Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Ep 11

Gloomy days have struck the characters but only a few spotted the light in episode eleven of One More Happy Ending.

Pain stricken eyes, salty cheeks and depressed frowns seem like the norm however there’s a slow chance for the leads to find happiness again.

Episode 11 Recap:

Nurses at Sarang Hospital are watching a video of Soo Hyuk getting wrecked by fans. They think he is Mi Mo’s Prince Charming and wonder when they’ll ever get a guy like him. Hae Joon notices their gossiping.

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Hae Joon returns to his office and watches it. He is deflated before flashing back to when he met A Ni earlier. She dons a new curly bob and he compliments her on how she looks great. Flying abroad for studies, she bids him goodbye. She brings up her brutal words from their last encounter and apologises. But she really wanted to know if he’d throw himself into a fire for a girl like Soo Hyuk did. He is frustrated.

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Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo face each other. Mi Mo notices the dried egg stains on Soo Hyuk’s jacket. He intensely stares at her. Just as Mi Mo takes a step forward, her boyfriend arrives just behind them. She cannot control her tears nor can she resist taking steps backward. They’re both crying. Soo Hyuk gives a weak smile before turning his back. Mi Mo balls out in tears. Hae Joon sees this and his eyes water before leaving.

A torn Hae Joon drives home. He remembers what his ex said about the chance that Soo Hyuk isn’t the one stealing Mi Mo from him, but it’s Mi Mo who changes her mind. He is shattered so he pulls over and darts out of the car. He stares up in the sky, wanting to cry again. He decides to drink his heart out at a bar.

A depressed Mi Mo is wandering on the streets. She ends up walking to the hospital to see Da Jung. She hates being able to feel with her heart. Her heart realised what she really wants and it’s causing her a huge heartache. She cries, it’s too late and asks what can she do. Da Jung envelops her in her arms and tells her not to hate her heart because it also had a hard time.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.36.14 pmScreen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.35.53 pm

Soo Hyuk is in his room and starts to regret his actions. Hae Joon is drunk and finds himself sitting on a wooden chair in some park. He wants to call Mi Mo but turns his phone off instead. Soo Hyuk stares out from his window and sees Hae Joon sitting downstairs.

Soo Hyuk walks down and joins Hae Joon. Hae Joon begins to cry before grabbing onto Soo Hyuk’s collar. He demands up to what extent is he supposed to put up with. He feels like he is the third wheeler. Soo Hyuk says sorry for not controlling his feelings. Hae Joon loses it and throws a heavy punch at Soo Hyuk. Soo Hyuk falls over. Hae Joon wants him to disappear.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.47.02 pmScreen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.46.54 pm

Mi Mo can’t fall asleep. She starts to cough so she goes to find some tablets. She sees the stash Soo Hyuk bought for her and is reminded of his caring actions.

Next morning, the father and son couple is silently eating breakfast. Min Woo sees his dad’s gloominess. He saw him in a mess last night, so he asks if everything is okay. Soo Hyuk says he’s fine but his panda eyes and pale face speak otherwise. Min Woo innocently questions if he is getting bullied at work. Soo Hyuk chuckles, no one likes him but he has Min Woo’s love. Min Woo tells him to face his problems and not run away. Daddy nods.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 6.23.31 pmScreen Shot 2016-02-25 at 6.22.32 pm

It’s time for work. Mi Mo walks out first. She sees three unattended parcels outside apartment 1502. Suddenly, the door opens and she quickly turns around, only to see Min Woo. He cutely says good morning. She smiles and walks toward the lift. He picks up a box and starts opening it. She sees this and sprints back to stop him. She knows it must be nasty hate mail. He thinks she is suspicious as she tries to convince him that she’ll give the mail to his dad later. She sends him off to school.

