Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Ep 13

Plummeting ratings has not stopped the romances from blossoming in the thirteenth installment of One More Happy Ending.

In this episode, days seem brighter, coffee tastes sweeter and smiles stay longer for the main couples.

Episode 13 Recap:

Picking up where the previous episode left off, Mi Mo finds Soo Hyuk. She can’t walk any closer to him. She wants him to take the remaining steps. He lunges forward for a kiss.

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Mi Mo’s feet are killing her. Soo Hyuk kindly massages them. With watery eyes, he reminds her that he told her not to wear heels. She never listens. He mesmerizes her. He freezes as she places her palm on his head. All they can do is lovingly smile at each other.

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As they walk upstairs, Soo Hyuk’s fingers get itchy. He fails in trying to hold Mi Mo’s hand. She awkwardly says she’ll go in first. He faces her and asks for a peck. She doesn’t respond so he asks about her dog, Ppopo. Her dog is well and often watches English films. He says he missed her and Ppopo and asks if he can see the dog. He can’t control his hormones and tries to draw closer, tempting her for more kissing. Just as he is about to kiss her, she flicks him onto the ground because Min Woo is back.

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Min Woo greets Mi Mo. Soo Hyuk says Min Woo gained his sense for good timing. Min Woo is suspicious but goes inside. Soo Hyuk compliments his son for getting a cool haircut. As Min Woo closes the door, he bitterly recalls the time when he saw Mi Mo and Hae Joon together. Meanwhile, Mi Mo is worried about Min Woo. Soo Hyuk comforts her, saying his son is just tired and he’ll take care of him. He gives her a forehead kiss. She tells him to visit her dreams and to never go away. He says he’ll hold her tight so she can’t escape. Soo Hyuk opens his door; only to spot a post-it note from Mi Mo. He’s happy to know she waited for his return.

Next morning, the father and son have breakfast. Soo Hyuk informs Min Woo that he’s thinking of dating the ahjumma next door. Min Woo smiles. Although he is a bit confused, he is happy to see his dad smile. He takes off for school.

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Mi Mo exits her apartment and notices post-it notes stuck onto her door. They’re cute notes from Soo Hyuk, asking her to go on dates and showering her with compliments. She’s ecstatic to find one note, which says he is waiting for her. In the car park, Soo Hyuk comes out from a corner to surprise Mi Mo. He wants to take her to somewhere important. They’re so adorable.

The important place is a coffee stop. Soo Hyuk wants to share an American style coffee with Mi Mo. He tells her the world is better with her in it. She gives him a toothy grin. He’s scared of taking too much of her time but she insists it’s perfectly fine. Showing off his skills, he takes out a lunch set that he prepared for her. She is super happy. He says the person who loves more ends up winning. He invites her over for dinner. She thinks he is a wife. He coolly shrugs his shoulders while asking if she wants him to only wear an apron. He tells her to make lots of money before coming home to soybean paste stew.

Soo Hyuk is in a job interview. He shows his photography to the employer. The employer questions why he quit his job. He explains he didn’t want to take hurtful photos anymore. He wants to take happy ones. The employer likes his response and agrees to work with him.

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Mi Mo giddily takes out her lunch, which includes fried rice with a pea-shaped goldfish. Mi Mo quickly hides it as Da Jung enters the room. Da Jung shows Mi Mo the invitation to a couples’ camp that her husband gave her. Mi Mo is surprised. Da Jung says the camp isn’t her style. Mi Mo tells Da Jung to go because her husband also isn’t interested, but wants to make up with her. Mi Mo feels sorry for him. Da Jung isn’t convinced. Changing the topic, Mi Mo asks her what reporters’ do after they quit. Da Jung asks if it’s Soo Hyuk. Mi Mo confesses he lost his job because of her. Da Jung says there are plenty of options.

