Classroom Of The Elite Volume 3 – Chapter 2: Part 2(B)


Horikita surely made the same thought in her head. The fact that now, C class is no longer a problem, they are already out of the competition.

“In order to find out the situation of the other classes, we shed our sweat moving around, so your efforts are really appreciated”

Horikita turned around to leave, but as she made a step to move, she hesitated and stopped.

“There is just one more matter. You know Ibuki, right?”

“Ah, yes! She is a member of our class. What about her, though?”

“Her face is swollen. What is the meaning of this? Who did this to her?”

Almost as having decided who the culprit is, Horikita made an indirect hint towards him

“Heh? I thought she ran away. What? After all, she asked help from the members of another class instead of her own, right? What a pitiful woman!

Ryuuen laughed scornfully and once more he lied down.

“Within this world, there are a lot of hopeless idiots, a ruler of command does not need underlings that go against his will. It was decided that I get to use the points of my class as I like. That is a matter of decision. Besides, it would be pointless if somebody was about to rise in revolt”

“In other words, the way Ibuki ended up meeting us, is related to the way you used the points”

“Well, if you want to think of it in a simple manner, I guess it is. That is why we gave her a light punishment”

Saying that he made a movement like giving a punch to an invisible cheek. Just as I thought it was Ryuuen who punched her face.

“There was another guy who defied me. I expelled him, too, of course. I learned from some piece of information that he is not dead, but he is somewhere living by lying on the grass trying to catch bugs to eat.”

I did not feel that this was a remark towards a friend. However, here we must agree on one thing. We found out about Ibuki’s absence during the roll call, so her absence has no effect whatsoever on C class. That is why her classmates did not bother to look for her at all. Horikita noticed the fact that all this was done in order to delay us.

That’s right. Since the beginning of this examination, we were granted with 300 points, if now they are minus these points, then they are as good as lost already. Where and how? And more importantly. Who had the idea to use all the points? The effect of this decision is nonexistent at the moment.

“So, that’s how it is. It is me who used all our points. Ibuki is not the kind of person that she would be charmed by points. So, do not mind about her. Besides that is what we call freedom, right?”

“Well… It is definitely an unexpected turn of events to be with 0 points”

That is exactly what a minus factor is. They are going to negate this with their 0 point strategy. It is an unexpected way of fighting, but even though it will not help them reach the highest ranks it will definitely will not let C class end up at the bottom. Even if the leaders of all the classes are proven to be the right choices, they cannot expand their points more than 150.

“If Ibuki was really at your place, then it would be better that you have expelled her already. Your awkward sympathy will not help her. Plus, it will save you provisions that you waste for one extra member, for water and food and bed and other arrangements. Anyhow, you do not have to put up with this any longer, she can come back now. If she kneels and begs for forgiveness, I will allow her comeback, with a generous heart ”

He seems to have the conviction that even if they defy him and running away, in the end, they will return to him. Actually, he knows it would be difficult for Ibuki to live all alone for a week in a deserted island.

“It is a simplistic way of thinking, right? You may think that I am doing this for the favour of the points. But even if there is something else hidden, what are you planning to do? After all, even the simple task of finding food, here, is a hardship”

Hehehe, well what should I do? After all ordinary people have to express their uncomplicated ideas. You have become desperate into protecting the points bestowed to us, who to choose for a leader, to find and protect a spot for the team, searching in the woods for provisions drenched in sweat, completely foolish”

Even if we want to see the truth it is unreachable. His state of things is not just confusing, Ryuuen’s way of thinking is just laughable.

“That’s enough. Ayanokouji let’s go back already. If we do not go back now, I am going to feel sick.”

“We’ll talk again, Suzune”

As this conversation was about to end Ryuuen seems to remembered Horikita’s first name.

“Well, confident women are not unpleasant to me. Anyway, I will let you submit in front of me. That time will be the ultimate moment and I will savor it.”

Saying that Ryuuen, with his own hands nearly touched his groin above his swimsuit and made a gesture of provocation. As Horikita put the whole of her disdain in one look, eventually she turned her back pretending not to see this scene and begun to walk away. I was just about to leave, too, but a different scene caught my eye.  I watched at the pier one boat, also students swimming in the water, or playing volleyball, a flag, also some students doing barbecue and celebrating. I saw a tent on the beach where they are stocking food. Apparently, Ryuuen intends to ridicule the school rules thoroughly.

“Unexpectedly for C class. They will be saved by their own self-destruction”

“It seems that this is the case. For real they have used all their points, already”

Even if they save some points by using all the points, I cannot see it. These are the points that are saved when Ibuki and another one student are absent from roll call.

“I do not care to think about the trouble that might happen later”

“I am sorry but, C class will not be in trouble in this exam”

“It won’t be in trouble? How come? There is no way you can endure this exam without having any points.”

“That is alright. Besides, this is exactly Ryuuen’s goal. The points that was given was our fund, for a one week vacation to enjoy ourselves no matter how impossible it seems. However, no matter how simple and prudent we are with food, or with other necessities there will be no favourable conclusion. Our school makes these kind of rules, in this manner”

Understanding this, Horikita nodded in agreement

“So we are trying to save resources in order to overcome the week”

“Ah, but Ryuuen’s plan is quite different. For one week he cannot see the situation past the end of his nose”

“He cannot see… what… for over a week”

“Let me say this differently. What if the exam ended today, what would you do?. Do you think that this whole thing will turn into a real vacation?”

“That’s right…. I understand. But after all what is crucial? If you have 0 points in your hands.”

“That is a simple-minded conclusion. Well, that is something like Kouenji would do anyway”


“He is in bad physical condition and mentally unstable. He should use these things as a reason and retire already. Then everyone can return to the ship and back to their normal everyday life. This is what it means that you can fully enjoy the summer vacation without any hardships”

I cannot deny that the school’s behavior is almost sick on this examination. 300 points are only enough to use freely for a 2 day 1 night vacation. But change will come even if we feign ignorance in repeat.

“Well, then that means he has abandoned the exams from the very start, for real?”

Well, this might not be just a theory. Maybe Ryuuen wanted to avoid the troubles that would occur, or maybe he wanted to conserve physical strength by avoiding mental strength for survival. Or it was just for boosting the morale?

“This exam is literally free. Ryuuen’s way of thinking is not completely wrong and one of his plans might actually hold the correct answer. In C class Ibuki and another student seem to be absent due to a violent rebellion and it results in saving 20 points each day. However, if you are going to lose points no matter how much you are trying to save them, then you might need a drastic strategy.”

I cannot guess because I do not know exactly when he decided to get rid of all the points and at what timing.

“We should be thinking about a method to take the points back without giving up. His method is absolutely wrong. I do not understand it.”

That’s right. I can hardly understand what Ryuuen is thinking. However, as we talked, I believe that there was a certain effect of the measures he took. Everyone who saw this situation should feel not only anxious, but also afraid, especially about the bizarre trickery of Ryuuen. This impression will not fade away so easily. However, I am not sure if he was aiming from the start to do all these.

After passing through the sandy beach, I turned back to look around the beach one more time.

“A 0 points tactic… huh? I get it. This is intriguing.”

It would be a quite interesting way, if we were able to actually shut down the objections of our classmates. Again, this exam is not only about saving points. We have to plot strategies in order to win. What happened earlier, it was certainly a scene that made me feel like this.


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