Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Ep 10

Newfound hope fills the sky for the Angels in the tenth episode of One More Happy Ending.

Some people simply fail to understand a woman’s mind whereas others understand so well, even if words aren’t spoken.

Episode 10 Recap:

Anti-fans and paparazzi are attacking Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk. Soo Hyuk withstands eggs, trash, rocks and even blood to protect Mi Mo.

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They escape and are driving home. Mi Mo is allowing the hate get to her. Soo Hyuk is extremely concerned. They arrive home and Soo Hyuk holds onto the motionless Mi Mo. He sits her on the couch and goes to make a warm drink. He places the cup in her hands before unplugging all the electronics. She tells him not to worry and to go. Her dog will keep her company.

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Hae Joon overhears the gossip from patrons. He reads the articles and quickly calls Mi Mo. He’s so worried that he cancels his afternoon appointments to see her.

Soo Hyuk reluctantly leaves his apartment and heads to Masspunch. He hunts down the journalist who’s responsible for the leak. She confesses that she took the article from A Ni’s recycle bin. He seriously tells her what has been thrown out should stay there. The editor cuts in and reveals he made her publish it. Soo Hyuk angrily argues the editor for not getting his approval. This decision resulted in an innocent girl being viewed as a wicked witch. Soo Hyuk blames the editor for his lack of ethics and respect for journalists. He destroys a trashcan and yells, “I don’t want to be a journalist, I quit!” His editor thinks it was sexy how he lashed out.

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The abuse isn’t leaving Mi Mo’s mind, no matter how hard she tries. The doorbell rings and it’s an incredibly anxious Hae Joon. While heavily breathing, he asks her if she’s all right. He gives her a tight hug. They sit on the couch. He holds her hand with his. She says she’ll be fine in time. He believes the haters had no right to hurt her because it wasn’t true and urges her to give a response. She remembers Soo Hyuk telling her to not look or listen to anything for the day. But Hae Joon calls her stupid for not responding and advises her to hire a lawyer. He wants to help, however she previously had even worse experiences so she doesn’t need it. She thanks him for coming and cheering her up. He hugs her again before asking her to go outside with him.

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Ae Ran and Dong Mi tell Da Jung that a man took Mi Mo out of their sights. Da Jung asks if it’s Goo Hae Joon. Ae Ran says it was a stranger. Da Jung remembers Mi Mo once feeling gloomy due to two men. Mi Mo has really ill fate with Seul Ah. Da Jung orders the girls to visit Mi Mo.

Min Woo walks home from school. He spots Hae Joon driving his car with Mi Mo.


The girls try to ring Mi Mo’s doorbell. No one is home. Min Woo arrives on 15th floor and asks if they’re Mi Mo ahjumma’s friends. Dong Mi is surprised that he addresses them as ahjummas. They weirdly interrogate him about who he saw in the car. He says he personally wants Mi Mo to get together with the cute guy but she left with a handsome guy. Dong Mi reveals it must be the boyfriend so they don’t have anything to worry about. He walks inside with a sad face. Dong Mi thinks he is a smart kid who’ll become influential one day.


A disappointed Min Woo looks at his dad’s room. He is upset because his favourite candidate for his dad is taken.

Soo Hyuk hasn’t officially left Masspunch yet. He is trying to write up an article about Mi Mo not being the third-wheel but as the heartbroken one. By recalling her quotes during the argument with Jung Hoon, he gets into the zone. His colleague feels sorry for him.


Mi Mo and Hae Joon are at a hanbok village retreat. They are drinking tea outside. Hae Joon covers a blanket over Mi Mo and she thanks him. He tells her not to think and just look up at the sky. She confesses how being an Angels member is both the best and worst decision she’s made. The hardships she went through after disbandment strengthened her. She wants to wipe out her image as a former idol and live as the real Han Mi Mo. He slides his arm around her shoulder. He says she is still standing so she is indeed strong.


Soo Hyuk is at a street vendor with his colleague. His colleague thinks he should just let it be because people will forget over time. If Soo Hyuk tries to cover it up, it’ll cause more uproar and he might get hurt too. He is okay with getting hurt but if he stands still, she will get hurt too. He is worried about his article because it’s involves Mi Mo.

He goes home but walks to Mi Mo’s door. He backs out of checking up on her.

Next morning, a deflated Mi Mo checks her phone at her place. 24 missed calls. She gives her assistant a call and something big has happened.

