Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Ep 12

The leading men attempt to seek redemption and forgiveness in the latest episode of One More Happy Ending.

From the main bromance to the estranged husbands and a young boytoy, they’re all on a mission to recover deep wounds.

Episode 12 Recap:

Another night has passed. Soo Hyuk’s seat on the park bench is still empty. He is only there in her imagination. She misses him.

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Next morning, Mi Mo still doesn’t see him. A montage appears. It features Mi Mo sticking notes on his door, asking when is he coming back. A few days later, Mi Mo receives a parcel from her elementary school. There’s a small card, which says they left something and it must belong to her. She sees Soo Hyuk’s gift box. Inside is the jewelry box she wanted as a child. She remembers when she and Soo Hyuk had first set eyes on the box. Mini Mi Mo wanted to wait for her first love to give her the box with a ring inside. She got exactly that. She is reminded of his confession and begins to cry.

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Mi Mo meets up with Hyun Ki hoobae. She asks him how Soo Hyuk was like before he left. He doesn’t love him enough to remember. She admits it hurts when she thinks of him especially after saying upsetting things to him. He jokingly replies; she wasn’t the only one so she should forget about it. She gives him the evils. He reveals Soo Hyuk asked him for a favour that he cannot tell her. He wishes for her not to worry too much.

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Ringing 1502’s doorbell for the hundredth time, Mi Mo can’t look any more depressed. She rips off all the post-it-notes.

A client demands for a man who talks because her husband doesn’t talk at all. Mi Mo advises her to seek a couple’s therapist. The client asks her again to find another man for her.

Mi Mo’s assistant passes on files to her. There are three meetings and a few clients lined up for this week. The assistant bitches about how they were in struggle town before and is glad they’re busy again. Mi Mo sasses, she never knew she would be so worried. Mi Mo continues the fake game and orders her to get out.

In a meeting with their 200th made couple, Da Jung and Mi Mo are delighted with the achievement. They all take a proof shot with the couple holding their bonus honeymoon voucher.

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Shortly afterwards, Da Jung gets an unexpected visit from her husband who’s seeking a consultation. He wonders what level he’d be in if he got a divorce. She says they don’t help clients who are married and he should come back after he gets divorced. He cheekily asks if he can come and request for a woman named Baek Da Jung. He visited her to make her happier but it seems like she isn’t. It’s only been a month and she hasn’t opened up. He leaves and says he’ll see her at home.

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Mi Mo stares at her goldfish. Her assistant swings by and comments on how she saw Mi Mo screaming at the fish previously. She calls Mi Mo a goldfish for having bad memory. Da Jung offers Mi Mo a listening ear.

The girls head to a street vendor. Da Jung watches Mi Mo drink her soju. Da Jung asks where Mi Mo’s romantic side went because the old her would’ve flown to the States by now. Mi Mo confesses that she told Soo Hyuk to get lost. She doesn’t have the heart to get him back. Da Jung says she can only offer her a soju-beer. Mi Mo refuses to drink it because it reminds her of Soo Hyuk. Mi Mo says she saw Da Jung’s husband earlier and questions why she is pushing him away. Da Jung can’t open up because his actions are too extreme. Mi Mo advises that he’ll get exhausted if Da Jung continues to reject him.

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Dong Bae stops by Dong Mi’s house and he’s looking for Ae Ran. Dong Mi corrects him, saying Ae Ran is his wife that’s never been home. He brought some bribery in the form of snacks. She lets him in.

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They join Ae Ran on the couch. As Dong Bae tries to feed Ae Ran, Dong Mi is having a blast watching the two while munching on snacks.

Mi Mo is cooking dinner. While slicing some radish, she remembers the time when she asked Soo Hyuk to taste her food for Hae Joon. She now understands why he was jealous. She suddenly hears a door creak so she runs outside to check it out. It isn’t Soo Hyuk but a real estate salesman showing newlyweds the apartment. The couple wants to rent the place. Mi Mo asks the salesman if Soo Hyuk moved out. He reveals Soo Hyuk called him a few days ago to put his property on the market. She is miserable.

