Drama Recap: Lost Love in Times Episode 21-24

Week 6 has rolled along, and the series has introduced many more mysteries.  Our main suitors for the love polygons have respectfully declared their fights.  And Yuan Ling’s identity has just become more intriguing.


Episode 21:

Qing Chen informs Yuan Zhan that she has finished packing her belongings.  To which Yuan Zhan sneakily asks if he can take her with him as well.  She bids her farewell returning money for the medical centre’s renovation and the jade pendant Jin Hui had previously given her.  Yuan Zhan confesses that giving her the pendant is both Jin Hui and his intentions.  And that whilst he’ll take the money, he won’t take the jade seal.  However, she rejects, saying she just seeks to live a passable life.  Walking away, Yuan Zhan turns around to say “Qing Chen, I know in your heart there is only 4th, but my heart can’t bear to part with you.”


He visits Jin Hui, showing his obvious anger in his actions.  As she starts to explain, he interrupts saying, Qing Chen has already left.  He tells her that those are not the actions he needs of her and for her to not interfere with his matters.  “Till now, you still don’t know what you’ve done wrong” Letting out a sigh, he tells her to forget the situation, but from now on to only deal with her responsibilities in the manor and that all other matters have nothing to do with her.  A heartbroken Jin Hui cries as Yuan Zhan leaves.


As Qing Chen adds stitches to her vast embroidery piece, she remembers the last events of the other universe and wonders when she can return Yuan Ling’s throne to him.  She wishes to be like Princess Duo Xia and have everyone know of her heart.  However, she knows it’s not possible, but that doesn’t stop the pain.  She hears noises coming from down stairs and goes to investigate, coming face to face with an intruder.  He’s obviously easily beaten by her, as she takes off his belt, making him drop a pouch behind.  Using magic, he forms a barrier to escape.  The intruder is no other than 12th Prince and in the pouch, he has left behind a jade piece that Qing Chen identities as being from someone in the royal family. A visit to the elders later, Ming Yan identifies it as Yuan Li’s.

12th Prince, seems surprised by Qing Chen’s power, even voicing that he did not expect her to recover so soon. Ming Yan’s sudden appearance surprises him as he ends up interrogated by Ming Yan for being there at such a late hour.  Using the excuse he is there to look at books, he forces her to stay to read with him, pulling her closer which results in her lying in his arms.  Moments later, his head rests in her lap, as she fans him with a book.

Yuan Ling goes to the medical centre to look for Qing Chen, who is already awaiting him.  He confronts her for using both 7th and 9th Prince.  Knowing that she has intentionally used 9th Prince so she can enter the Feng manor, with the suspicion that she is their second daughter.  She tells him to not crush her only opportunity to be reunited with her family.   To which he warns her of the emperor’s suspicion and the dangers of her journey. He asks her why she has taken such actions, to hear her say that she’s doing it to be with 7th Prince.  Because only with the title of the Feng family’s daughter, would the Yin family accept her.  A disappointed Yuan Ling leaves, telling her to protect herself well.  As he walks away she asks softly for him to not treat her so well, or else she won’t be able to hold on anymore.

Minister Feng has asked someone to investigate Qing Chen, deciding that if she is his daughter he would treat her well, otherwise he wants to see how she can attract both the help of 4th and 7th Prince.  He has already determined regardless of whether she is really his daughter, he will see to the end of this father daughter relationship.


Yuan Ling visits Yuan Zhan with a book.  They both show concern for Qing Chen’s safety and their determination to keep her safe.  Yuan Zhan offers to take the book to Qing Chen, but Yuan Ling says he’ll do it himself.  On the other side at Li Jing Tian, Elder Tao Yao is showing her the underground area at which the remaining sorceresses are residing.  Elder Tao Yao has sent Bi Yao to Qing Chen’s aid at the medical centre, also asking her to discover the truth behind the late empress’ death.

Yuan Ling asks Yuan Che to pay a visit to the Feng manor to investigate, but when he arrives Minister Feng has already departed.  Yuan Ling meets up with the crown prince, who wants to know the outcomes of the marriage proposal.  Yuan Ling tells him he has already personally informed Duo Xia.  7th’s curiosity to the matter, is a point of question for Yuan Ling.


