Album Review: Minzy – Minzy Work 01. “Uno”

A year after her departure from 2NE1, former member Minzy has made her long-awaited solo debut with mini album Minzy Work 01. “Uno”.  Release Date: 17 April 2017 Tracklist: 01. Ni Na No (니나노) (feat. Flowsik) 02. Superwoman (수퍼우먼) 03. ING (알쏭달쏭) 04. Flashlight (feat. Jay Park) 05. Beautiful Lie 06. Ni Na No (English Rap Ver.) (feat. Flowsik) Total

Movie Review: Park Kwang-hyun’s Fabricated City

Fabricated City Ji Chang wook

Fabricated City was released a few months ago in South Korea, but took what felt like forever to arrive in Singapore. Maybe they had to literally ship the reel by sea, or it got lost in the mail. Either way, Fabricated City debuts to seemingly lukewarm response in Singapore, even as it topped South Korea's box office.

Missing In Action: Soloists Who Need a Comeback

The entertainment industry is fast-paced as there is barely a day without new music releases. For rookies, they cannot afford to bust out one single once in a blue moon. They have to go by the "snooze, you lose" attitude. Veteran groups generally produce one mini-album or full-album which barely

B.A.P Party Baby U.S. Boom: Discoveries from My First K-pop Concert

They say there’s a first time for everything. First steps, first words, first kisses, first K-pop concerts. For me, the latter came on April 9, 2017, when I attended B.A.P’s Party Baby U.S. Boom concert in Washington D.C. Now for all intents and purposes; I’m not new to concerts. I shamelessly had my

Song Review: Kim Chungha – WEEK

Kim Chungha was a contestant on Mnet's survival show, Produce 101 Season 1. Currently under MNH Entertainment, she is slated to make her solo debut in May. Today, Chungha released her pre-debut digital single "WEEK", to the delight of her fans. Release Date: April 21th Total Runtime: 0:03:25 Genre: Ballad Recommended For: Chungha's stans, people who love

Film Review: Park Chan Wook’s “The Handmaiden: Director’s Cut”

English Title: The Handmaiden Korean Title: 아가씨 (Agassi/Miss) Director: Park Chan Wook Screenplay: Chung Seo Kyung, Park Chan Wook Starring: Kim Min Hee (On the Beach Alone at Night), Kim Tae Ri (Entourage), Ha Jung Woo (The Chaser), Jo Jin Woong (The Admiral) Genre:  Crime, Drama, Mystery Certificate: 18 Duration: 167 mins (2:47:00) Warnings: graphic violence, graphic sex, depictions of suicide, strong language Release

K-Drama Tropes: the Old, the New, and the Classic

When you've seen enough K-Dramas, you realize there are a few scenarios almost guaranteed to show up in the plot somewhere along the way. These instances are so predictable that the scriptwriters may have very well been bumping elbows over a Wrist Grabs 101 textbook as they drafted up their scripts.