Next morning, Mi Mo heads to work. Blocking her way is Hae Joon’s little juvenile patient. She starts throwing eggs at Mi Mo, who easily dodges them. Mi Mo thinks the girl is an anti but realises later that she’s the girl who hangs around at the hospital. The girl cries about Mi Mo hurting her handsome doctor. Mi Mo tells her to look after him because she can’t face him and offers herself up to be a punching bag. Mi Mo orders her to clean the mess up. As Mi Mo walks into the elevator, the apartment clerk appears. He is baffled. The student finishes cleaning and leaves the building.

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While the student walks home, she recalled a time when she saw Hae Joon engaged in a tensed phone call. Hae Joon was drunkenly ‘talking’ to Mi Mo. He calls her a bad woman for turning him into a loser who punches his friend. He says he will spit on her. The reciever is actually his ex. The student watches it all unfold from afar.

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The girl visits Hae Joon shortly after. She notifies him that she went to teach Mi Mo a lesson. His heart falters when he hears her name. He asks why on earth the girl did such a thing. She didn’t like seeing him heartbroken. He is furious and yells at her for acting out of place.

Dong Mi is on a date with her boyfriend. Jung Woo continuously feeds her but doesn’t eat much for himself. He says he is full just by watching her. His friends coincidentally show up. The guy asks if Dong Mi is his nuna. Jung Woo swiftly says she is his girlfriend. His friend keeps on getting confused but tries to patch up Dong Mi’s wounds by saying Jung Woo is a nice guy who is only 25 but acts 30. Jung Woo’s white lie is revealed. Dong Mi is surprised and slightly annoyed. Jung Woo apologises for adding three years to his age before assuring a nine-year gap is common these days. He’s scared of her serious face. She tells him not to speak informally anymore.

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Ae Ran is equally shocked. Dong Mi thought she finally met a good match but she is upset over the age difference. Ae Ran believes a six-year gap is acceptable but not nine. At least he already finished his enlistment. Ae Ran realises when Jung Woo turns 30, Dong Mi will be 39. Dong Mi has a mental breakdown as Ae Ran advises her just to break it off.

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Da Jung and her husband are at home. He brings a gift bag and a card into their living room. He wants to seek professional help because he doesn’t think they can go on like this. She opens the card, and it’s an invitation for a camp retreat for couples. He suggests they should go to revive their love. He has faith. In the bedroom, Da Jung opens the gift. It’s a set of cute couple t-shirts. She lets out a sweet smile.

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Mi Mo is sitting outside alone again. This time Hae Joon is behind her. She places her palm on the bench, stroking the spot where Soo Hyuk used to sit. Hae Joon doesn’t approach her.

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He returns home and is thinking about his punch-out with Soo Hyuk. He picks up the phone and answers, “It’s me.”

Mi Mo is rushing to go to work. She hits the elevator button. The door opens and it’s the man she has been waiting for, Song Soo Hyuk. She stumbles on her feet and he catches her. She asks if it’s really him. He questions if she actually forgot about him, since she’s a goldfish with a three-second memory. He smiles and calls her a goldfish.

Hae Joon is at work. He receives a text from Soo Hyuk, saying he has arrived in Korea. Hae Joon smiles and reminisces back to when he called Soo Hyuk. He asked Soo Hyuk if he really left because he told him to leave. He tells Soo Hyuk to come back before someone forgets about him. Hae Joon is glad that things have worked out. His nurse barges in and says the chairman is looking for him.

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On the 15th floor, Soo Hyuk lets go of Mi Mo. She is hilariously still in disbelief. He teases; she must’ve forgotten him so he needs to bother her again. He confidently says she’ll remember the connection she had with the guy who lived in front of her. Her eyes begin to water. He extends her hand, wanting to wipe her tears but holds back. He asks if she’s off to work. She remains silent so he walks to his apartment. He stalls for a bit but goes inside without her.

