Movie Review : Monster Hunt 2

Chinese Name : 捉妖记2 Director : Raman Hui Screenplay : Jack Ng, Sunny Chan, Su Liang Genre : Crack, Heartwarming Running Time : 1:50:00 Recommended For : Monster Hunt fans and those who were anticipating the sequel of Monster Hunt Not Recommended For : Heartless, cold hearted people who can't take the adorableness of Wuba Starring : Tony Leung, Bai Baihe, Jing Boran, Li Yuchun

Chinese Dramas to Anticipate in 2018

We’re soon to be greeted with the warmth of the Spring Festival, also known as Lunar New Year to many.  Like that, another twelve month cycle has passed and it’s already time to gather with family again and give your blessings to your elders.  For those that don’t celebrate Lunar

Drama Review: Lost Love in Times

2016, marked the next phase of Liu Shi Shi’s career.  At the Lost Love in Times press welcoming event she announced her decision to leave Tangren Media, the company she had been signed on for ten years, since her graduation from Beijing’s Dance Academy in 2007.  In addition, it was

Drama Recap: Lost Love in Times Episode 21-24

Week 6 has rolled along, and the series has introduced many more mysteries.  Our main suitors for the love polygons have respectfully declared their fights.  And Yuan Ling's identity has just become more intriguing. 11321

Movie Review: Gordon Chan’s God of War

God of War

Old school martial arts film stars make their silver screen comeback in historical war film God of War. Even with a premise that borders on nationalistic, God of War is underperforming in China. The film saw approximately USD 9.25 million, a little over a week since its release, in the Chinese box