Drama Recap: Madame Antoine Episode 1

The lovely and talented Han Ye Seul faces off head to head in a heated battle of wits with the ever so handsome Sung Joon in this enticing new rom-com K-drama.

Madame Antoine  follows the story of an arrogant psychologist, Choi Soo Hyun (Sung Joon), who strongly refutes the idea of love and makes it his life’s mission to prove its nonexistence. Things get a bit tricky for Soo Hyun when he finds himself hashing it out with famous fortuneteller slash con artist, Go Hye Rim (Han Ye Seul), who makes a living out of misleading the miserable and naïve while claiming to be a spiritual prophet of Marie Antoine.

Set for a 16 episode run, Madame Antoine will air every Friday & Saturday on the JTBC network.

Now that introductions are out of the way, it’s time to get psychological….or spiritual….or whatever!

Episode 1

Lighthearted orchestral music tranquilly carries us into the opening scene of a mass spectacle being made in the center of Seoul city. An elated woman in her twenties shamelessly proclaims her undying, passionate love from on top of a colorfully decorated tree as various awestruck bystanders hoot and cheer her on from below.

Romantic, yes?

Tragically, as the scene pans from real-time footage to a HD TV screen, we soon learn that this woman was just a guinea pig in an unethical psychological experiment conducted by former Stanford University professor, Choi Soo Hyun.

Soo Hyun reveals to a broadcasting station that he actually made this woman fall in love throughout the time frame of six months. When questioned if or not this was even possible, Soo Hyun begins to explain the methods of his little experiment in detail. Three different men approached the test subject, Lee Kyung Joo (elementary teacher) in separate instances. Man #1: an ill tempered salaryman. Man #2: a sexy and young fitness instructor. Man #3: a charming yet air headed pretty boy. After a series of 36 dates in total with each man, Kyung Joo chose one of them as the exclusive holder of her heart.

The western foreigner, whom Soo Hyun had been directly conversing with, asks if the woman was aware that she was being experimented on. Soo Hyun responds by saying no, Kyung Joo was completely blinded to the fact that these men were only pretending to be interested in her. She genuinely believed they were attracted to her. He then asks the foreigner exactly what would drive Kyung Joo to do something as crazy as making a total ass of herself in public. The foreigner replies with: “Love?” and Soo Hyun tries his damn hardest not to erupt with a massive “BINGO!”

Soo Hyun shows great interest in the idea of love but for entirely different reasons a normal human being would. To him, ‘love’ doesn’t exist and he created this experiment for the sole purpose of proving this.

The broadcasting host asks if Soo Hyun had received the woman’s prior contest to his experiment and Soo Hyun replies with: “Yes, of course she knew. She just didn’t know the main objective.” So basically, this woman was led to believe that she was only being researched for her ideal man but in actuality, this ‘research’ had a hidden agenda the entire time. For some strange reason, Soo Hyun thinks this is totally okay since some form of consent was given somewhere along the line.

Upon receiving a few uncomfortable stares followed by an awkward silence, Soo Hyun admits though it may appear to be extremely screwed up to toy with a person’s feelings, everything’s good in the neighbor because psychology isn’t about morals, it’s Science. I mean, duh, who gives a crap about humanity when fresh, juicy freaking Science is involved.

So in the end, who did the woman chose? Soo Hyun says the answer is quite obvious. The wealthy man of course. Like, everybody knows women only really care about financial power. It’s all about that cash mula, baby! Dollar, dollar bill y’all.

Uh, yeah.

I think it’s safe to conclude from this scene alone that Soo Hyun is a certified ass hat.

His ill-mannered behavior, however, doesn’t overshadow his drive to assist people in deep psychological need. This is proven in the next scene when the episode officially begins. We get first hand insight on Soo Hyun’s skills as a clinical psychologist when he, accompanied by his assistant, Ji Ho, encounters a troubled man on the street. The man is erratically counting paint chips on a crosswalk. Soo Hyun knows right off the bat that something is mentally wrong with him. He is able to calm the man using the EMDR method (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). The man begins unraveling to Soo Hyun of his recent assault which resulted in the death of his wife. Soo Hyun comforts the man, assuring him that his wife’s death was in no way his fault. He gives the man his business card and offers him an invitation to his new counseling center for further treatment.