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It’s almost Soo Hyuk’s turn to cry. He’s fighting the tears off. The neighbours’ hands linger on the door handle but they both can’t garner up the courage to open it.

Mi Mo walks through the car park. She runs into a pretty middle-aged woman who asks for directions. The woman looks strangely familiar to her but she just wrongly recognised the woman, who isn’t a client of hers.

The woman actually knows Soo Hyuk and well enough to sit at his place for coffee. She comments on how the place has never changed and hasn’t been ‘touched by a woman’. Soo Hyuk says the seal is broken now but the woman claims she is just family to him. She reveals a girl called So Eun is returning to Korea and asks how he thinks of her. He replies, “What about her?” She shrugs it off.

Hae Joon is in a meeting with the chairman. The chairman asks if he knows Goo Yeon Mi. Of course he does know his ‘granddaughter’. But Yeon Mi is actually his daughter. The chairman questions if Hae Joon said something bad to his daughter to cause her to run out from the hospital. Yeon Mi hasn’t been eating or attending school so daddy asks Hae Joon to make her eat at the least. The chairman realises they share the same last name.

At Brave Wedding, Mi Mo is distracted. She’s fretting about whether to call Soo Hyuk or not. A client comes for an appointment, seeking for a tall candidate. But Mi Mo’s mind is elsewhere. Even at a group meeting, she can’t concentrate at all.

Da Jung notices Mi Mo’s lack of attention. After the meeting, Da Jung asks Mi Mo what’s up with her spacing out. Mi Mo didn’t realise it. Da Jung leaves for a check-up.

Dong Mi is watching students play soccer with a dejected mind. A lonely little girl sits beside her. Dong Mi asks the girl what pains her the most. The girl says her crush is two years younger. But he only sees her as a nuna that he can rely on. It’s hard for her to pretend to be an adult while it’s hard for Dong Mi to act young. She advises the kid to tell her boyfriend that she doesn’t know everything. But the girl insists maturity is an older woman’s charm. The girl compares a nine-year gap to her dating an infant. Dong Mi has a mental block.

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Soo Hyuk visits Hae Joon at the hospital. Soo Hyuk is happy to see him. Hae Joon snickers; he isn’t the person who missed him. But Soo Hyuk says he misses him regardless, because he’s the only friend he hung out with after he turned 21. Hae Joon sasses; he didn’t hesitate when it came to women. Soo Hyuk apologises because he never wanted the situation to unfold. Hae Joon restates the fact that Soo Hyuk assured him things won’t get complicated before they started dating. Soo Hyuk says he’ll be sorry to him for the rest of his life.

Welcoming the return of their bromance, Soo Hyuk gets clingy and follows Hae Joon around. Soo Hyuk asks Hae Joon if he is craving anything for dinner. Hae Joon plays hard to get but Soo Hyuk knows he’ll eventually give in. Soo Hyuk uses fried chicken as a bribe. Hae Joon tells him not to act like nothing’s happened because he hasn’t forgiven him yet. As Soo Hyuk leaves, Hae Joon blurts out, “When Mi Mo was in danger, you should’ve called me.” He wanted to be her knight. Soo Hyuk couldn’t call him while Mi Mo was getting egged. Hae Joon grabs his collar and blames him for stealing Mi Mo’s affections. Soo Hyuk says he has a habit of grabbing his collar and people are watching.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 3.36.49 pmScreen Shot 2016-02-27 at 3.48.11 pm

Hae Joon brings Soo Hyuk to a special kids’ arcade. They argue like kids. Soo Hyuk believes Hae Joon started things too quickly with Mi Mo for him to even think about his feelings. Hae Joon doesn’t buy Soo Hyuk’s guilt trip. Soo Hyuk tries to walk off but gets a ball thrown at his head. They call each other losers before engaging in a throwing battle.