At Masspunch’s editorial meeting, newbie reveals Seul Ah’s company has turned back five interviews and cut off all business. She says this while side-eyeing Soo Hyuk. Another photographer bitches about getting rejected from doing a photo shoot for the first time. The editor and hoobae has got Soo Hyuk’s back but the complaints keep coming. Soo Hyuk finally gets up and scrunches his paper, threatening to throw it at them. He’s ‘glad’ they actually see him and he isn’t invisible. He announces if his colleagues want him to leave his position, he will before walking out. The editor loves Soo Hyuk’s swag even more and thinks his other staff won’t ever be gutsy like Soo Hyuk.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 6.55.45 pmScreen Shot 2016-02-25 at 6.42.58 pm

Hoobae joins Soo Hyuk outside. Hoobae kindly tells him not to think too much. Soo Hyuk asks why he is working here. He says it’s because of his baby, which earns a tsk from Soo Hyuk. He loved it at first but now it’s all about the money. Soo Hyuk has lost all his interest now.

The editor reveals they’re being sued for defamation again. He’s scared of that company’s CEO. Soo Hyuk argues they shouldn’t just write stories to suck up to those people. He is in deep shit.

Mi Mo opens up the parcels at her office. She is worried. Her assistant strolls in and sees the hate mail is directed at Soo Hyuk, the reporter who wrote the article. The assistant funnily mentions the only difference after 10 years is that the fans changed the patterns up. She gets on Mi Mo’s nerves when she thinks a photo marked with holes and a ‘x’ is cute. Mi Mo wants to poke holes through a photo of her if she doesn’t stop talking so annoyingly.

She wraps up the day, switches the lights off and heads out. Hae Joon rocks up in front of her. They share small smiles. He is here because it can get dangerous at night.

Soo Hyuk and his hoobae are having a beer date facing the Han River. Hoobae says Soo Hyuk has become a better drinker these days. They basically drink every episode, so it’s no wonder. Soo Hyuk wants to quit his job because he can’t bear the consequences anymore. Hoobae notices his swollen lip and asked who punched him. Soo Hyuk says it was a friend who he’s been tormenting. He wished Hae Joon hit him more than once. He confesses, Mi Mo lives close to him but he misses her and wants to run to her. She is always on his mind. He desperately asks how he can get rid of this feeling. Hoobae thinks he can’t unless it disappears.

Soo Hyuk goes home and lies on his couch in despair. On the flipside, Mi Mo and Hae Joon are silently walking. Hae Joon decides to hold Mi Mo’s hand but she reacts awkwardly. They arrive at her apartment. Hae Joon stops Mi Mo before she blurts out any unwanted words by telling her to get some rest. She stutters as she tells him to go home safely.

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Hae Joon walks in the snow. He can’t stop thinking about his ex’s words. Crossing by a jewelry shop filled with rings, his eyes start to water before going inside.

We visit Dong Mi, and she is asleep. But in her dreams, the same male cupid wakes her up. The cupid isn’t a trainee anymore. He says he sent her a young boy as soon as he got promoted. But he doesn’t reveal if the guy is playing her. She asks why he came. He requests her to tell people he is a cupid who’s 10/10 if anyone asks. She agrees because he says her boyfriend is legit. He leaves after becoming buddies with her.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.02.06 amScreen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.02.44 am

Next morning, Dong Mi gleefully goes to work. All her colleagues think she’s crazy. She asks one of them if they think her newly bought pink-jumper would look good for her date tonight. The colleague questions if it’s a date because Dong Mi looks like she’s going to perform on stage. She paid $300 for a natural make-up look, but everyone can notice it. Another colleague teases she looks like a ballerina after a performance with heavy make-up.

Ae Ran is seen slamming her hand onto a table. She is angry with her employees for betting on whether she’ll move in with Dong Bae. It was 4-versus-1 and Ae Ran blasts at the one guy who betted for her to move in. The girl who won money likes Dong Bae, driving Ae Ran nuts.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.16.08 amScreen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.18.07 am

Ae Ran states, “I can’t trust that you’re only going to love me.” Dong Bae asks what he could do to gain her trust. She wants him to be sincere, which he claims he already is. He needs to move her first. He agrees that he’ll try to find ways to enter her heart and is glad she is considering. She acts cool and pouts.