Not important but I can’t help but point out that Soo Hyun’s business card has a super fake email address. HatMail? I get that they couldn’t use a real email for reasonable circumstances but still, LOL.

We are then segwayed into the life of the female lead, Hye Rim, currently pulling the wool over the eyes of a gullible client. She runs a café and fortune telling business aptly named Madame Antoine Café where she shells out false readings to troubled souls seeking solace.

But of course, you can’t just simply throw out lies when it comes to the craft of fortune telling. No, you must be convincing. Hye Rim just so happens to be an expert in weeding out people’s flaws or weak points. From analyzing hand gestures and emotions to simple name-dropping, Hye Rim has no trouble at all draining pathetic saps for their cold hard cash. The main schtick of her fortune telling business is her claim to be spiritually connected to Marie Antoine. As ludicrous as that bullcrap sounds, her clients seem to gobble it up like crack laced hot cakes.

Her session gets suddenly interrupted by the loud crashing of her sign being hella unprofessionally torn down. When rushing to investigate, the construction worker informs Hye Rim that he is only following orders. Her sign is replaced by a new sign belonging to the business that has established itself on the second floor of her café.

Hye Rim is outraged, more so to the fact that this new ‘psychological clinic’ has the same exact name of her business. Scorned, Hye Rim contacts the owner of the building to complain angrily about this matter. The owner, who will later be revealed as the Chairman of Labella Cosmetics, tells her it’s out of his hands. The deal is already set in stone. The psychological clinic is there to stay.

To rub salt in the already gaping wound, Hye Rim’s younger sister, Yoo Rim, comes bouncing down the stairs from the second floor, bragging about how fancy the grand opening is. “They must have a rich sponsor.”

Hye Rim refuses to be beat out by a diploma wielding psychologist. She’ll win this war for sure.

Meanwhile, Soo Hyun is busy being a diva about the decor of his new office, firing off orders left and right of what should be added or removed from the center, to his standards of course. Soo Hyun requests it be known to the public that he isn’t open to just anyone, he will only treat the patients he chooses for himself.

Because, diva.

Shooting to Chairman Moon Geun’s office, he watches a segment chop full of intel on Soo Hyun and his clinical center. Moon Geun complains about how Hye Rim fussed so much about this new center having the same name as her. He doesn’t see the problem with sharing a name of a business even if the professions are entirely different. Looking further into the segment, Moon Geun sees that many other cosmetic companies are looking to invest in Soo Hyun’s intriguing new experiment. Moon Geun inquiries to his lackey that they should be the first to invest despite him being completely against the ‘experiment’ when it was first announced. He also lets it slip that he has absolutely no clue what this ‘experiment’ even is. His only interest is to be the prime stock owner of the center.

I find this elderly grandfather type character quite charming even though the guy literally sounds like he sandpapers his throat every night before bed.

We zoom to the love struck elementary teacher, Kyung Joo, right in the middle of her questionable love lesson to her classroom full of sweet and innocent school children who may or may not be a heard of brainwashed clones.

Ha! Just kidding! The simultaneously mindless responses they give her are super adorable!….No but seriously this scene kinda freaked me out. Also, just what the hell is up with those slides? Is she teaching some type of weird sex education class here? I mean, I’m not against Sex-Ed in schools but these kids look no older than nine, wtf? Slapping a kawaii face on a sperm doesn’t automatically make it age appropriate.

Anyway, after dismissing her class, Kyung Joo is approached by Ji ho. He plays a prerecorded iPad message from Sir toolbag himself, Soo Hyun, telling her the results of her experiment are in but they will need to perform a few more tests to be certain. Confused yet curious, Kyung Joo agrees to be taken in for testing.

It’s clear from the examination run on her that she is quite smitten with the wealthy gentlemen she selected as her ideal suitor. Kyung Joo is stunned when it’s finally revealed to her that she was just a test subject in Soo Hyun’s sleazy experiment. Pain and humiliation washes over the poor girl’s face once she slowly realizes that the man she fell in love with only pretended to like her.

