Discovering Chris Lee and Her World of Music

Her sweet smile adorned her face as she waved and winked to the audience, who in return cheered loudly and waved their banners even more vigorously. Who is she, I thought to myself. The mystery is solved as I recently sat down with my mother to watch the latest episode of Come Sing With Me.

Come Sing With Me Season 2, which is a China live music show where ordinary singers are invited on the show to sing together with renowned singers. Interested participants would need to sing together with the singers simultaneously online through their computers or mobile phones. Thereafter, participants who garner the highest popularity would be selected and invited onto the show.

The three singers on the show were Sandy Lam (林忆莲), Karry Wang (王俊凯) aka the leader and unbelievably handsome namja of China’s popular youthful trio group, TFBoys. The last one was the youthful looking Chris Lee, (李宇春) and she is a pop star in China.

While my mother sang along to the songs Sandy Lam had sung, (one of which was 至少还有你, which Super Junior M had covered it before hihi) I was busy ogling Karry’s face because it’s been awhile since I have seen him on a television show and boy, he looked so much more mature and handsome than before!

In fact, he does look like a mini version of Luhan but my friend argued with me for a good ten minutes that Karry doesn’t look like Luhan. Alright.. I resisted the urge to not roll my eyes when one of the hosts asked Karry what would he do if there was a kiss scene and there were the fans were protesting while using their crossing their arms to sign a ‘no”. Okay ..

Back to my main topic, standing at a height of 1.75 meters tall, she stands out from the rest of the guests (except for Karry, of course) easily and my eyes were immediately fixated on Chris when she finally got her turn to sing and interact with her fans. Chris was affectionately known as ‘春春’ by the hosts and fans and was very very shy plus soft-spoken. Putting my ‘stalking’ skills into good use, I searched for her and found out that she was active since 2005 and had since released several albums and held her own concerts as well.

To be honest, I didn’t take a liking to this song at first but as soon as my mom replayed the song for the rest of the afternoon, I was hooked and found myself humming to the tune of the song. While watching the video, I was drawn to her looks and when she smiles, she looks really sweet and handsome at the same time.

This song below is one of my favorites too. She sounded incredibly good and effortlessly pulling off the high notes in the song. The fan she had chosen was good as well, making the song sound great!

Other than music, Chris is active in America as well as a model, face of well-known brands such as Gucci. The following articles explain further about her being the newest face of Gucci and one of the biggest stars at Paris Fashion Week in 2016. 

Chris is a good example of someone shows great tenacity and now, she is enjoying being at top while it lasts. Recently, I found out a friend of mine liked her while watching Come Sing With Me. I was elated to have someone to talk about her music and her career as a model as we spent two hours just talking about her. I anticipate her upcoming events and variety shows and while I wait, I shall loop her songs and groove to her music once again.

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