Dong Mi is teaching in class. Little Tae Yong is drawing his mum’s face. Dong Mi takes a look at his art and asks who’s inside her eyes. He adorably says it’s him. Dong Mi says wherever he is, Da Jung will always see him through her eyes. He is going to gift the drawing to her when she comes home.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.19.57 amScreen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.20.33 am

After work, Dong Mi is on her way to meet her boyfriend, Jung Woo. She stops by a glasses store and looks inside. She makes her way to the restaurant, without her glasses. She must’ve gotten contacts. Jung Woo is pleasantly surprised. He says it’s weird because her entire face is beautiful. She squeals in delight.

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Da Jung is finally heading home. Mi Mo is driving her home with the girls and Tae Yong. Mi Mo pulls over at their place and faces Tae Yong, asking if he is really hungry. The ahjummas all remember him saying so. He cutely says he indeed is hungry. Da Jung asks her son if he wants to go out to get something. Ae Ran screams, “No, you shouldn’t go out in the cold.” The girls insist for her to go inside first, so they leave her.

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As Da Jung enters her apartment, she sees the entire room decorated with red roses and hearts. She spots a card with a love heart and opens it. It reads: “Baek Da Jung, you’re still a woman to me. My woman.” Tears stream along her cheeks before her husband appears and sits next to her. He tenderly hugs her and they share a moment.

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Cutie pie Tae Yong is happily munching on a slice of dessert pizza. Ae Ran comments on how well he eats. Dong Mi asks if he is happy. He is because his mum will be happy too. Dong Mi is hopeful that they’ll get back together, especially with the thousands of roses he bought. Ae Ran thinks one event won’t seal the deal. Tae Yong takes out his artwork to show the ahjummas. Ae Ran teases only plastic surgery can make eyes that big. Dong Mi explains there’s a person inside, and that’s Tae Yong. He reiterates when he eats, sleeps and go to school, he’ll always be in mum’s eyes. Mi Mo is reminded of Soo Hyuk admitting that his decision-making derives from her feelings. They notice her getting teary and make it seem like she’s touched because of Tae Yong.

Da Jung tells her husband not to pity her because she’ll feel miserable. He confesses he isn’t doing this out of pity. She asks how can she find the change in a man who asked for a divorce everyday. He tells her it’s definitely not pity, but he doesn’t know the reason why yet. He admits he just can’t leave her like this and he threw out the papers. He hopes she doesn’t tell him to pack up and leave because he doesn’t have anywhere to go. Grabbing her hand, he asks to try and take their time to make every moment count. She doesn’t give a definite answer.

Back to the pizza joint, Mi Mo gets a call from Hae Joon. She reluctantly picks up.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.52.07 amScreen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.57.16 am

Turns out he asked her on a dinner date. Once she sits down, his excitement builds. He embarrassingly gifts her a bouquet of roses and a box. She isn’t happy at all. He tells her to open it but she drops her head down and starts crying. He asks if she isn’t curious and why she is crying. She doesn’t reply and keeps crying. He didn’t think she’d be so ‘touched’. She finally speaks up, saying she’s deeply sorry. He tries to avoid the truth by saying the ring isn’t expensive. She apologises again, for not being able to accept it. She confesses that it hurts to tell him this, but she needs to say it. He keeps on stopping her. He’s trying to maintain his cool but his pained expression makes her cry harder. He leaves her alone.

Hae Joon drives off with a stoic expression.