Oddly, Soo Hyun is completely oblivious to the basic melt down taking place right in front of him. He sticks to his previous defense of what he did being okay because she did, after all, give her consent. Pfft, who cares if her human rights were violated? Consent was given and that makes it right!

And the world takes a collective sigh. *sighs*

In typical asshole fashion, Soo Hyun heartlessly thanks Kyung Joo for loving Sung Min (the fake suitor) with all her heart. It made his trial experiment a success! He then delves into a chain of animated questions consisting of what drew her to Sung Min and what drove her to do such a crazy thing regarding the tree spectacle.

Like any self-respecting woman would, Kyung Joo bitch slaps Soo Hyun with her purse, calls him a crazy bastard then storms out the room.

Someone give this woman a medal.

The scene then cuts to the car where Soo Hyun is nursing his nosebleed in the backseat. Ji ho fills him in on the next set of suitors for their second, official experiment. Apparently, the last woman was used as sort of a trial run. Soo Hyun plans to run an official experiment on a woman in her thirties before moving on to experiment of 500 women. This is all for the sake of proving that true love doesn’t exist. Honestly speaking, all I’ve got from his non stop blabbering so far is: “Blah blah I don’t believe in love, blah blah, important experiment, blah blah I’m a Jackhole.”

Driving on, Ji Ho informs Soo Hyun that the man they met on the street the other day no longer requests for his services. He has already received help and is now content with the way his life is. Soo Hyun immediately looks into this matter for himself and personally pays the man a visit. Soo Hyun questions if the man’s sudden redemption is true. He’s baffled in discovering the man had gone to see the fortuneteller below his center.

We are briefly taken to a scene of Hye Rim and Yoo Rim speaking about the same man. Yoo Rim is curious as to how her sister was so keen on knowing that the man’s wife was dead. Hye Rim explains that it was easy to see he was grief stricken over something. When she saw that he had two wedding bands on his fingers, she was able to determine that oh, his wife must be dead! Piece of cake, she’s a professional after all.

What we learn from this particular scene is that Hye Rim has a daughter away at school and she’s actually doing all this underhanded shady con-artist crap in order to pay off her daughter, Do Kyung’s, tuition. Yoo Rim expresses concern over Hye Rim working so hard to con people but Hye Rim brushes off her worries. It’s for the sake of Do Kyung’s future, and to her, that’s all that matters.

We transition back to Soo Hyun and the man where Soo Hyun proceeds to insensitively shit all over the man’s beliefs by blasting Hye Rim’s bogus tactics. “That woman only told you what you wanted to hear. She’s obviously a liar. Soo Hyun then tells the man how silly it was to have let that quack fill his head with fairy tale nonsense. His methods are truthful and much more effectual therefore he must come back to his center for proper treatment.

The jerk is strong with this one.

The man doesn’t want to hear any of the ‘solid truth’ Soo Hyun preaches of. He truly believes that his wife is happy in heaven. He’s accepted happiness in his heart as Hye Rim suggested he do. Thinking she’s in heaven comforts him.

Pissed beyond belief, Soo Hyun barks to Ji ho that they must check out the café on the first floor for themselves. Since she’s proven herself to be an actual threat to his center, he’s ready to confront this wacky nuisance face to face.

The two waltz right in the café moments after Yoo Rim arrives to greet them. Soo Hyun gives her a nasty side eyed glare then charges further inside the café with Ji Ho right at his heels. Yoo Rim follows after them and asks if they are there for a reading or coffee. Soo Hyun confirms that he wants to see Hye Rim.

Yoo Rim finds Hye Rim in the kitchen stuffing her face and alerts her that she has customers. “He’s not like the rest, he actually seems educated.” Yoo Rim wonders if her older sister can handle a customer like him and of course Hye Rim says she most certainly can.

Professional, remember?

When the two meet, they instinctively begin Sherlock Holmes-ing each other, sarcastic chuckles and strained smiles included.