At 7th’s manor, Minister Feng has asked to see Qing Chen’s tattoo.  He bursts into tears, claiming he has finally found his daughter, comparing the tattoo with the one on Luan Fei’s wrist.  Qing Chen cries along, as Minister Feng thanks Yuan Zhan.  Yuan Zhan tells them he will inform his father, so Qing Chen’s identity can be returned to her and Luan Fei says she’ll personally escort Qing Chen to their manor the day after.


As said, Luan Fei turns up at the medical centre the day after to take her palace.  Qing Chen knows she should become close to the emperor, in order to easily control the situation.  Having already known she helped Yuan Zhan with the brothel case, the emperor is further impressed by her reasoning for the uniqueness of her medical centre, being she teaches people to read, so they no longer are overly worried about small illnesses, turning them into big ones.  He infers her the title Princess Qing Ping.  (Note this princess title, doesn’t really mean he’s adopting her as his own daughter, but more a title that can be bestowed to the daughters of important officials to elate their status further.)


Qing Chen walks into Yuan Ling, who doesn’t hide that he’s been thinking about her.  “In the past people have said that if you miss someone, that person will appear.  Turns out it is true.”  From Li Jing Tian’s disciple to the daughter of the Feng family and now Princess Qing Ping, the news of her bestowing has been widely spread.  She asks if he has no fear of her harming the emperor, now that she has more opportunities to, but he knows that killing the emperor will not reach her aim of restoring justice to her clan.

Whilst 7th Prince also suspects Qing Chen, the amount Yuan Ling suspects her, he will support her.  By doing so, he wants to see who will be the true victor in the end.  9th informs Wu Ping Ting of the situation.  He shows he does not care if Qing Chen really is the Feng family’s second daughter or not, all he cares about is that she will become Xian Wu’s replacement.

Mukesha asks Princess Duo Xia why she must wait, when it’s obvious the Wei State shows no sincerity.  Although she does not fear the fight, she still believes the marriage is the best solution to their situation.  The Liang State’s Prince has decided to make the situation at the borders more urgent, forcing the A Chai tribe’s king to write a message to the Wei states emperor, urging him to make a decision.


Episode 22:

Qing Chen tends to a customer at the medical centre and calls the staff together to motivate them, as Bi Yao apologises for the previous misunderstandings.  Qing Chen asks Bi Yao to investigate Yuan Ming for her.


Cai Qian runs around, with the intentions to go out.  But she’s caught by her father, who lectures her of the situation and makes her return to her room.  With no choice she climbs the wall as 11th Prince awaits on the other side, guaranteeing he’ll catch her.  But she trips, which makes him hurry to help her, resulting in her lips landing on his.  Screaming that he dares to take advantage of her, he runs away giggling claiming he’s going to buy the roast goose she loves so much.  As she eats the roast goose, she’s disappointed that Yuan Ling is not there to share with her, ignoring Yuan Che’s existent.  She rips the goose up angrily as they talk about Princess Duo Xia’s proposal.  To Yuan Che’s disappointment she runs off, deciding that without Yuan Ling there is no other reason for her to be there.


Luan Fei takes Qing Chen on a tour of their residence, telling her not to go into Xian Wu’s room if unneeded.  Qing Chen asks Luan Fei if she has someone in her heart, hinting that she might be able to marry into the East Palace (the residence of the crown prince), with the emperor’s favour.  But with her position, Luan Fei tells her she cannot marry a prince, letting Qing Chen know that Luan Fei being with the crown prince, can become a political situation.

Yuan Zhan has delivered everyday items to the Feng residence, having personally picked them out.  Although they don’t lack of it, it’s the heart in his thoughts that matter.  Yuan Che, asks Yuan Ling to send gifts as well.  Saying that if he continues like this Qing Chen will definitely like Yuan Zhan.  Yuan Ling ignores him saying he’s going to look for Princess Duo Xia, which makes Yuan Che reconsider his thoughts.