Ae Ran comes to the rescue and drinks with Mi Mo at a street vendor. She advises Mi Mo to just tell Hae Joon she has fallen for someone else. Mi Mo says it’s going to hurt him too much. But what else can she do. She thinks she is a bad person for liking him first and now leaving him hanging. Ae Ran says she should just be bad because it’s too greedy to leave good impressions. Ae Ran hates people who wait for others to end it. She believes Mi Mo should end it cold-heartedly so he can move on quickly. Jung Hoon broke up with her through text, that’s how she forgot about him within a day. Ae Ran insists that Mi Mo should just be true to herself and break up with him.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.10.24 amScreen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.10.14 am

Drunken Mi Mo is on her way home. Soo Hyuk is right behind her. A sleazy ahjussi approaches her, only to get slapped away by Soo Hyuk. He immediately goes over to Mi Mo to see if she’s fine. She flicks his hand and her handbag away, saying she is not okay. She pushes him and asks why he always interferes. Tears start to form as she interrogates him about why should he care so much about her. He isn’t her fairy godmother. She cries, why is he causing her heart pain. She begs him to leave her alone. He wanted her to smile not cry, so he apologises and tells her not to cry over him.

Soo Hyuk sits in his dark living room, thinking back to his fight with Hae Joon. Both Hae Joon and Mi Mo say they want him to disappear. Mi Mo taking steps away from him previously drills thoughts into his mind.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.17.06 amScreen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.16.54 am

Min Woo is sleeping but Soo Hyuk wakes him up. He asks his son if they should visit grandmother in the US. Min Woo asks if it’s really that hard for his dad. Soo Hyuk admits it is so Min Woo hugs him and agrees to go.

Mi Mo is left completely miserable. She sits on her couch for the whole night without sleep. All she can do is wait for Hae Joon at his apartment lobby. He warns he not to wait because he won’t come down. She insists she will wait until he does. Her heels are killing her, not that Hae Joon will notice if he sees her anyway.

As Hae Joon is moping at home, he remembers when he asked his ex if it was tiring living with him. She was lonely, especially after marriage. He asks her why she didn’t speak up when they were breaking up. She wanted to keep her pride. She believes he and Soo Hyuk’s ‘pure’ ideal types don’t exist because once women face hardships they won’t be pure. But they have many flaws for the man to patch up.

At Masspunch, Soo Hyuk chucks his resignation letter and ID on his editor’s desk. Soo Hyuk wanted an easy job but it was too hard here. The editor knows it’s hard but as time passes, people will stop the abuse. Soo Hyuk says it’s not because of the hate but he’s lost all interest in the job.

Hoobae sits down with Soo Hyuk. He asks Soo Hyuk if he will return soon and won’t stay there forever. Soo Hyuk teases if he misses him, then fly over. Hoobae sheds tears, for Soo Hyuk to rub off.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.32.24 amScreen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.32.41 am

Hae Joon looks through his office window. Mi Mo is outside. Back inside, Hae Joon’s nurse notifies him that she’ll let the last patient in. He isn’t expecting more patients. At that moment, Mi Mo slides open the door. She came to see Dr. Goo for a headache. He bluntly offers to say it first – “Let’s stop seeing each other.” He confesses; he no longer likes her because she looked at another man. She confesses/confessed? a few months ago, she met her dream man here but now he’s not the one for her. She calls herself a horrible person before asking if she had feelings for someone else, she shouldn’t stay with him. He doesn’t reply. So, she requests for him to understand her feelings for him were always sincere and returns the ring. Spit at her, forget her; she says. He can’t spit on a wonderful woman and says he’s sad because he won’t be the man next to her. He admits she looks the coolest today on their last. He will now remember her as the woman who left him because she didn’t like him. He tells her to go because he refuses to watch her cry.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.37.50 am Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.35.24 am

Mi Mo sits outside on a bench. She’s crying her eyes out. Hae Joon cries as he opens the box before painfully closing it.

Totally deflated, Mi Mo finally reaches home. She glances at 1502 before going in.