The neighbours exit their apartments at the same time. Soo Hyuk grabs onto Mi Mo. He commands her not to go out so soon. She has an emergency and leaves him hanging.


Hae Joon’s ex waits for him in his apartment lobby. He tries to ignore her. She knows he has been avoiding her after her confession. He says there’s someone who doesn’t like him associating with her. She isn’t here to hit on him but to apologise for the whole incident. He doesn’t speak so she pleads him to because she is hurting.

They go upstairs to his apartment for coffee. She asks if Mi Mo is okay. He hopes time will heal everything. She questions if he likes Mi Mo because she was a part of Angels. He admits Mi Mo makes him smile. She believes it’s quality over quantity when it comes to his love. According to her, even after countless girlfriends, he is still a man who only takes and doesn’t give. He is confused. She tells him whenever he smiled to her; she was rotting inside. “You’re in the centre of the relationship,” she states. She advises him to think carefully about her words.


Mi Mo is at the police station with her assistant. Brave Wedding is getting sued for fraudulent marriage. The rude guy who fought with her is the culprit. Soo Hyuk finds his way there and watches the guy latch onto Mi Mo. The officer reveals all the personal details of a client were forged. Accepting commission, even on force, leaves them at risk of fraud.

The girls walk out of the station. Mi Mo is exhausted and loses her balance. Her assistant grabs a hold of her. She wants to call Da Jung but Mi Mo refuses, as she will deal with it herself. As they leave, Soo Hyuk appears. He makes a call, ordering them to track down the couple who forged the documents and paid Brave Wedding commision.

Mi Mo and her assistant can’t escape insults from people on the street. Mi Mo sees a familiar man who resembled the anti who scarred Soo Hyuk. He pulls out a knife in her imagination. She’s lost the plot.


Da Jung is taking a breather outside. She sees a dried up plant and compares it to her. Her husband watches her form afar. He reminisces back to when Da Jung gifted him couple shirts before their wedding. She won’t marry him if he doesn’t wear it. He agrees. She wants them to wear while on an amusement park date. She didn’t plan to get married until 30 so she hopes to enjoy being single beforehand. They have the same regretful expressions.

Clients are furious at Brave Wedding because of fraud rumours. Mi Mo insists the police are looking into it and nothing’s confirmed. A male client continues to complain about rumours of hiring swindlers. His wife whom he married through them ran away with his money. Mi Mo is left hopeless.

Soo Hyuk stares at his ‘Han Mi Mo was the real victim’ article. His colleague notifies him that the people he queried for are in Hong Kong. The editor asks Soo Hyuk if he really wants to publish it despite the possible consequences. Soo Hyuk sasses, if he really cared then he should’ve asked for permission to publish. He tells the editor to take responsibility and he’ll let him know once he’s decided to publish or not.


Mi Mo is sitting on a bench downstairs of her apartment. Soo Hyuk notices her and walks over. He wraps his scarf around her neck. Although time will solve everything, there is something he can do. That is to publish another story containing all the facts. She doesn’t respond. He reveals that he tried to bury the third-wheeler story and he is contemplating whether to publish this one. He thinks publishing it will speed up the recovery. If he leaves it, he is scared that she’ll get even more scars. Their eyes start to water as he says her feelings determine any decision he makes. She cries, she doesn’t know since it’s about her. He holds back the urge to wipe her tears.


In the elevator, Mi Mo returns Soo Hyuk’s scarf. She suddenly slips over. He quickly grasps onto her.

As she goes inside, she can’t keep her balance and is pretty dizzy. Her thoughts become overbearing and she faints onto the ground.

Soo Hyuk finds out from his colleague the money that the man who’s suing Brave Wedding wasn’t for commission. But they can only go to Hong Kong to make sure. He can’t stop himself from going to Mi Mo’s.


He tries to ring the bell but no one answers. Her phone is off too. There is still no response so he calls the security guard to unlock the door. He immediately barges in. Looking left and right, he finally spots Mi Mo lying on the floor, unconscious. The guard calls the ambulance.


In the ambulance, Soo Hyuk holds tightly onto her hands. He is terrified. They quickly arrive at the hospital. The nurses and paramedics overawe him. At that moment, Hae Joon enters the emergency room. He stops Soo Hyuk from taking her hand and tells him to leave. He’ll give the details later. Soo Hyuk, who’s covered in sweat and tears, exclaims that he can’t go. They can fight afterwards because all he cares about is Mi Mo. Hae Joon lets go of Soo Hyuk, who rushes by Mi Mo’s side.