The two stroll in a silence, which Duo Xia eventually breaks, asking him if he’s there because he wants to tell her of his decision over their marriage, right?  As he does not wish to lie about the matter to her or himself, he tells her he can’t be the person she wants him to be.  Although she tells him she had decided the day they fought outside the city that he would be the one she was to marry, she gracefully accepts his decision.  “It’s not that I can be compared to the person in your heart.  But it’s that we’re not fated.  In life the hardest thing to force is fate.”  He promises to take her for a friend and help her protect her country, but she rejects the latter offer.


9th Prince has come to visit the Feng Manor, residing in Xian Wu’s old room.  With only steps away, he urges Luan Fei to make her move, to remove the crown prince’s position.  Luan Fei, hugs tightly onto his back, asking him is he has feelings for her.  Turning around he plants a relatively rough kiss on her lips, and asking her if she finally understands.  She agrees and leaves the room, but Qing Chen witnesses this and realises Luan Fei is after all Yuan Ming’s woman.

The emperor asks the crown prince to go through political documents, to see his opinion on the matters of the border.  He pries into Yuan Ling’s reaction of Princess Duo Xia’s confession, after they both share the same thoughts that the political marriage is beneficial to both sides.  The crown prince is tasked with finding out 4th’s plan.


Qing Chen obtains the chance to further ask of Xian Wu, through the family’s reunion dinner.  There’s something mysterious about the matter and it’s obvious there are secrets being hidden.  Qing Chen searches Xian Wu’s room late at night, finding books and sees something seemingly suspicious about the mirror.   Luan Fei’s entry, makes Qing Chen hide, as the younger cries to her eldest sister, revealing that even Xian Wu’s death is something Luan Fei does not have clear details about.

At the medical centre, Qing Chen asks Ming Yan to pay close attention to Prince Li’s movements.  Ming Yan recounts the events that resulted in the Wu Clan being accused of the murder of the late empress.  She pinpoints that the only person that can be involved is Ding Shui, a past elder of Li Jing Tian.


Yuan Ling is adamant with his decision to not enter the political marriage, but is forced by the crown prince to reconsider.  He pays a visit to Qing Chen, to which she uses to interrogate Yuan Ling about his mother.  He doesn’t exactly show a complete understanding of his mother, showing there’s many things he can’t predict from her.  This interest in his matters, becomes a question from his side.  He informs her, he has decided to reject Princess Duo Xia’s marriage proposal.  He doesn’t exactly want to hear her say it’s a missed opportunity.  Nevertheless, he tells her directly “The consort I want is standing in right in front of me.”

Qing Chen replies with “the person in your eyes already has someone in her heart and has no room for another person.”  As he leaves her voiced over thoughts show her sadness and pain.  But she’s “swapping her heart for his life.”


Episode 23:

Yuan Ling sits remembering all the moments he and Qing Chen have spent together, from the time he saw her being sold as a maid to the events that led to his rejection, wondering how he should act in front of her from now on.  Yuan Ling voices his wish to not marry Princess Duo Xia to the emperor and is forced to kneel in punishment to reconsider his thoughts.

News of the occurrence spreads and Minister Feng sighs in front of Qing Chen, explaining the situation to her.  Qing Chen freezes mid actions, her worry obvious to any bystander.  Yuan Zhan sends a book to Qing Chen.  Minister Feng has sent a spy to overhear her and Li Lin’s conversation.


Seeing the situation, Princess Duo Xia sends out orders to Mukesha to have everyone prepare to return to A Chai. Knowing that Princess Duo Xia is the only one that can help Yuan Ling’s situation and pacify the emperor’s anger, Qing Chen asks Bi Yao to invite Princess Duo Xia to the medical centre.  Whilst Qing Chen asks Princess Duo Xia to make her appearance at the palace, Duo Xia thinks of a reason in which she should help Qing Chen.  Voicing this, knowing that Qing Chen is her rival in Yuan Ling’s love, Qing Chen reminds her of the marriage’s beneficial competent to both countries.  Having plans to change Yuan Ling’s mind, she guarantees that it is impossible for her and Yuan Ling to be together.  The Princess’ change of mind, both disappoints and angers Mukesha, but he listens to her orders anyway.