Meanwhile in the lobby, Yoo Rim is struggling to tally up the café’s total sales, grumbling to herself about how Hye Rim always leaves the difficult tasks for her to fret over. Ji Ho walks up to her counter asking for a refill. With just a brief glance at her pile of receipts, Ji Ho is able to give Yoo Rim an exact total on the sales. Stunned, Yoo Rim wonders why Ji Ho seems so familiar to her. She does a keyword search and pulls up an article with Ji Ho’s picture attached. Ji Ho just so happens to be some sort of math wizard, a genius. He was enrolled into college when he was only seven years old. She stares on at him in wonderment as he skillfully fiddles with a Rubik’s cube, solving the popular brainteaser in thirty seconds flat.

Shifting back to the battle of egos, Hye Rim and Soo Hyun are deeply engaged in an intense stare down. Thinking he’s only a normal customer, Hye Rim grows a bit nervous when she can’t seem to find any flaws within him. Soo Hyun senses her uneasiness and even calls her out for it. Hye Rim wonders if he really came to her for a reading. Soo Hyun smugly tells her he came because he was curious.

Soo Hyun perfectly profiles Hye Rim based on her appearance, which throws her slightly off track. Hye Rim maintains her composure and carries on with the reading by starting with the basics. She asks about his mother. Soo Hyun is unimpressed. “Starting with the basics, huh?” Despite his multiple attempts to get into her head, Hye Rim decides to rely on her previous question about his mother and asks if he has some type of conflict with her. Soo Hyun starts to shoot down her guesses but before he can, a memory is suddenly unleashed from his past. Flashbacks of a carousel and ice cream haunt him. He’s physically rattled by this. Hye Rim is quite impressed with herself.

The camera cuts back to Yoo Rim who, after discovering his genius identity, excitedly flies over to Ji Ho in fangirl mode. Yoo rim is surprised to learn that Ji Ho is a psychology major. She asks him just why the heck a math wizard and medical student would want anything to do with psychology and Ji Ho robotically replies: “I don’t know people.”

Awww, Ji Ho is such a cutie pie weirdo pod person.

The phone then rings. It’s Chairman Moon Geun asking to speak with the psychology center above since they aren’t answering their phone. Yoo Rim is confused for a brief moment but finally gets a clue when Ji Ho requests to speak with the Chairman. Yoo Rim directly asks Ji Ho if he’s from the counseling center, which he promptly confirms. “We are here to duke it out with the fortuneteller.” 

Yoo Rim makes a mad dash for Hye Rim’s fortune chambers before her sister says something incredibly stupid.

Soo Hyun commends Hye Rim for being able to spontaneously unleash a few lost memories from his childhood. “Should I receive some counseling? Isn’t there a center above this café?” This was obviously a sandpit trick question and Hye Rim sunk right into it.

She talks mad dog feces about his center unknown to the fact that he’s the owner.

Soo Hyun decides to pull out the double whammy of his business card just as Yoo Rim bursts in heeding warning of Soo Hyun’s true intentions.

Soo Hyun snidely gives Hye Rim a scathing bath of insults, labeling her a no good dirty con artist. He knows all too well what a bunch of money grubbing crackpots fortunetellers are and they disgust him. He even goes as far as to imply that she might be on drugs, if she herself believes the garbage she spews to her customers.

Like a spoiled kindergartener, Hye Rim frustratedly accuses Soo Hyun of stealing her name, Madame Antoine. Soo Hyun claims it’s a nickname he’s used since he was in the states. Hye Rim boasts about how they are in Korea and she was the first to put up the sign therefore the name is hers.

Soo Hyun, fed up with having Hye Rim’s in his presence, shoots from his seat to take his leave but Hye Rim refuses to be left an embarrassed mess. She cooks up a reading on the whim and warns Soo Hyun that he’ll hear a tiny noise tonight. Soo Hyun sarcastically asks if a ghost is coming to haunt him. Hye Rim ignores his jabs and continues with her charade, adding that he mustn’t look into the mirror because he won’t be able to handle what will be staring back.

Soo Hyun ain’t buyin that shit.

In his office, Soo Hyun demands to speak to Chairman Moon in regards to Hye Rim. He wants to get her kicked out. For some reason his office door won’t stay closed. He recalls Hye Rim’s words about a tiny noise. When it pops open again, he gets a bit spooked.

