Throwback Thursday: 2 Dramas from Taiwan You Should Watch

When I was still a young kid living in sunny Singapore, Taiwanese dramas were all the rage till the Hallyu wave came by and influenced everyone from young to old to start watching Korean Soap operas and the likes of them. So for today's Throwback Thursday special, let me introduce

Get Excited: Upcoming Dramas

AFTER an impressive year in drama land, the excitement does not stop at the pointy end of 2016 and early 2017. Some of the most talented Hallyu stars, young guns and promising idols will return to the small screen with a variety of interesting scripts. OH!Press picks out four dramas to look

Variety Wrap-up: Immortal Songs 248

Spring is in the air at the Immortal Songs 2 set, as seasoned soloists and indie bands give viewers something to cheer about in episode 248. Episode 248 featured a “Spring is on it’s way” theme, where there were both refreshing and sentimental performances. This episode bolstered of Kim Jung Min, Bae Da Hae,