Knowing that Yuan Ming will come to commemorate Xian Wu today, Qing Chen decides to dress in Xian Wu’s clothes to find out how much he knows.  Entrancing him using a spell, she finds out that Xian Wu is related to the case of the late empress’ poisoning and that Xian Wu’s death is the result of a poison from the Wu Clan.  Since Minister Feng removed all evidence to not implicate his family, Yuan Ming was not able to investigate.  Upon waking up, after fainting from the lift of the spell, Yuan Ming runs out of the room shouting Xian Wu’s name, leaving behind his fragrance pouch, the same one they found at the brothel.  Minister Feng tries to stop him, as Qing Chen returns in her normal clothes. Yuan Ming still confuses her for his deceased wife, but is soon convinced otherwise.  Minister Feng is not convinced this occasion it’s just a coincidence.


Cai Qian once again secretly leaves the house by climbing a wall, but this time to make sure the previous incident doesn’t reoccur she warns 11th Prince to not try anything funny.  He catches her steadily this time and drops her completely when she demands it.  An annoyed Cai Qian doesn’t have time to argue, because people have already noticed she’s missing and are looking for her.  As the two stroll the streets, holdings hands reluctantly on Cai Qian’s side, they soon realise that her going out this time was planned by 7th and that he wants them to go to the palace.   As the pair walk into the palace, Cai Qian voices her admiration for 4th Prince, saying she knows his inner thoughts with the way he once held her hand to teach her sword fighting.  Yuan Che rebuts that 4th taught him like that too, not just him, but the whole Xuan Jia army.  Cai Qian then gets angry, claiming that the reason 4th has rejected this marriage is that Princess Duo Xia must be really ugly.  But, half way through her words, she is forced to take them back when she comes eye to eye with Princess Duo Xia.

Yuan Zhan and Duo Xia had met earlier outside the palace gates, as she questioned his motives, like Yuan Che had done so earlier.  In front of the emperor, the Princess voices her desire for everyone to be given a chance to choose.  Cai Qian demands that they have a competition to choose Yuan Ling’s bride, which is a tradition of the Wei State.  After insistence from both sides and taking into consideration Yuan Ling’s age the emperor agrees.


At a beach, Yuan Ling thanks 7th for helping him.  However, Yuan Ling knows regardless, the person he truly wants to enter the competition most likely won’t.  It’s revealed Yuan Zhan has obviously helped 4th not just because of brotherly bonds, but also for Qing Chen, as he wants fair competition for her love.   His openness to voice this does not cause Yuan Ling to back down either.

Princess Duo Xia pays a visit to Qing Chen, knowing that after Qing Chen has done so much for Yuan Ling, it’s only plausible that Qing Chen does have feelings for him.  She declares her wish for a fair fight as well, asking Qing Chen to enter the competition.  They respectfully admire their strengths over the other.

Yuan Che reports to Yuan Ling that Princess Duo Xia has gone to Mo Yuan Hall, which confirms that Qing Chen has been helping him behind the scenes.  Although, she doesn’t love him, it doesn’t seem to make sense that she’s trying so hard to push him towards someone else.


Minister Feng meets up with Consort Lian, which reveals that they are both aware Qing Chen is not his daughter, but want to see what her plans are.  They also want to use her to lure out Elder Tao Yao and Xi Xie.  The mystery behind Xian Wu’s death is revealed in their conversation, with Minister Feng having personally killed her, as she knew too much.  The empress was also killed for the same reason.

Yuan Ling hands over all his investigations regarding the pouch to Elder Mo.  Whilst he’s suspicious of Qing Chen, he also does not wish for her to get hurt either.  Ming Yan delivers the information to  Qing Chen, informing her that ten years ago Yuan Ming showed his ability to change into the appearance of a female.  It doesn’t take long for the two to figure out that this is Yuan Ling’s information.  Qing Chen writes down the name of the book she saw in Xian Wu’s room and requests Ming Yan finds it for her.  She believes the book may have hints, later finding out that Xian Wu had learnt to write invisible words using flowers.


