Classroom Of The Elite Volume 3 – Chapter 1 Part 8(B)


With this, we decided our goals to be supplying food from forest and ensuring fishes starting from tomorrow. If we succeed in catching fishes or obtaining vegetables, we would decide via discussion on purchasing a set of cooking utensils with additional 5 points.

Then we decided on paying 20 points for installing one shower room via discussion as well. Strong objections were expected, but with a high possibility of ruining our health with cold water, granted that the boys will only use it in the middle of the night and all the girls give a positive response of wanting to drink river water, we convinced the opposition faction into approval.

“By the way… That girl, Ibuki from C class, right? I saw her before.” A female student named Satou was suspiciously watching Ibuki who was quietly sitting at a distance. She seemed to notice her before so there was no need for me to break the ice.

“Err, it looks like there were troubles in class…” Yamauchi explained a little hurriedly why she might have been isolated from classmates.

“I see, that’s a proper judgement. We can’t leave her.”

“But Hirata-kun… She could be a spy? There are rules applying to leaders…”

“Ah, is that so? … There is that kind of possibility…”

Yamauchi was confused with him having noticed it now. He wanted him to notice that in the first place, if possible.

“I’ll check that from now. Is that okay, Yamauchi-kun and Ayanokouji-kun?”

Hirata called out Ibuki and two other acquaintances and headed towards the place where Ibuki was. Did Hirata exclude Sakura due to his ikemen-like thoughtfulness? Sakura also seemed to be relieved for not being noticed.

“Is it a good time, Ibuki-san? I want to ask you some details.”

“I’m probably a nuisance. You’ve taken good care of me.” As if she made a decision on her own, she got up quickly trying to leave.

“Wait a minute. I wanted to ask in case something happens… I want to help.”

He called her to halt, emphasizing the end of the sentence. Did Hirata also sensed it wasn’t a trivial thing looking at her swollen face?

“Things won’t change if I wait. I don’t want to waste any more time here.“

“This is a trial, of course there will be students that doubt you. However, I don’t want to oust you if you’re hurt and aren’t able to go back to your class. Therefore, I was thinking of bringing Yamauchi-kun here as well. I want you to tell me your conditions properly.“

“This isn’t something that will work out by talking. Besides, I’ve heard your discussions before. It will become a problem if your strategies so far will be leaked.“

Turning away, Ibuki started walking. Hirata cut in a bit forcibly.

“If you’re really a spy, you wouldn’t be talking about being expelled. Right?“

“It’s enough already. I’m only looking for a place where I can sleep.“

As expected, she won’t return to C class. With the sun sinking, the night will come soon.

“It’s crazy for a girl to sleep outdoor alone in this woods.“

“Even if it’s crazy, it’s the only thing to do. You don’t gain anything even if you help me.“

“This isn’t about gaining or losing. We can’t just leave a person in trouble. We all think so.“

Her refreshing face had suddenly sunk. She showed it to us without regrets. When said in this manner, that’s no way to go against a person who has been taken captive. Ibuki followed Hirata’s resolution, she spoke with a few words and hesitantly like she finally knew what had happened.

“I had a dispute with a boy of the class. That’s why I was slapped and kicked out by that ass. That’s it”

“That’s horrible. Raising a hand on a woman”

I also didn’t foresee this development. I thought, without a doubt, she was hit in a fight among girls.

“I don’t plan to give a detailed account for it. I don’t even think you will give refuge to me, a runaway. See ya”

“Wait. I understand that you’re really in trouble, and now I understood the situation. Give us a little time. Then you will talk to the other students about your circumstances and how you’ve been left behind. Ayanokouji-kun, can you stay and watch Ibuki-san? From now on, we will go telling everyone of your situation”

That being said, they returned to their groups and left me there. Did he left me here because he trusted me or because I took Yamauchi’s place as the reliable person? Just wondering.

“That fellow, he’s really too soft-hearted, isn’t he?”

“To a greater and less extent, most people are like this. There aren’t people who are like that too, in your class?”

“Not at all. Those kind of people are almost non-existent in C class.”

That being said, Ibuki sat once more on the ground, hugging her knees to her chest, without looking up. And as a result of the discussion and also thanks to Hirata’s persuasion and social influence, it’s been decided that Ibuki will be looked after in D class. Some students strongly expressed opposition to it but on the occasion of the roll call, C class will give up points.

It seemed that ultimately they accepted it and thought of it as an opportunity. Hirata didn’t seem to have the same mind but the other students thought otherwise. Precisely because there could be a gain, a profit from it, it’s better to recognize the opportunity and take it.