At her place, Hye Rim is raging about how much of an arrogant windbag Soo Hyun is and she hates that she let him wither under her skin. She mocks his profession and gloats about how she had him trembling like a baby during his flashback attack.

Switching back to Soo Hyun in the bathroom, he ponders the thought of Hye Rim warning him not to look in the mirror. He gives himself a ‘Man up, bitch!’ pep talk and laughs off his ridiculous height of caution. However, when he steps inside, he collapses on the floor like a chicken shit and crawls to the toilet toddler style.


The next day, Hye Rim is whining to Moon Geun about Soo Hyun. She tries her hardest to convince him to kick the self-righteous bastard out at once. Hye Rim isn’t aware that Moon Geun is actually the Chairman of Labella cosmetics. He almost seems to hide it from her. Moon Geun agrees that he doesn’t really like the clinical center much either but he signed the contract. The deal is done. After parting ways, Moon Geun heads to his company building to meet up with Soo Hyun who happens to have the same exact complaint Hye Rim had. He wants her the heck out. “That woman is a sham! A crook! A fake!” Moon Geun advises Soo Hyun not to get so worked up over something so silly. He believes what Hye Rim does is completely harmless. Soo Hyun begs to differ. He accuses Moon Geun of knowing darn well how much of a con Hye Rim is which upsets the elderly man a tad. Hye Rim is his friend and he trusts her. Soo Hyun will just have to deal.

While in the middle of enjoying a few steamy scenes from the popular American movie ‘The Notebook”, Hye Rim receives a devastating phone call. Someone had ran off with all her money. There goes her daughter’s tuition payment.

The crime was reported to the police but they aren’t able to take action this soon. Yoo Rim and Hye Rim openly distress over their dilemma in the café lounge where Soo Hyun and Ji Ho happen to be walking by, eavesdropping of course. She tells them to screw off which they do but walking away with valuable information. Thinking the worse, Hye Rim decides she’ll have to give up her home and close the café.

Yoo Rim recalls the day before where she overheard Ji ho referring to Moon Geun as the Chairman of Laebella Cosmetics. She can surely embezzle money from him if she works her charm. Hye Rim considers this plan however she isn’t sure that Moon Geun is really the chairman.

Up in his clinical corridors, Soo Hyun calls the Chairman and warns him that Hye Rim will come to him soon begging for money. “You’ll see for yourself what kind of woman she truly is.”

Moon Geun is confused but becomes increasingly suspicious when right after, he gets a call from Hye Rim.

They meet at the Labella building. Now that she knows Moon Geun is indeed the Chairman, the stakes are raised even higher. With her daughter solely in mind, Hye Rim puts her best Con-Man face on and prepares to get a bit crooked. She wastes no time attempting to fast talk her way into Moon Geun’s wallet. She spews her Marie Antoine hogwash, which has him thinking of what Soo Hyun said before about her being a crook. He’s second-guessing if he can really trust her but he tells her he’ll think about it anyway, granting her hope.

On her way out, Hye Rim gradually feels the shame swelling in her throat. She feels downright awful for conning her longtime friend, wondering how she could ever sink so low. To ice off the guilt cake, her daughter, Do Hyung, calls her.

Hye Rim is an instant wreck.

Hye Rim is able to catch Moon Geun in time before he leaves to confess her wicked sins. She admitted that someone made a fast break with her money and she was only thinking of her daughter’s needs when she tried to swindle him.

Moon Geun smiles at her warmly and reveals to her that Soo Hyun had told him that she’s a con artist, peeving him real good. But, he feels much better now knowing he can trust her. He asks if she has anyway of getting the money. She tells him that she has to move out of her apartment and close the café. As we see Hye Rim sprinting off screen after a phone call from the police, Moon Geun’s grin remains intact. It appears he has already thought up a solution for Hye Rim’s troubles.

The next scene shows Soo Hyun signing a contract of investment from the Labella company. The Chairman’s nameless lackey from before tells him that they are putting their reputation on the line for his clinical center but they will do their best to support his experiment.

Although pleased, Soo Hyun gets a bit curious when a certain clause in the contract calls for his attention. It’s a condition. The head investor, which would be Moon Geun, is permitted to appoint an advisor for Soo Hyun’s center.