Mi Mo is waiting with Tae Yong for Da Jung. Da Jung’s test results are fine, which brings a smile on Mi Mo’s face. Adventurous Tae Yong runs off to play.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 3.45.11 pmScreen Shot 2016-02-27 at 3.48.02 pm

The boys are still fighting in the arcade. More kids enter the area and are watching two grown men acting immature. A bunch of dads watch them and think they’re fighting over a girl. One dad believes if they get married, after three months, they’ll throw everything in the house. Mi Mo, Da Jung and Tae Yong coincidentally walks into the arcade and sees the two boys getting slaughtered by the kids’ water guns. The boys are getting soaked so Hae Joon covers his coat to protect Soo Hyuk, just like how Soo Hyuk did for Mi Mo.

The kids finally let them go. Hae Joon doesn’t want to complicate things for a third time. Soo Hyuk thought they only fought once. Hae Joon confesses he used to like Min Woo’s mother. Soo Hyuk is shocked but he chucks a ball at Hae Joon, calling him a ‘poor thing’. He agrees to not complicate things again. Hae Joon throws another ball at him. Mi Mo actually heard the entire conversation as she hid behind a wall. She finally lets out a smile.

Hae Joon is toweling off in his office as his ex gives him a file. She mentions that he was the talk of the day – a doctor fighting in a kid’s arcade. Her smile is adorable. She is curious of how he’ll deal with the attention, because he looks better than she imagined.

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Ae Ran hands a contract over to Dong Bae. He signs it without hesitation. Ae Ran is in disbelief. He says the contract is full of clichés, all of which he can handle. He thinks her reactions are cute before asking when she’s going back home.

Mi Mo waits for the elevator. Soo Hyuk joins her. They share eye contact. He maintains his flirty smile as he flicks off the water off his suit. She asks him if he saved someone from the sea again, even though he can’t swim. He says his clothes never stay clean because of ‘someone’. She wears a guilty face and Soo Hyuk teases her. She denies it because she didn’t ask him to do anything. He says he wants to do it because of her.

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Just as they’re about to open their doors, Soo Hyuk calls Mi Mo. He asks her to make food for him, it’s the least she can do. He got eggs, milk cartons and stones thrown at him, so he asks her again. She agrees.

Whipping up a few traditional dishes, highlighted by a beautiful egg roll, Mi Mo tells Soo Hyuk to eat up. Mi Mo mentions how Soo Hyuk resigned before he left and asks what are his plans. He teases that he won’t ask her for help. She’s worried for him because he also has Min Woo. He tells her that they should worry about their own lives

While they are drinking tea, Mi Mo finally asks why he didn’t tell her that he was leaving. She says he should’ve said goodbye to his neighbour. He says he came back by her side after going around in circles. She is flustered. He announces that he’ll get serious about work and his woman from now on. She remembers their drunken kiss and it makes her nervous. He snaps out of their moment as his phone rings. His hoobae asks him out.

Soo Hyuk changes his clothes and heads off. He looks at the doors, which reminds him of their drunken encounter. It brings a smile to his face.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.36.23 pm Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.36.38 pm

Soo Hyuk catches up with his hoobae at a street vendor. Hoobae thought he’d never come back. He complains about doing all the work during the month Soo Hyuk was gone. Joking about doing free labour, hoobae scores a lifetime worth of free drinks from Soo Hyuk. After a few shots, they share some mellow time. Soo Hyuk says he’s been stuck at age 21 for a long time. He made mistakes for being either too serious or lighthearted. Hoobae asks him what he’ll do now. He’s going to do both when he needs to. Hoobae reveals he did his mighty best to help and cheer up Mi Mo. Soo Hyuk cutely scratches his chin while praising him.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.37.49 pmScreen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.37.36 pm

Hae Joon is drinking beer with his ex at his place. She says she’s surprised with his recent actions. He admits he never knew he made her so lonely. After some reflecting, she is the one he feels most guilty about. Him noticing her feelings makes her heart soften.