Soo Hyuk is right next to a sleeping Mi Mo. Hae Joon is around the corner. Soo Hyuk looks at her in relief and thanks her for being okay. Hae Joon holds back his jealousy. Soo Hyuk fixes up her blanket and walks up to his friend. He apologises to Hae Joon for what happened earlier. Since she’s fine, he says he’ll go. So he asks him for a favour, to take care of her. Hae Joon scoffs at his favour. Soo Hyuk stutters, Hae Joon will take good care of her before leaving.


Soo Hyuk hasn’t left yet. He sits outside the emergency room. He reminisces back to when Min Woo’s mother died. The memory makes him cry.

Hae Joon stares blankly at Mi Mo. He recalls his ex’s words. Perhaps this scare will influence him to change.

Shortly after departing the hospital, Soo Hyuk jets off to Hong Kong. His colleague is proud of him.


Mi Mo finally wakes up. Hae Joon is right beside her. He softly says, she should’ve told him about being in such pain. He didn’t know.

Serving his sunbae well, Soo Hyuk’s colleague tells the editor that sunbae decided to publish the story. The editor is scared that Soo Hyuk will get torn into pieces and may never recover. He asks if Soo Hyuk really wants to withstand Seul Ah’s company and fans. The hoobae reveals if they don’t, Soo Hyuk will resign for real. His position is at risk regardless.

The story gets published the next day. The facts make Jung Hoon and Seul Ah the sinners.


Dong Mi, Ae Ran and Mi Mo read the article. Dong Mi compliments on the reporter’s good work. Mi Mo starts crying and the girls cuddle her while praising her for hanging tough.

Even Hae Joon brings a smile after reading it.

Seul Ah’s fans gather outside Masspunch and they want to kill Soo Hyuk. The staff looks down from above. The editor says Soo Hyuk should just stay in Hong Kong. Hoobae says Soo Hyuk can’t speak Chinese. He can speak English, so the editor tells him to tell Soo Hyuk to stay longer.

Mi Mo is back at work but she’s visibly tensed. She tried to find Soo Hyuk earlier but Min Woo told her his dad went on a business trip. He’s coming back tomorrow. She glances at her phone before her assistant brings in some files. The files are evidence the company didn’t commit fraud on purpose. But they accepted money, so it’s still not settled.


A global businessman (cameo by Conan O’Brien) is Mi Mo’s latest client. He is seeking a remarriage but his eyes can’t keep off Mi Mo. On the application, his ideal type wasn’t filled up. He describes his ideal type – 163cm, big eyes, no plastic surgery, petite and with a history. “It’s you, you goldfish,” he says in broken Korean. He doesn’t sign up because he can’t date her if he does. His Korean is adorable. She tells the translator that she is offended by his flirting. He states before leaving; “Love overcomes everything, be courageous.”


Da Jung’s husband is wandering around in the hospital again. Female patients sprint across the hallways. He asks the receptionist what’s happening. They’re all preparing to see someone in 20 minutes. Da Jung’s roommate explains to her the sweetest doctor, Professor Kim, is visiting them all. The husband sees a lady washing her hair in the hallway. He remembers that these women still have the heart to love.


Ae Ran is teaching Dong Mi some tips for her date. She tells her to act independent and not as a nuna because it’ll be game over. They struggle to make her look young. Ae Ran lends her favourite silver handbag to her and warns she won’t let her live if it gets damaged. After Dong Mi leaves, Ae Ran receives an invite to her husband’s housewarming party.


Dong Mi is super excited as she walks to meet her younger date. She shakes Ae Ran’s bag too vigorously so she decides to hold it prettily. Her heart skips 100 beats when she sees him. He smiles brightly at her before putting his arm around her. She’s startled. He sexily says, “Let’s have lunch, Dong Mi.” He swiftly drops the honorifics. She answers, “Yes, Jung Woo-ah.”


Tae Yong meets his daddy, who hands him a rose. Daddy wants his son to give it to his mum. He reminds him to tell his mum that she’s beautiful. Tae Yong cutely smiles.


He runs into his mum’s ward with the rose. He adorably gifts it to her, calling her beautiful like the flower. Her roommate is envious. Daddy watches on from his usual spot behind the door.

Ae Ran drives to the restaurant for Dong Bae’s party. Dong Bae is chilling with Ae Ran’s employees. Apparently they wanted him to host a housewarming party; more like a free feed. He insists this is the least he could do as the man who wedded. She takes him outside.


