C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Nov. 3 – Nov. 9) – Han Geng

Han Geng (韩庚)

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Han Geng (韩庚) (born February 9, 1984, in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China), is a Chinese pop singer, dancer, model, and actor. He started his career in 2001, when he was chosen by SM Entertainment (SME) to become a member of South Korean boy band, Super Junior, which debuted in 2005. He later became the leader of its sub-group, Super Junior-M, in 2008. He has since returned to China to pursue a solo career.

He released his first digital single “My Logo” on 6th July 2010 and then released his first album “庚心” (Geng Xin) on 27th July 2010. After a two year break in which he focused on his acting career, he released his second album “寒更” (Hope in the Darkness) on 29th July 2012. Source 1, Source 2

Featured Songs


Hangeng & Elva Hsiao – 最佳聽眾 The Listener

My Logo

那个女孩 That Girl

Other Songs

狂草 Wild Cursive
还跟在你身边 Still At Your Side
女皇 Queen/Empress
小丑面具 Clown Mask
撑伞 Holding Umbrella
飞蛾扑火 Fire


I never listened to Hangeng before and only knew him as the guy who used to be a Kpop idol. He doesn’t have a very big Mandarin discography, so I was able to listen through most of it for this week’s thread. I wouldn’t say that I was disappointed because I didn’t have much expectations anyway, but I didn’t enjoy his music very much. I thought most of his discography was dull with maybe 2 or 3 songs here and there that I thought were decent. “Control” is probably the song that I liked the most out of his music repertoire. I think his singing is pretty boring for the most part. His vocals are nothing special to begin with and his delivery also feels empty. The use of auto-tune doesn’t help one bit either.

It’s probably safe to say that I will never listen to him again. I wasn’t feeling his music very much. I do wonder whether people like him because of his music or if it’s because of his connection to Super Junior/Kpop. If he had no connection to Kpop and was simply a regular Mainland artist, would they even care about him? If people like him then fine, but there are better Cpop artists out there.

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