Original vs. Remake: Bu Bu Jing Xin and Moon Lovers

In 2011, time-traveling dramas became a trend in China, after the releases of Gong and Bu Bu Jing Xin.  Both controversially and arguably based on the same novel by Tong Hua, titled Bu Bu Jing Xin.  When South Korean director Kim Kyu Tae, known for It’s Okay It’s Love and

Get Excited: Upcoming Dramas

AFTER an impressive year in drama land, the excitement does not stop at the pointy end of 2016 and early 2017. Some of the most talented Hallyu stars, young guns and promising idols will return to the small screen with a variety of interesting scripts. OH!Press picks out four dramas to look

OH!Press Feature: Throwback Thursday The Dramas of Our Youth

This year's Harper’s Bazaar’s Charity Night took me on a trip down memory lane. With Chinese Paladin Beauties, Liu Shi Shi, Yang Mi, and Liu Yi Fei, in one frame, I knew I wasn’t the only one. On that one night, previous besties Liu Shi Shi and Yang Mi dispersed

OH!Press Feature: Throwback Thursday 9

Finding an emotionally gripping ballad is not a hard task but finding ones that feature stunning harmonies is relatively more difficult. SM's veteran boy group TVXQ produced countless hits where all the members sang as one. Turn back the clock to TVXQ’s famed 2008 ballad, “Love in the Ice” on Throwback Thursday.

Former Trainees of Big Companies: Where are they now? (Female Edition)

The Korean entertainment industry has some of the most rigorous pre-debut training ever heard of. Companies are ruthless when it comes to preparing groups, cutting trainees out left and right. Here are some of the most well-known trainees who either were cut or left their previous company in the past

New Generation Girl Groups: The Fashionistas

With the coming of new girl groups, fans see all different kinds of fashion from them. Whether it be trendy, preppy, or badass, fans see it all. Here are some of the newest idols who have recently became known for their fashion taste! Red Velvet's Joy Joy has a girly, ethereal fashion