Dong Mi finishes her classes and bids her students goodbye. Suddenly, she spots Jung Woo waiting for her. She tries to avoid him but he finds a way. He wants to know why she is ignoring him. She has her reasons. He asks if it’s because of their age gap. Just behind them, her colleagues bicker on about her younger boyfriend. She warns him to not fool her into buying products. He scoffs; he isn’t a jerk like her ex. She asks why he’s doing this to her. He frustratingly confesses its because he likes her and no one in Korea can be as cute as her at 31. He holds onto her before leaning in for a kiss. Everyone around them, students and security included are shocked at the scene. He pulls away as her jaw drops.

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It is almost home time for Mi Mo. She hands some documents to her assistant. However she stays late, just to work on a power point featuring potential jobs and university options for Soo Hyuk.

Hae Joon and his ex are drinking coffee on their break. She comments on how long it’s been since Hae Joon sat with her without his guard on. He had no clue. She reveals she hated him for not treating her like someone important. He asks if she hates him now. She says the hateful feeling has changed into a something new and she’ll tell him in time. A sudden young voice says, “I think I know what it is.” It’s our favourite student; Yeon Mi. Yeon Mi disrupts the divorcees, telling the ex to state the obvious. Hae Joon tries to stop her. Yeon Mi is annoyed by his lack of care for her, even after she told her dad about him. Hae Joon says she has plenty of energy so he isn’t worried. Yeon Mi complains about going back to his ex-wife after all that’s happened. The ex stands up and addresses Yeon Mi as ‘18’. Yeon Mi says she has a name for her to call. Ex-wife says her name is Woo Yeon Soo. Hae Joon sighs at his two women and skulls his coffee.

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Dong Mi is on Cloud Nine while Ae Ran does some facial treatment. Ae Ran isn’t amused at Dong Mi’s latest romance. Dong Mi believes her boy is 10 out of 10 and says a nine-year age gap is nothing compared to Hollywood couples. Ae Ran sarcastically reminds her those women are famous stars. Dong Mi imagines her interviewing Jung Woo for a job. She asks questions about what he owns – he doesn’t own a house, a car or a job. He is a hot guy with nothing but youth, so Dong Mi needs to fill the gaps when she dates him. Her heart sinks.

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Soo Hyuk’s sister Si Ah visits him. He tells her to stop setting him up with So Eun, the dongsaeng he grew up with. It’s out of her control. He just doesn’t want to hurt So Eun. She tells him to open his arms to So Eun. He doesn’t open up to just anyone and asks her to talk to So Eun. She leaves his place and sees Mi Mo ringing his doorbell.

Mi Mo sits on the couch with Soo Hyuk. He tells her Min Woo is at a party and will come home late. He suggests that he can ask him to stay out so they can spend more time together. She laughs at his cheesiness, reminding him he’s in Korea and not the States. She opens her laptop and he naughtily asks what they’re going to watch. He just loves teasing her. She shows him her power point. He only pays attention to her before asking her to look after him. He can lock up her office and do something passionate at night. She cutely blocks her ears. He wants to passionately wash dishes. She continues with her presentation but he says its torture to look at her. He announces he’s going to do it in three seconds. She slaps his head onto the table. He complains he could’ve gotten hurt. He was just going to kiss her and starts questioning if they can only go to that point. She’s decided to take it slow and leaves him with her laptop. He happily reads her power point.

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At Da Jung’s house, her husband is cooking breakfast. She wonders if he quit his job. He says businessmen never quit before sitting her down. She finally takes a sip of juice but accidentally spills it. He quickly goes to her side and tries to wipe it off her chest. They share an awkward exchange. She uses the chance to change and escape breakfast.

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Walking out, she notices breakfast remains untouched. She overhears her husband talking loudly to his dad about taking a month off. He tells his dad he and Da Jung need more time. She realises how much he’s sacrificed for her.

Da Jung opens her couple tees at work. Meanwhile, Mi Mo is cheerfully feeding the goldfish. The assistant warns her not to feed fish too much and calls her weird.

Mi Mo’s latest client complains about his partner only calling him three times a day. He is extremely picky about the girl’s profession and qualifications too, giving Mi Mo a hard time.

