Oh so Drama! – When Love Walked In

For this week, I will share with you a Chinese drama I’ve watched & it involves some of k-pop’s most precious idols!

When Love Walked In is a Chinese-Taiwanese drama starring Victoria Song of f(x), Calvin Chen of Fahrenheit and Zhou Mi of Super Junior M.

Synopsis as follows :

Young, talented, and handsome Qin Yu Jiang (Calvin Chen) receives orders to look for Chairman Yuan’s long lost granddaughter, Shen Ya Yin (Victoria/Song Qian). Because her grandfather tried every means to track her down to search for her and to separate her from her father, she and her father often moved houses and hid away from her grandfather when she was young. Eventually, her father fell ill and died. Since then, Ya Yin dislikes her grandfather because she feels that he has ruined her childhood happiness and was part of the cause contributing to her father’s death. Ya Yin’s guardian plotted a plan for her own daughter, Yu Ru (Ya Yin’s cousin) to impersonate as Ya Yin to dupe Chairman Yuan into thinking that she is actually his long lost granddaughter. Yu Jiang gradually enters Ya Yin’s heart but refuses to admit his love for her because she’s Chairman Yuan’s granddaughter. Ya Yin’s evil cousin became an obstacle between Ya Yin and Yu Jiang.

The drama started off well. The character development was good and the storyline flowed well. However, in midst of the drama, it started to drag a little. The plot and all was good but sometimes, I can’t help but to feel frustrated at the lack of development between the characters and the story and I just groan whenever there was some ‘stupidity’ and misunderstandings going on. Haha.

Nonetheless, it’s 32 episodes and uh, of course, there should be some ‘dragging’, right? The directors might have wanted the audience to feel miserable about the on-goings and all but at least we given a happy ending in the end ~
Overall, the story was really good. Despite the young cast being played by mainly idols, I think they did a fairly good job. Calvin deemed to be more experienced in this sector, considering that he had quite a few dramas under his belt so it was okay. Victoria was having a lead role for the first time and I must admit, she did a great job despite being the first time acting in a lead role. However, I must say that their on-screen chemistry was slightly awkward and I felt that I was watching them from being friends to getting into the relationship status instead. Calvin and Victoria looked sweet together but their sweetness doesn’t last long for me. When they quarrel, they quarrel or even when they walk together side by side, I mentally face-palm at the fact that they were supposed to act like a couple and not giving off the feeling of some strangers meeting for the first time. When both of them act out their separate scenes, they act out fine but when they are together, I feel that both of them are awkward or perhaps slightly uncomfortable acting such scenes together. I don’t know, they seem to be like poles that would repel and never get attracted to each other. To be honest, their romance didn’t hit off right and it didn’t give me that ‘aww’ feeling but just like ‘oh, okay. it’s sweet of him.’


Calvin and Victoria had a happy ending in the end (including their ‘wedding’ as well) but I was kind of disappointed that within two episodes at the very end, the production team managed to conveniently squeeze in everything. I was happy that they managed to resolve their past but I wished that not everything wasn’t resolved. I mean, real life isn’t that perfect. Yes, we got the company back but instead of money dropping on us, I hope that at least we can start from scratch and move on progressively. In other words, I hope it would have been more realistic but again, its imo.

This is probably one of the few Taiwanese dramas I’ve watched (with the exception of 爱, rofl) and I really didn’t expect this drama to be good at all.  Give it a go and be prepared to uh, punch or groan at some of the characters.

(Fyi : There were some parts of the drama (I won’t say which), which was filmed in Singapore! And the reason being, well, I won’t say till you watched it *inserts doge face*)

Till then, Merry Christmas! (:


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