C-Pop Artist Of The Week (Oct. 6 – Oct. 12) – TOFFEE


Members (from left to right):
Urhu & Pipa: Yuna
Vocals: 伶妲 Linda
MC & Rapper: GaWeed
Guzhang: Kaye

Toffee is a group three female members and one male member born in Taipei, Taiwan. The group began in 2012 with a Folk / Electro style combines with traditional and modern instruments like the erhu and guzheng. Their first EP titled “Toffee” was released in November 2012. Source

Featured Songs

夜來香 Evening Primrose (alt MV)

斷 Cut Off

海闊天空 A Brighter Future


Other Songs

Hi 5
繡花鞋 Vintage Love
Get Out
Cheese (Remix) feat. MC GaWeed and NELLA

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