Soo Hyun can’t seem to grasp the understanding of this condition so the lackey beings to break it down in layman’s terms.

Lackey: “Go Hye Rim will be this center’s advisor.” Soo Hyun: “Go Hye Rim? That name sounds familiar…” Lackey: “Oh you know her, she’s the fortuneteller that runs the café down stairs.”

Soo Hyun surprisingly keeps himself from having an aneurysm.

Downstairs, Hye Rim learns from Moon Geun himself that she is being appointed as the psychology center’s advisor. Moon Geun jokingly tells her that since she tried to deceive him, this will be her punishment. He wants her to keep running the café but also assist the counseling center at the same time. She will also take residence on the third floor. Hye Rim agrees to everything except for the counseling portion. “I can’t be a counselor!” Moon Geun tells her tough cookie. She’ll be the center’s advisor and that’s that.

Just then, a very livid Soo Hyun comes stomping downstairs to confront Hye Rim, once again undermining and discrediting her profession and intelligence.

He dials up Chairman Moon Geun’s number and commands her to tell him she won’t be taking the position. Hye Rim goes along with it but only to reinforce her position as the center’s advisor, smirking right in Soo Hyun’s stupid face while doing so. “It’ll be fun.” 

The next scene shows Hye Rim moving into the third floor of the café building. A grimacing Soo Hyun watches her from his office.

Ji ho enters and notifies Soo Hyun that he’s found three applicable candidates for the second official experiment. Out of all three, Hye Rim is the most qualified. She’s single and her family background along with her education level fits exactly what they are looking for.

Soo Hyun momentarily ponders the idea, which induces a sadistic fantasy of Hye Rim making a jackass of herself in front of the entire city of Seoul the same way Kyung Joo, the elementary teacher, had. He nearly climaxes at the thought of tearing Hye Rim’s pride down.

Ji Ho adds fuel to the fire by telling Soo Hyun that using Hye Rim in the experiment would be the perfect revenge. Soo Hyun snaps out of daydream and lashes at Ji Ho for thinking that he would use such an important experiment to extract revenge. He isn’t that kind of person.


Anyway, we later see Hye Rim entering inside Soo Hyun’s office by request. He wanted to introduce her as his advisor properly. Soo Hyun walks up on Hye Rim as she does some snooping around his corridors. He intimidates her with a few psychological terms he knows she’s unfamiliar with, and in English to boot. Hye Rim feels overwhelmed, which satisfies Soo Hyun. He then bans her from speaking with any of his clients. Hye Rim doesn’t find this fair since she is the counseling advisor. Shouldn’t she at least…advise? Soo Hyun justifies his tool bag ways by stating that she can do whatever she likes with the people who come to her personally but not with any of his patients. “I run a treatment center, not a haunted house.” Hye Rim is offended but rebuttals with an underhanded jab at his sudden flashback of his repressed childhood memories. Seeing him squirm uncomfortably gives her endless pleasure. Soo Hyun retaliates by mentioning Hye Rim’s daughter, asking how she’d feel knowing that her mother is a con artist. “Tell her to come see me. I’m sure she could use a few sessions.”

So, they pretty much both get off on tormenting each other anyway they can.


In the next shot, Soo Hyun and Ji Ho on their way to Soo Hyun’s house to pick up a few clothes. On their way there, Ji Ho tells him about a Choi Seung Chan calling the office. Soo Hyun freezes up by the mention of the name. When asked if Ji Ho gave the man his number, the math wizard says no which has Soo Hyun sighing in relief. But when they pull up to his home, they find a guy strapped with backpacks on his doorstep. Turns out, Ji ho ended up giving the man Soo Hyun’s address instead.

The guy is actually Soo Hyun’s brother, who was a former baseball player. Ji Ho sort of fanboys over Seung Chan in the most tamed way possible. It’s obvious from his facial expression that Soo Hyun is not happy to see Seung Chan. In fact, he was so appalled by his brother’s random appearance that he climbs back into his vehicle and requests to leave. Seung Chan doesn’t give Soo Hyun an easy time in leaving. He wants to move in with him. Soo Hyun outright rejects him.  Seung Chan desperately begs his brother for his help, chattering about how he had to quit baseball due to an injury. Soo Hyun gives his brother a ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn’ death glare then orders Ji ho to take off, leaving Seung Chan stranded in the street.

