Movie Review : Monster Hunt 2

Chinese Name : 捉妖记2 Director : Raman Hui Screenplay : Jack Ng, Sunny Chan, Su Liang Genre : Crack, Heartwarming Running Time : 1:50:00 Recommended For : Monster Hunt fans and those who were anticipating the sequel of Monster Hunt Not Recommended For : Heartless, cold hearted people who can't take the adorableness of Wuba Starring : Tony Leung, Bai Baihe, Jing Boran, Li Yuchun

Movie Review: Gordon Chan’s God of War

God of War

Old school martial arts film stars make their silver screen comeback in historical war film God of War. Even with a premise that borders on nationalistic, God of War is underperforming in China. The film saw approximately USD 9.25 million, a little over a week since its release, in the Chinese box

Movie Review: Park Kwang-hyun’s Fabricated City

Fabricated City Ji Chang wook

Fabricated City was released a few months ago in South Korea, but took what felt like forever to arrive in Singapore. Maybe they had to literally ship the reel by sea, or it got lost in the mail. Either way, Fabricated City debuts to seemingly lukewarm response in Singapore, even as it topped South Korea's box office.

Film Review: Park Chan Wook’s “The Handmaiden: Director’s Cut”

English Title: The Handmaiden Korean Title: 아가씨 (Agassi/Miss) Director: Park Chan Wook Screenplay: Chung Seo Kyung, Park Chan Wook Starring: Kim Min Hee (On the Beach Alone at Night), Kim Tae Ri (Entourage), Ha Jung Woo (The Chaser), Jo Jin Woong (The Admiral) Genre:  Crime, Drama, Mystery Certificate: 18 Duration: 167 mins (2:47:00) Warnings: graphic violence, graphic sex, depictions of suicide, strong language Release

Movie Review: One Way Trip

The transition between childhood to the adult life can sometimes be quite jarring, a lesson four young men are unceremoniously forced to learn in the Korean film One Way Trip. These friends will eventually come to understand that the decisions made solely for survival may sometimes be the hardest to live with in