Hae Joon’s ex Yeon Soo is walking around the hospital. She sees Hae Joon talking to a patient. She then visits his office. Addressing Hae Joon as Dr. Koo, it startles him. She asks him to conduct a joint treatment for her. Apparently she’s suffering from a drop in brain capacity because of him. The symptoms recurred two months ago, symptoms of lingering affections. He wears a blank expression. She asks for a prescription. He says surgery would be better so she won’t suffer less. She accepts his subtle rejection and leaves.

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Dong Mi is dressed like a 17-year-old. Ae Ran is baffled. She wants to stomp on the younger girls.

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Dong Mi does exactly that while at a group date with Jung Woo’s friends. All the girls are judging her hard as Jung Woo feeds her. One girl asks if Dong Mi is 31. Dong Mi nods as the girl asks if she’ll look like her in 10 years. Jung Woo comments if the girl looks after her looks, she’ll stay cute like Dong Mi. Everyone is disgusted. He reveals it’s the first time he met someone so cute that he wants to bite her.

The group continues the party at karaoke. The two 21-year-olds cover G-Friend and Twice’s songs. Jung Woo isn’t as excited like his friends. It is Dong Mi’s turn and she picks Fin.KL’s Dear My Boyfriend. Jung Woo loves her adorableness.

She gets home and falls onto her bed. Ae Ran thinks it was unnecessary. Dong Mi wants encouragement not criticism. Ae Ran says she is against their relationship. Dong Mi questions if Ae Ran packed her bags yet and tells her to go home to Dong Bae. Ae Ran sulks that she is packing and storms out.

Ae Ran goes into her room and whines; Dong Mi better not come to her crying again. She receives a text from her employee, showing a photo of Dong Bae drinking with other girls. Furious, she goes to find him at the restaurant. The table is full of girls, except for Dong Bae and two male colleagues at the end. Ae Ran pulls the good wife card to impress his colleagues. Dong Bae asks how she knew he was here. She avoids answering and asks why there are so many women in his department. Not many men would work in the beauty product company.

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It’s late at night and Mi Mo locks up her office. As she is punching in the keys, Soo Hyuk creeps up behind her. He wasn’t joking about coming to lock up for her. He asks if she ate dinner yet. She has and ate a lot. He pinches her plump cheeks.

As they’re walking home, Mi Mo asks Soo Hyuk if it’s a turn off when a girl contacts him too often. He doesn’t really like it but she is the exception. She says she’s going to call him 100 times a day. He will pick up. She hopes he doesn’t disappear from her. If he wants to break up with her, she begs him not to do it through a text. He says she shouldn’t be thinking about breaking up and puts his arm around her. At that moment, a young voice calls him ‘oppa’. It’s So Eun and Min Woo. The ladies send death stares at each other.

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In the elevator, it’s quite intense. Soo Hyuk looks at the roof, Mi Mo tries to avoid So Eun’s glare and Min Woo lets out a sigh. Soo Hyuk places his hand onto Mi Mo’s shoulder and pulls her closer. Mi Mo loves how he is putting So Eun in her rightful place. Min Woo cutely smiles.

They exit the elevator and Soo Hyuk asks for his groceries. So Eun thinks the way he treats her is unfair. She threatens him that she’ll tell her mum about him mistreating her. He freezes a bit. She says she is cooking for Min Woo and not him. Min Woo lets her inside. Mi Mo’s eyes ask Soo Hyuk for an explanation but he just shrugs it off.

So Eun interrogates Min Woo about Mi Mo. He says she’s the ahjumma who lives next door and how he doesn’t know what’s going on. She thinks it was immature of Mi Mo to stare at her. Soo Hyuk comes home and questions why she had to move into their building. She had a plan in mind. He’s scared of her living upstairs. Soo Hyuk whispers to his son, asking what So Eun is talking about and he doesn’t know.

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Mi Mo wanders around the room. She is going crazy as she opens the fridge and takes out some vegetables. She decides to go next door to cook for the hungry Min Woo. The ladies battle it out in a cook-off. The boys watch on in amusement. Mi Mo can see So Eun struggling so she gives her a ‘bitch please’ look. They start having fun fighting for ingredients.

