Album Review: Mamamoo – Yellow Flower

Release Date: March 7th, 2018 Tracklist: 'From Winter to Spring (Intro)' 'Star, Wind, Flower, Sun' 'Starry Night' 'Be Calm (Hwasa Solo)' 'Rude Boy' 'Spring Fever' 'Paint Me' Total Runtime: 00:21:47 Recommended for: EDM lovers; people who like stripped down ballads; anyone who is ready to appreciate a vocally-driven album NOT Recommended for: people who

[SM Station Review] Suho x Jane Jang – ‘Dinner’

Release Date: March 10th, 2018 Tracklist: 'Dinner' Total Runtime: 00:03:35 Recommended for: Anyone who wants to enjoy a stripped-down, vocal-oriented track NOT Recommended for: Those who don't like ballads and 'boring coffee-shop' tracks; people who haven't been too impressed by the SM Station Project (though you should seriously give this one a try!) 15577

espressOH! – Which song tops the discography of these new gen groups?

espressOH! is nothing but OH!Pressors casually writing about random stuff. Sometimes we want to shit on stuff, some times we want to be laid-back too. Well, whatever it is, have fun reading, or not~. 15099

17 K-Pop Idols Who Need To Sleep In On World Sleep Day

world sleep day wjsn

Today, March 16th officially marks the commemoration of World Sleep Day. It might sound silly but the importance of sleep can never be overstated. And yet, it’s almost universally known how little sleep most idols generally get. Recording for music and variety shows can last an entire day and many