Mi Mo isn’t asleep yet. She’s thinking about what Soo Hyuk said. Her heart can’t calm down so she takes a night stroll. She walks outside and through the parking lot. She spots a drunk Soo Hyuk on the back of his hoobae. Hoobae asks for his passcode and to stop calling him a good boy. A security guard joins her. He asks if she knew the hoobae. She does know Hyun Ki hoobae. He thought hoobae was a stalker because he had been tailing her until yesterday. She’s confused.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.48.14 pmScreen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.50.19 pm

Min Woo is having a formal lunch with his family. Soo Hyuk arrives late and is told to sit next to their young female friend. The girl, So Eun, addresses him as oppa. His mother invited her but he couldn’t care less. He tells Min Woo that the restaurant is expensive and to order a lot. His father wants him to get his life together but he wants two more months of freedom. His mother is disappointed in him for causing trouble in Korea and having a son. She quickly apologises to Min Woo but says it’s true he was an accident. Soo Hyuk says he is his mum’s son and Min Woo wittily replies he is also dad’s son. His mum warns him not to return to the US all depressed because it scares her each time. So Eun speaks up and tells her not to worry because she’ll be here for him. She wants to move into Mi Mo’s but he says the tenant won’t be leaving soon. His mother allows her to be thirsty as she thinks Min Woo needs a mother figure. Soo Hyuk remains his stance and doesn’t fall for their trap. He acts sassy about being thankful to the perfect So Eun but he doesn’t date girls out of appreciation.


Mi Mo catches up with Hyun Ki hoobae. He discloses that Soo Hyuk told him to do all those helpful things. He says he didn’t follow her because he liked her or else his wife would’ve killed him. He reveals Soo Hyuk was really torn and worried before he left so he wanted to get rid of all the antis.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 5.01.53 pmScreen Shot 2016-02-27 at 5.06.37 pm

She arrives outside of her apartment. Soo Hyuk is sitting on his seat. She sees him stroking her seat. He gets up but Mi Mo screams his name and ditches her silver heels at him. She tells him to not show his back to her. She’s scared of walking closer to him because of something happening if she runs to him. She wants him to walk the remaining distance. He stares at her with longing eyes. Her tears start to form, as she demands that he should come to her after making her wait for so long. He finally rushes towards her and slams his lips onto hers. They take a breather before Soo Hyuk initiates another chaste kiss.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 5.06.51 pmScreen Shot 2016-02-27 at 5.07.31 pm

Thoughts of mine:

It’s been 11 episodes since Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk’s first kiss. They’ve come a long way. Feelings are confirmed, complications are sorted and they’re physical barrier is closed. Our OTP is sailing, thanks to honest confessions and immense courage. Mi Mo finally realised how much she loves Soo Hyuk, especially when he was gone. Soo Hyuk stopped feeling guilty after his friend conceded. His flirtatious antics were simply irresistible.

The return of the bromance was nice. Hae Joon stayed true to his loyal self and took himself, albeit reluctantly, out of the game to bring his boy back. It was touching to see Hae Joon opening up his past feelings and current frustrations instead of bottling it up inside. Soo Hyuk is a friend you can never hate because he’ll always find a way to make you forgive and laugh again. I hope these boys continue to show their love.

The other men are taking major strides in winning their wives back. It’s a good change to see their genuine sides. Sure, they were assholes but they still care for their women and have the urge to redeem themselves. The only worry is Dong Mi’s boyfriend, because she is discouraged by his age and that might drift them apart. If he is serious about her, he needs to show it because she is very insecure about everything.

Brighter days are on the horizon as the end draws near. I’m excited to see how the characters get closer or further to a happy ending.

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