Dinner is served and the ladies anticipate the boys’ comments. Min Woo tastes Mi Mo’s dish first. He says it’s a healthy dish that isn’t crave-worthy. He loves So Eun’s tasty dish. Mi Mo feels defeated.

At Da Jung’s house, she puts Tae Yong to sleep. She tenderly strokes her little baby. Stepping out of his room, she joins her husband on the couch. She hands his invitation to him and says she wants to go despite not knowing the details. He brightly smiles. But she wants him to work. He says one month for her is nothing and he’ll do as he pleases.

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Dong Bae arrives at Dong Mi’s to take Ae Ran home. The girls share a hug. Dong Mi tells her not to come running to her after a fight. Ae Ran can’t guarantee that they won’t fight and says she only has Dong Mi to go to. Dong Mi screams: “Just live a happy marriage!” Dong Bae tells her not to worry because they’ll live well together. Dong Mi gives her trust to Dong Bae. She sends the couple off.

Mi Mo can’t believe she lost. She knocks on her neighbours’ door again to find Min Woo. Min Woo opens up and she asks him what her dish was lacking. He puts his hand on his mouth and thinks ‘hard’ about it. He concludes; she should’ve used fresh ingredients. She hears Soo Hyuk vomiting. He tells her his dad ate all her food and now has an upset stomach. She runs in to check on him.

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Soo Hyuk lies gingerly in bed as Mi Mo brings him medicine. He has a very sensitive stomach. She feels terribly bad. He falls back to sleep.

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Mi Mo finds herself cooking porridge for Soo Hyuk. He watches her from his room. She returns to his room and checks his temperature. He’s unemployed and sick because of her. However, he isn’t depressed because he has her. He’s forgotten about this feeling of getting taken care of. He asks her if she can come closer. She acts clueless so Soo Hyuk touches the spot next to him. She tugs herself into his arms. They fall asleep together.

The sunrise shines through Soo Hyuk’s room; waking Mi Mo. Soo Hyuk was up before her and had been watching her sleep. He wants to remember this moment forever. She smiles. He gives her a morning forehead kiss.

Mi Mo and Da Jung have tea at work. Da Jung comments on how she’s happy to see Mi Mo in good sprits instead of crying so badly a few months ago. Mi Mo wants to be more affectionate but she’s scared of bad things occurring. Da Jung believes Mi Mo really loves Soo Hyuk because before she’d be very rational. Da Jung asks if Min Woo is mature or not. She thinks it’s difficult to raise someone else’s son. The issue worries Mi Mo.

An almost perfect client comes to see Mi Mo. It’s Hae Joon’s ex, Yeon Soo. Mi Mo stands up in shock. Yeon Soo requests for a nice man, someone who’s better than Hae Joon.

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Da Jung and her husband arrive at the couples’ camp in their couple tees. The other couples are staring at them because they’re the only ones wearing matching clothes. She regrets wearing them. Her husband tells her not to make friends with others and just focus on them. Da Jung says, “We’ll be lucky if we don’t get kicked out.” The camp commences with sexy music and a presentation that shows couples kissing. The host appears and is way too excited.

The next day, Mi Mo is driving Dong Mi and Da Jung. The girls are amused at the couples’ camp Da Jung went to. Da Jung shows Dong Mi a sticker chart that she needs to fill up whenever her husband is good to her. Tae Yong did this thing in kindergarten and she’s doing it now. Mi Mo says love is childish yet special.

Ae Ran is hosting a housewarming party. The girls arrive and are disappointed with Ae Ran’s efforts. She ordered pizza and chicken without putting it on another plate. Dong Mi thinks Ae Ran will never cook at home.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.21.18 pmScreen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.21.10 pm

They’re munching on almonds and drinking tea after dinner. Dong Mi picks up Ae Ran’s wedding photo, saying she wants to take wedding photos too. Ae Ran tells Dong Mi that she needs to break up with her nine-years-junior boyfriend first. It’s the first time Da Jung and Mi Mo heard about it. Ae Ran says Dong Mi hasn’t told her boyfriend her real age yet (she is actually 34 not 31). Dong Mi says she’s serious enough to marry him. Mi Mo teases her about being the next Dong Mi Moore. Mi Mo still hasn’t thrown her wedding photo out but she believes she should soon.