Yuan Ling visits his mother to ask about Ding Shui.  Consort Lian tells him Xian Wu was probably behind the death of the empress. That night Yuan Ling leads troops to await outside the Feng Manor.  Qing Chen investigates the mirror in Xian Wu’s room and find that two invisible characters appear.  Consort Lian attacks crushing the mirror immediately.  Qing Chen calls her Ding Shui though.


Episode 24:

Qing Chen easily defeats Consort Lian, who flees the scene.  As Yuan Ling and his men await outside they immediately chase after her.  Qing Chen pretends to faints and upon waking up claims that she heard noises from Xian Wu’s room and was attacked by an intruder.  Minister Feng pretends to show concern and leaves. Luckily, Qing Chen had swapped out the mirror as the real one has the character ‘Lian’ appear for a brief second before disappearing.


Yuan Ling chases the masked figure to the palace and decides that they should inform the emperor before they take further actions.  Even the butterfly that Qing Chen released earlier runs into disturbances, not being able to break a certain magic barrier.  Qing Chen sends a message to Ming Yan to investigate from the inside instead.  From sensing her butterfly, Consort Lian finds out her real identity as the Grand Sorceress.

Upon reporting the incident to the emperor, he sets Yuan Che to the task.  As Yuan Ling asks the emperor about Ding Shui, his hints that the intruder indeed has that much power, making the emperor worried for Yuan Ling’s mother and having Yuan Ling go check on her.  According to the previous emperor Ding Shui should have already died though.


Consort Lian holds onto her pain as she talks to Yuan Ling behind the doors of her chamber, using the excuse that she’s already resting to not see him.  Turns out, she’s actually Ding Shui and that she’s been using dark magic to change her appearance.  It was because the empress once saw her true identity when she couldn’t control the magic that the empress died.

Ming Yan traces to outside of Consort Lian’s palace, but runs away as guards come by.  She’s attacked by Yuan Li, who pulls her by the ear back to the Bureau.  Whilst interrogating her, she flips the tables once again and turns the questions on him.


As an injured Ding Shui visits Xi Xie, it is revealed that the dark magic she uses takes many years of cultivation and has many side effects.  She talks to him about Qing Chen, to which he silently questions Qing Chen’s identity as she recognises herself as Xi Xie’s students. Xi Xie had earlier seen through Ding Shui’s disguise.  In their conversation it is revealed Ding Shui was the youngest elder of the Wu Clan, but fell in love with the previous emperor and decided to undergo the Fire and Snow Array in order to be with him.  But, unlike Qing Chen in the previous universe, Ding Shui faked her death.  Changing her appearance, she used the new identity to marry the previous emperor, causing his death.  However, she blames the death on Yuan An, the current emperor, and bares a hatred for the Wu Clan for both what they previously had forbidden her from and for not saving the previous emperor’s life.  Ding Shui has used one of the Wu Clan’s secret spells and a magic stone to create a replica of herself to use as sacrifice, if her identity is revealed.  As Xi Xie attempts to break from her barrier, she tells him that she used the life of eight palace maids to create the wall and that they die if he manages to break it.

Qing Chen visits Yuan Ling to warn them of the situation and at the same time, plants the seedling that Yuan Ling should be wary of his mother’s safety.  As she has an inner monologue about not telling Yuan Ling of her suspicion of his mother, Yuan Ling asks what’s she thinking about.  Claiming she’s thinking of her next step, Yuan Ling shows his concern saying “Why do you never listen to me? I told you not to go to the Feng manor, but you did as you pleased.  And the result?  You almost got into big trouble!  If something happens to you what do you expect me… I beg you to not put yourself in trouble again.”  Qing Chen bids her farewell, as Yuan Ling instructs Yuan Che to send her back.


At the back door of the Feng manor, to prevent people from seeing, the two stop there.  Yuan Che expresses that he has only seen coldness in her, in regards to Yuan Ling.  Because of her, Yuan Ling rejected the marriage, so as the second daughter of the Feng family he asks her to consider Yuan Ling.  As the competition to pick Yuan Ling’s consort approaches, there must be a result, but Yuan Che knows Yuan Ling won’t have true happiness if he doesn’t get the result he wants.  Qing Chen tells him she has never regretted her decisions and that she does not care who Yuan Ling marries. A defeated Yuan Che leaves, as Qing Chen sits on the steps wondering if her decisions can bring Yuan Ling happiness.  Yuan Ling watches from afar as she cries, wanting to go comfort her, but knowing he shouldn’t.