Dong Bae visits Ae Ran at Dong Mi’s with a huge sign that reads ‘Ae Ran-ah’ in a love heart. She closes the door but he opens it again. He plays a romantic song and flips his placards. He shows pictures of her being an Angel and a model before revealing a Where’s Wally puzzle stating – ‘She’s the only one I see.’ He swears he’ll love her even when she grows old. He says he’ll only look at her from now on. She’s touched and getting teary. He is too while he asks her to live with him. She pouts at him.

Mi Mo sees another client. The client’s fiancée just told her about his enormous debt. She is mad and asks if Mi Mo can deal with it. Mi Mo already went through that. The client demands for another candidate before stomping out. Da Jung is back at work and enters the room. She seriously asks Mi Mo if she’s seen Soo Hyuk lately. She hasn’t because she doesn’t have the courage yet. Da Jung thinks it’s weird she hasn’t bumped into him since they’re neighbours. She reveals something to her.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 4.03.46 am

Sprinting out of the office, Mi Mo runs in her heels again. Da Jung said that a Masspunch colleague told her Soo Hyuk resigned. She couldn’t believe it but ran off anyway. She meets the hoobae at the office who confirms that Soo Hyuk did resign. It wasn’t because of her, rather it was too hard for him to continue on. Mi Mo runs off again and he regrets not telling her about Soo Hyuk leaving to the US.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 4.10.07 am

She arrives at her apartment and tries calling him. It doesn’t connect. She desperately rings his doorbell but no one answers. She can’t find him downstairs, on the pathway and not even the street vendor. Coming back to downstairs of her apartment, she’s heavily breathing and exhausted. She calls him a jerk for leaving without saying anything. She reflects back to him saying he won’t do things she doesn’t like. She brings her sadness upstairs.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 4.14.47 amScreen Shot 2016-02-26 at 4.15.00 am

On a new fresh morning at Mi Mo’s house, she’s busy talking on the phone about reservations for a party. She rushes outside and grabs a lift. The lift door opens and it’s the mighty, suited up Song Soo Hyuk standing right there! He walks closer to her and asks, “Goldfish, have you been well?” She cannot believe her eyes before stumbling on her heels. Luckily, Soo Hyuk catches her. He smiles sweetly at his dumbfounded goldfish.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 4.17.38 amScreen Shot 2016-02-26 at 4.17.32 am

Thoughts of mine:

The entire episode was filled with tears and it just burned my insides. Everyone was just plain sad. Mi Mo clearly needed a new soul, Soo Hyuk felt so unwanted that he left and Hae Joon’s limits were always tested. It took a long time before the love triangle sorted itself out. There were a lot of questions asked, tense stares, crying, and holding back. But thanks to Hae Joon, he got over his ego and conceded Mi Mo. He broke things off because he knew how much it hurt her to stay with him. Now that Soo Hyuk is back, despite leaving the episode for a mere ten minutes, I sense the neighbours have happy times ahead.

Arguably being the Angel who had it the toughest, Da Jung is closer to her happy ending. She is healthy and with Tae Yong’s support and love and things with her husband seem brighter than ever. The little event was very touching and overdue. Thank God he made it clear that he wants to try again. Too bad he couldn’t admit that he still loves her so badly.

Ae Ran and Dong Bae never had a healthy relationship. They did bad things to each other. It seems they are getting more mature. Dong Bae’s sweet efforts are enough to impress her. I’m hoping they’ll be living together in the next episode, for their benefit and Dong Mi’s sake. Dong Mi needs to bring her boy toy home.

On a last note, one of the scenes that was my favourite was Min Woo asking his dad if things were getting too difficult. Soo Hyuk was honest to his son, which earned him a loving hug. Min Woo’s love gives Soo Hyuk the immense power to push on. He will always have his son, even if people abandon him. I want to have cute and thoughtful sons like Min Woo and Tae Yong in the future. I’m anticipating two happy boys next episode because their parents should be taking bigger strides to smile again.


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