good ballads from her but also a lot of boring ones too. You might have to listen to some not-so-good songs but when you get to one of the great ones, it is really worth it. She is pretty well known so most people reading this probably already know of her but to those who don’t, I recommend checking her out if you like ballads and love songs. You should find plenty of songs that you might like.

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