Putting her foot down, Ae Ran assures nothing will change. Dong Bae doesn’t want people to think they got divorced straight after the wedding. He dislikes living alone at their house too. She grabs onto his collar and states they are legally ‘nothing’. He grabs her wrists, saying people know they got married. He asks her if she feels confused when explaining their status. She’s angry that he wants to live with her now. He broke up with all his women but she reminds him that she’s his shield. He asks if she’ll devote herself to him.


Her employees think they’re dancing. They are actually fighting because no one will let go. After getting tired, they sit and stare at the sun. Dong Bae admits he cheated on her when they were dating because she broke his heart. He asks if he devotes to her, will she live with him? She only stretches her fingers in response.

Mi Mo is still at work. She tries to call Soo Hyuk but his phone is off. She calls Masspunch instead. Soo Hyuk’s hoobae picks up and tells her he’s on a business trip. She knows, so she asks for the exact time of Soo Hyuk’s arrival.


Hoobae is at the airport to fetch Soo Hyuk. Soo Hyuk isn’t sure if the guy will reveal the truth about his funds. Hoobae says Soo Hyuk should’ve tried harder or even fly them to Korea. Soo Hyuk says he isn’t like him. But hoobae thinks his violence proves he is.


The Hong Kong couple surprisingly visits Mi Mo. The lady apologises for leaving the country. She says her kids go wild because of money. She reveals she lived half of her life without love until she met her match. The man had a lot of debt so she lent him money, which made her kids think he stole it. The lady forged the documents to make her kids feel more comfortable with the man. Mi Mo sympathizes and tells her one’s own happiness is the most important. She has also gotten hurt many times but she won’t give up on love. That way, she’ll be happy and so will those around her. “Please love as much as you can,” she says. The lady apologises again. Her man comes back for her. She tells Mi Mo that Soo Hyuk went to Hong Kong just to persuade them to come back to reveal the truth to the police. He didn’t want Mi Mo to be falsely accused.

At Masspunch, Seul Ah’s company rep tries to attack Soo Hyuk. Everyone holds him back. Soo Hyuk tells the rep to read the story because it’s all facts. He walks out of the building and gets egged by fans.


Mi Mo is right on cue. Her jaw drops when she sees Soo Hyuk getting abused. Tears are about to fall. Soo Hyuk’s hoobae stops her, insisting she should leave him alone because it’ll get worse once she interferes. She wants to protect him, as it is her fault. Hoobae says Soo Hyuk doesn’t want her to get hurt. The fans won’t stop throwing trash if she goes. Soo Hyuk soaks up all the eggs and hate.


Mi Mo arrives at her apartment building. She sits on the bench and cries a river. Reflecting back to Soo Hyuk’s vow to prevent her from getting hurt, his confession and every time her heart moved because of him; she finally realises how much he loves her. She looks toward her left. Soo Hyuk is standing right there. They stare at each other like lost lovers.


She narrates, “If only I was a bit slower…” He narrates, “If only I was a bit faster…” They both ask, “Would we be looking at the same place?” No words are spoken; no movements are made; only longing gazes remain.


Thoughts of mine:

This episode solidifies Mi Mo’s feelings for Soo Hyuk. His urgency to protect her at all costs destroys Hae Joon’s efforts. She understands her boyfriend is the type to not notice her injuries or emotions unless she tells him. As Soo Hyuk continues to give her his all, she finds herself relying on him. We have to wait for another week to see what happens after the intense stare-off. I hope it involves an honest confession from Mi Mo, at least expressing how much she appreciates his unconditional love.

Hae Joon’s ex is a woman of wise words. She overcame being the jealous ex-wife and told Hae Joon what he needs to do to keep Mi Mo. He needs to consider her feelings and respect her more. Easier said than done, but he has to change fast. Or else his girlfriend is likely to leave him.

It was an optimistic episode for the other Angels. Da Jung’s husband continues to stalk his wife and look after her from afar. He still hasn’t gotten over his ego to face her but it was touching to see him gift her a rose through their son. Dong Mi managed to go on a date with a model-worthy boy. She’s bringing all the boys out so far. At last, the immature Ae Ran may just make a decent decision, to live with Dong Bae. She finally found her love for him and he’s ready to commit. I hope she does Dong Mi a favour and moves out because her friend might have a yummy visitor stopping by often.

This week was slower-paced compared to others, but the drama is still progressing well in terms of character development. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next.

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