Mi Mo ends up burning the photo outside her apartment. Her eyes tear up a bit.

Mi Mo’s ex husband Seung Jae meets up with his fiancée. They seem happy.

Back to Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk suddenly joins her. He asks why she was playing with fire. She says she cleaned up the mess she kept for five years. He tells her not to burn things at night because it isn’t safe. He compliments on how sexy his goldfish looks at night and grabs onto her. She corrects him by saying her body originally has a different charms for different angles. He cutely warns her not to get him too excited. They go back upstairs.

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In the elevator, the couple is really hyper until the lights blackout. The elevator is malfunctioning. As Soo Hyuk calls for help, Mi Mo is shaking in the corner. She’s frightened so he walks over to her. He places his hand on her cheek and asks if she’s really okay. She nods but is obviously scared. Help still hasn’t arrived so they sit and wait. He envelops her into his arms to calm her nerves. She’s about to cry. He continues to comfort her.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.40.06 pm Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.42.43 pm

Min Woo arrives home but he can’t take the elevator, as both of them are out of order. So Eun also arrives. He wants to take the stairs but she’s wearing heels. They end up going to the guard for help.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.45.13 pm Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.44.28 pm

Walking into the CCTV room, the guard says he shouldn’t ruin the mood. They all look on the screen and they see Soo Hyuk hugging Mi Mo. So Eun screams at the guard to fix it immediately. They remind the guard of him and his wife. He finally goes to fix it after 10 minutes.

Soo Hyuk is still comforting Mi Mo before the lights flicker back on. They both laugh at how scared Mi Mo got.

The next day, Soo Hyuk is waiting at a restaurant. He gets a call from Mi Mo and uses his lips to answer. Mi Mo asks if his sister arrived yet. She hasn’t. Mi Mo is at the same hotel for another event so Soo Hyuk says they should go home together. Hanging up the call, Mi Mo walks off. But as she’s walking she brushes past Jung Hoon and his fiancée without noticing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.52.57 pmScreen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.53.46 pm

It turns out Seung Jae’s fiancée is actually Soo Hyuk’s sister, which is why Mi Mo thought she looked familiar. Soo Hyuk tells Seung Jae not to make his sister cry. Seung jae assures he won’t have to show him his fighting skills.

Mi Mo and her assistant visited the hotel to check out if it’s suitable for Brave Wedding’s next event. The assistant leaves first as Mi Mo goes to find Soo Hyuk. Mi Mo enters the restaurant and she can’t believe her eyes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.59.04 pm

Thoughts of mine:

Love is back in the air and the characters are genuinely happy. I could fan-girl for hours over Soo Hyuk’s snazzy, American style of flirting but I have to talk about Da Jung and her husband. They were the most miserable couple since the start but they are finally on better terms and are giving their marriage another red-hot go. All of the hubby’s efforts paid off when Da Jung agreed to go to the camp together while wearing those hideous couple tees. Most importantly, their smiles are no longer reserved for their son. They actually smile at each other rather than cry or frown. I hope this couple keeps on patching up the wounds not only for Tae Yong’s sake but also for their own too.

I was slow to realise that Soo Hyuk’s sister is actually Mi Mo’s ex-husband’s fiancée. She acted so differently when she was with Seung Jae. I thought it was two different people. I’m glad she’s got a good sister side to her because she seemed like a bitch at first. It will be interesting to see how the last scene unfolds. Will Soo Hyuk disapprove of Seung Jae? Or will it affect Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk’s relationship? I predict it’s neither of the two because Seung Jae and Mi Mo’s marriage was in the past. Soo Hyuk seems like a soft older brother who won’t stop his sister from doing anything. Mi Mo was pretty startled to see Seung Jae but she’s destroyed their marriage photo so his relationship probably won’t affect hers with Soo Hyuk.

Love-lines and conflicts are starting to settle in preparation for the final stretch. But it’s too early to tell if there would be any cliffhangers coming up. I’ll still enjoy the ride regardless of what happens.

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