Qing Chen informs Elder Tao Yao that she has plans to return their justice, but she needs to sneak them into the palace on the empress’ memorial day.  Yuan Che tells Yuan Ling that Qing Chen is clearly intelligent, but she seems to be keeping many secrets from them.  Yuan Ling asks Yuan Che “Do you think if you can see it, I can’t?”  Yuan Che asks him why he trusts Qing Chen then, to which Yuan Ling replies, “Sometimes to see someone’s mind, you have to trust your first impression of them.  Her heart has secrets, but her eyes..”  An eager Yuan Che asks what “her eyes have affection.”  Yuan Che smiles cheekily claiming that she’s not alone when it come to this affection in her eyes, because he sees it from Yuan Ling too.

Yuan Zhan has already guessed that besides finding her master, Qing Chen also wants to have the Wu Clan’s case reinvestigated.  He asks Li Lin to send people to track her motions.



There were a lot of political details when it comes to these past few episodes.  My heart jumps and squeals like a little girl, every time Yuan Ling basically can’t stop himself from confessing to Qing Chen.  He’s finally making up for that forced kiss from a few episodes back.  It’ll still take him a little more time in my books though.  I can see why Qing Chen is pushing so hard for Yuan Ling to marry Princess Duo Xia, but she’s hurting, and I just want to pat her on the head.   Yuan Che is the cutest when it comes to his support of Qing Chen and Yuan Ling, but he’s still so clueless when it comes to his own relationship with Cai Qian, it’s hilarious.

Who exactly is 12th?  Speculations has it, he’s actually the guardian of the alternate universe array, I want to see if that’s true.  As for Consort Lian, if she’s really Ding Shui and it’s because she was with the previous emperor that he died, does it mean she’s Yuan Ling’s actual birth mother, and that would mean Yuan Ling has sorceress blood?  Then what about her story line in the previous universe of her being a princess from a different tribe?  Was that storyline entirely made up by Ding Shui or does it not exist in this time line?

It’s nice to see whilst all the Princes are different this time, that they keep mostly the same personalities as the previous universe, it’s just altered slightly.  As in Yuan Zhan is still scheming, but not in the evil way.  It’s just 3rd Prince who has taken the complete opposite route.

I still want to see more OTP moments though, it’s meant to be a romance after all. And Luan Fei, Luan Fei, Luan Fei, I really can’t say much about her but let out a defeated sigh.  I’m really glad that Qing Chen and Princess Duo Xia have so much respect for one another.  It’s nice to see a second female lead that isn’t so demanding and mean. I also want to point out that Qing Chen’s fights scenes, have been extremely beautiful and majestic.

If Yuan Zhan ends up being the perfect second male lead as I’ve been hearing, I will sure be in for a ride, knowing my tendencies to root for the pair I know will never end up together.   I’m actually very glad this series is deviating so much from the book, because from my knowledge of the novel, I really can’t brush away the similarities to Bu Bu Jing Xin.

What are your thoughts so far?  Are you enjoying the series as much as I am?


Note: In case there is any confusion, all the characters different titles are listed below:

Mo Bu Ping – Minister Mo, Elder Mo, Mr. Mo

Yuan Ling – 4th, 4th Prince, Prince Ling

Yuan Zhan – Prince Zhan, 7th, 7th Prince

Yuan Ming – 9th, 9th Prince, Prince Ming

Yuan Che – 11th, 11th Prince, Prince Che

Yuan Li – 12th Prince, 12th, Prince Li

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    I’m loving this series so far.. the pots that is never ending… being a person that had read the book.. and watching the drama.. I’m still guessing..cause I don’t know what happen next.. I’m sure I’m not the only one..

  • Johanna Linnéa Karlsson

    7th is my prince, I found that ship more compelling by far. Second lead syndrome, had it in Journey of Flower too, I wanted her to be with Lord of Strange Decay. I clearly have a problem!