Scene cuts to Hye Rim and Chairman Moon Geun where Hye Rim worries over her abilities in being an advisor to Soo Hyun’s counseling center. She doubts that she’s capable of grasping all that complicated psychological mubo jumbo. Moon Geun eases her nerves by analyzing a beauty poster, giving credit to psychology for his enhanced sense of observation. He encourages her to learn more about it.

Hye Rim takes Moon Geun’s advice and visits a local bookstore, asking for their biggest and thickest book on psychology. The bookstore owner happens to have the TV on a station broadcasting the 2015 FIG world cup. Lee Ma Ri, a young gymnast, is about to compete. Hye Rim shows her support for the youngster by cheering like a loud ajumma.

Soo Hyun and Ji Ho are at the event by personal request. It seems that Ma Ri hasn’t been landing properly and it’s becoming a great interference for her career as a gymnast. Her coaching team and parents think this may be due to stress.

As Ma Ri  steps up to take on the vault, her vision becomes blurry. She vaults anyway despite this but loses balance and face plants, drawing a round of shocked gasps from the audience.

Soo Hyun is interested.

Soo Hyun invites Ma Ri to his treatment center. Ma Ri just wants to get the counseling mess over with. She can’t fathom why she’s in his office, she says she isn’t crazy. Soo Hyun assures her that normal people come to him all the time. He’ll be the one to decide if she’s crazy or not. She clearly has a vision problem but no doctor is able to pinpoint the exact cause, which is why they are turning to Soo Hyun for help. After a bit of teen angst rebellion from Ma Ri, she agrees to have him help her.

Back in the office with Ji Ho and Hye Rim, Soo Hyun diagnoses Ma Ri with Conversion disorder. He doesn’t hesitate in once again picking on Hye Rim by overwhelming the crap out of her with fancy psychology terms she has no clue what meaning or functions they carry.

Hye Rim later visits Soo Hyun at his office and asks for his help so that she can have a better understanding of Ma Ri’s condition. She tried to pick up things on her own but the terminology is far too advanced for her to comprehend. Soo Hyun simply dismisses Hye Rim’s concerns and bluntly tells her he doesn’t feel like teaching her anything. Refusing to take no for an answer, Hye Rim urges him to take advantage of her; she has skill in reading people. He knows this. This triggers Soo Hyun into lowering his blowhard guard. He grants her three minutes of his precious time.

Hye Rim thinks Ma Ri may be faking but Soo Hyun corrects her by saying she isn’t faking, she really can’t see. Hye Rim is puzzled by this fact considering Ma Ri was able to avoid the obstacles Soo Hyun had her step over during their session. Soo Hyun explains the objects were avoided mentally, prompting Hye Rim to ask if Ma Ri can really see or not. Soo Hyun says she doesn’t see what she doesn’t want to see. That’s the handicap of her disorder. Ma Ri isn’t doing this on purpose. Soo Hyun believes something negative may have occurred to cause Ma Ri to black everything out at select moments. Hye Rim wishes to know more but Soo Hyun bails on her with an obnoxious “Ding!” then rudely walks out the room.

The last shot in the episode has Soo Hyun and Ji Ho discussing the preparations for their second experiment. They’ve agreed to use Hye Rim as the prime test subject, now it’s just the matter in finding her the capable suitors. Soo Hyun isn’t satisfied with the chumps Ji Ho has lined up. If they are going to use Hye Rim, they have to be extra mindful in the men they match for her. “That woman is insightful.” If approached by an average man, Hye Rim would surely know something is up. Ji Ho irritably states that there is no one else besides a celebrity that fits her profile.

Soo Hyun has one particular person in mind.


A pretty solid start for a promising drama, I must say. I’m really loving the love hate chemistry between the two leads. I also find the secondary characters to be pretty interesting. I’m super curious about Soo Hyun’s tangled family past and why he’s so hell bent on proving true love doesn’t exist. Only time will tell.~

It's too late for me. Save yourself.

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