Classroom Of The Elite Volume 3 – Chapter 2: Part 3(B)


Under the tent is spread a thick vinyl, which thickness is about 2 cm.

“When we paid with our points for a simple toilet, it was a rule that the usage of vinyl was unlimited. Maybe I used too much, but we had it already in large quantities. Of course, I do not want to waste our resources, so I am planning to use a lot of our unused vinyl at once. I intend to return it all in the end ”

“By the way, how about measures against the heat? It feels somehow cooler around here”

“I wonder if it is because we are sprinkling water. Because we are close to the water well. We can sprinkle water around here, casually. We are putting the water in plastic bottles and give to everyone to carry them around, so this happens pretty quickly. The soil is easy to soak in water, because we release it in a long period of time. The effect lasts and it takes away the heat by evaporation quite efficiently”

Ichinose and the rest seem that they are not depending on tools, but they enjoy their camping life using their wisdom. Additionally, Horikita brought us information about class B and she made them explain their situation properly, so, we’d better not cut corners around here and do not forget the spirit of fairness.

“I see…. It is hard that you came out of retirement”

“Yes. But, there are still a lot of uneasy things that need to be fixed in our class, so I will try to fix them, somehow”

“That’s right. Is it ok with you to continue this cooperative relationship? Also, we could exclude the rule to find out the identity of the leader for our respective classes. What do you think?

“I was thinking too, that we should talk about this. I would appreciate If we could break away from the whole subject of honoring the class. If you, do not mind, Ichinose, I would like you to accept the proposal”

“Of course, it’s ok”

Having finished the task of reconfirming information exchange and cooperation relations one after another, Horikita looked around and let out a deep sigh. There is a feeling of solidarity in perfect order, where each student acts with their respective role. In addition to that, we can see that everyone is doing their part happily. Of course, there are some who do something that they hate, or they try to skip it.

“This class… It is going better than I’d imagined. After all it is you who lead them, right?”

That means that Ichinose gathers up and commands firmly the class in school as well as outside of school.

“And is there a person that gathers everyone’s approval in D class? Is it you Horikita?

“No. Since we have Hirata, who is a boy and everyone in class in gathering around him”

“Ah! That boy from the football club! I know, I know. He is very popular among girls.”

Horikita is really not interested in talking about Hirata, so she moved away from the topic.

“Ichinose, I am sorry that I only ask you questions, but we would like to confirm the situation of A class. Is there something that it could help us reach their base camp? Even a hint of the place that they set it up, it would be of great help”

“Even a small hint would ‘probably’ be useful in order to find out their location. However, don’t you think it is difficult to obtain information?”

As expected of B class. Or should I say better, as expected of Ichinose, they have done their research already about A class.

“As you leave this place, there is an opening. Turn right from there and then, all straight, where you can meet a cave. Class A seems to be camping there….probably. I have already checked myself, going there with my own two legs, but I did not understand things properly. That’s because of all the secretiveness, or putting it in other words, their defense is thorough”

“Secretiveness? What kind of measures has A class taken?”

“Seeing is believing. I think that you’ll understand by a single glance, when you see it. Since from now on, you are going to A class, does that mean that you two already know the situation of C class?”

“Yes. We just went there, a little while ago. They did such incredibly stupid things, that we could not just believe all these”

“Yup. It seems that they do not intend to work on the exam seriously. The remaining 5 days. It is clearly visible that they will run sort of their points, before the exam is over. I do not think they can change the situation, even if they are switching into saving mode, immediately. They do not even looking for a spot. I wonder if they find it difficult to understand the purpose of this exam even for a little?”

Ichinose, too, did not seem able to derive the right answer, either.

“Sly tricks cannot help you in this exam. Ryuuen will certainly exhaust all the points. Although it may be fun for now, later he will absolutely regret it”

Horikita talked to Ichinose daringly, but she did not talk about the succession plan that I told her about. But it seemed to me that Ichinose would find out about it sooner or later.

“I am sorry to interrupt you. Ichinose, do you know where Nakanishi is?”

In the middle of the conversation, a male student appeared and asked with modesty.

“Could Nakanishi have gone to the shore at this time? What for?”

“He went there to offer some help. He should not have? Was it unnecessary?”

“No, that’s not it. Kaneda is really nice and always helpful. Well, then can you follow up Chihiro and bring them back? I will be alright as long as you tell them that I said that”

“Understood. Thank you very much”

Horikita looked curiously over this short exchange.

“It seems he is quite formal, when talking to his classmates”

“Ah, he..”

“Is he C class student, or..?”

Then Ichinose responded to my words before I even get to ask further and I just nodded.

“Did you notice? He seems to be faithful to C class. He was saying that we’d better leave him alone, but I did not want to let him go. I have not heard what caused his situation because I do not want to talk about it”

Apart from Ibuki, another student run away because he opposed Ryuuen’s ways. Apparently it seems that it was picked up by B class. So maybe he found a place to offer something in cooperation instead of staying in a humiliating situation.

“We also picked up a student yesterday, a student escaping C class”

Horikita speaks as she has met Ryuuen a little while ago and has heard the details. It seems that this student is one of the two who rebelled against Ryuuen. Ibuki is the other one, who seems that she was also beaten.

After hearing all this Ichinose’s glare hardened as a determination to protect further her team.

“Let’s go now Ayanokouji. It is bad for B class, for us to linger around here, any longer”

Horikita and I separated from Ichinose quickly, we started walking, leaving behind us the grounds of class B.

“Well, I cannot help talking about D class and the high compatibility of our members”

After leaving class and becoming unpopular Horikita’s words can be taken as a defeat. However, I have the same impression with Horikita. There is already a big difference between class B and class C. And it is not just a points difference.

“Well, it cannot be helped. B class has a special ability that D class lacks of”

“That is teamwork, right? B class seems to be the superior class. It is kept under control with a firm hand by a great leadership so it cannot be manipulated or be divided.”

In D class there is a selfish student like Kouenji who takes charge of the class team and runs away in difficult times and there is no student with the power to stop him. Meanwhile, Ichinose put together class B, which seemed to have a united force that did not get disturbed by a single string. That may be the biggest difference between D class and B class right now. The longer it takes the struggle for the completion of the exam, the more obvious the difference will become.


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