However, the occupancy rights issue of this place is very delicate. Everything has been precisely explained to Ibuki and they made her promise not to inadvertently approach the device. It’s a natural they will do so because, if someone let slip that the leader is Horikita, she will suffer great damage.

Then we decided to order and purchase from Miss Chabashira two sets of food, water and men’s tent needed for tonight. With the cooperation of Hirata and Ike, the tent was assembled smoothly. Just before the sun sets down, everything was prepared and the students started to eat as much as they liked.

“Oh, Ibuki-san, here eat this”

Kushida walked up to Ibuki who had been at a distance where she was left alone. Then she offered her one nutritious meal and a bottle of water.

“What is this? Why me?”

“Aren’t you hungry?”

“But certainly isn’t food provided and divided per class, is it? There shouldn’t be any spare left”

“Yes, but it’s okay. We decided to share everything with the group”

From a little far away, four people of Kushida’s group waved their hands in Ibuki’s direction with smiling faces. In other words, 4 people shared 3 portions of food and water, and the extra portion went to Ibuki.

“I’m not an idiot. Everyone, you’re too soft-hearted”

“Don’t hesitate to eat. Also, let’s talk later. I’ll be waiting in the tent”

Kushida told her so and went back to her group. It seems easy to help a kid from another class until we have to reduce our own portions of food. It then becomes difficult. But Kushida, who wishes for everyone’s happiness, would absolutely do an act of charity.

“Well, seen in this light, it’s all remarkable. Even the girls are”

Yamauchi, who was eating, pointed at each group.

“The empress team led by Karuizawa. Kushida’s team with her own close friends. Shinohara’s arrogant team. And then, Horikita and Sakura who are by themselves”

All the boys were eating huddled relatively together but the girls were taking distance from each team. Obviously there seemed to be a wall or a gap there, just like they were groups of other classes. If there were any exceptions, then Kushida team would be considered neutral or more precisely it was far from having a lot of influence as a whole?

“Sakura is so pitiful. I should just eat with her, right?”

“Just stop that. You will probably scare her”

“Damn, I want to get closer but the fact that she’s too shy is a problem”

Other than Sakura’s flaw, she probably feels that it’s hard to come in touch with a pushy type like Yamauchi. Despite the warnings, Yamauchi seemed worried and he was too impatient to go to her.

“What is it, Haruki!! You’re sly, watching a beautiful woman all by yourself. Let me join you!”

Ike, who was looking at Yamauchi glancing around with a repeated strange movement, misunderstood and approached him.

“Honestly, anytime I see them, Sakura’s breasts are not that bad. They’re not the size of a 1st year student. Her shirt is bulging out. They’re too erotic. That’s even more attractive than Kikyou-chan”

Ike was looking at Sakura’s breasts devouringly and with sheer concentration. Yamauchi then blocked Ike’s field of vision.

“Hey, what the fuck”

“Don’t look at Sakura as you please and with those pervert eyes. You have your eyes set on Kushida, right?”

“Yeah yeah, you’re absolutely right. But it’s okay. An idol is for everyone right?  Haruki, you, ohhh, maybe you…towards Sakura….”

“Well, IT’S NOT LIKE THAT. Look, let’s eat quickly!”

Apparently as for Yamauchi, it seems that he wants to keep secret the fact that he switched his aim to Sakura. In this camp, there’s no time left anyway in the night to do something. It’s the flow of the nature that rouses this sort of love talks. I noticed that there was Hirata nearby handing out food.

“Huh? By the way, where’s Kouenji-kun?

I thought that everyone was gathering here, but Kouenji is missing.

“As for Kouenji, he complained about being in a poor physical condition and returned to the ship. Of course, since he became sick, 30 points have already been deducted to you all. It can’t be helped. This is the rule. Kouenji is now retired and he has the obligation of being on the ship for 1 week, receiving medical treatment and waiting for further orders”


Screams of shock rose all at once.

“Don’t kid around. Kouenji, that sucker!! What is he thinking?”

The usually silent Yukimura yelled and began kicking the ground. I thought he was a free man in all respects, but surely he selfishly retired. He didn’t feel the need to rise to class A. To ease up, even if the class lost 30 points, I don’t care at all.

“Damn!! We’ve lost 130 points. Fuck it!”

Both boys and girl seemed raging mad at Kouenji’s actions but if the person himself is not here they can’t hit him. Kouenji’s booming laughter continued to reverberate in everyone’s head.


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