Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Ep 14

There are hurdles in every relationship and the time has arrived for the characters to face them in episode 14 of One More Happy Ending.

As Mi Mo and Dong Mi confront their relationship issues, Da Jung and Ae Ran safely jump over their hurdles.

Episode 14 Recap:

Soo Hyuk drinks tea with Si Ah and Seung Jae. Soo Hyuk asks Si Ah if she’s returning to the US. They’re going to get married in Korea and live in the US. Si Ah still feels bad about the way Soo Hyuk treated So Eun.

Mi Mo and her assistant are discussing about whether to rent out the hotel for their next function. The prices have risen so they want to compare with others. Mi Mo leaves to meet Soo Hyuk.

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She visits the bathroom to reapply her lipstick. Si Ah suddenly joins her. The ladies don’t speak but Mi Mo remembers her as Seung Jae’s fiancée, Song Si Ah. Si Ah recalls the time when she met Mi Mo in a car park. Si Ah asks if Mi Mo is from Brave Wedding. They share an awkward exchange before Si Ah walks out.

As Mi Mo walks around the hotel, she stumbles across Si Ah and Seung Jae. Mi Mo tries to act cool. Seung Jae says it’s been a while since they met. Si Ah questions if he knows Mi Mo. Seung Jae fails to reply, leading Mi Mo to say they are friends. Mi Mo says they weren’t close in college and that’s why he isn’t smiling. Si Ah is pretty calm unlike Seung Jae. Mi Mo tells them she is meeting her boyfriend. They part ways.

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Arriving at the restaurant, Mi Mo spots Soo Hyuk sitting amongst an array of roses. He organised a romantic event for her. She is blown away. He says he is quite amazing. The couple is enjoying lunch. He suddenly takes out a box with a pretty necklace inside. She smiles brightly. The necklace represents the time when he dived into the sea to find her old necklace. That incident brought them together.

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Hae Joon’s ex, Yeon Soo, is waiting for someone at a restaurant. She’s elegantly dressed for her date. During her previous appointment with Mi Mo, she said her ideal type is the exact opposite of Hae Joon. It was hard for Mi Mo to understand because the Hae Joon she knew had a warm heart.

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Hae Joon is in a males’ bathroom. Some guy comes in. The guy is talking on the phone about meeting a pretty doctor who is ideal for business. Hae Joon becomes bitter. He goes to meet his friend. However he notices Yeon Soo, who’s on a date with the guy from the bathroom.

Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo are getting drunk from wine. Mi Mo says she hears random voices. Soo Hyuk hilariously puts his ear on a bottle. She says the voices only speak to people they like. They say that Soo Hyuk is really cute. Soo Hyuk drinks the rest of the wine like it’s water.

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The couple roams around the streets, acting as if they’re children. Mi Mo stops at a designer shop, begging Soo Hyuk to buy her a bag. He can’t buy her one because he is her handbag. She loads more cuteness onto him. He ultimately agrees to buy her 100 bags. They walk in and he lets her choose as much as she wants.

Next morning, Mi Mo has a hangover. She struggles to wake up. Da Jung calls and tells her to quickly go to work. She turns around and spots a pile of branded handbags. Underneath it all is Soo Hyuk. They’re both shocked. The bags came from last night’s spree, where he bought two rows worth of bags. He has no memory of buying them. She vaguely remembers. She wants to try refunding but he asks if she wants to keep them.

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They end up going to the shop with all the bags. Mi Mo only wants to keep one bag and refund the rest. Soo Hyuk also tries to act pitiful. The saleswoman reluctantly gives their money back. Mi Mo questions how Soo Hyuk’s card could accept such a big transaction. He says he should consider capping it. They start blaming each other for getting drunk again and it makes the saleswoman pissed. The saleswoman advises them to go straight home whenever they get drunk instead of burdening others.

Soo Hyuk arrives at home. Min Woo doesn’t have school because it’s the school’s anniversary date. Soo Hyuk asks if he wants to cook with him. Min Woo rejects his offer as he is going to his friend’s house. His dad’s got someone else to hang out with now.

Min Woo steps out, only to bump into Mi Mo. She tries to get more comfortable with him so she asks him to walk with her. He accepts as she puts her arm around him. They’re pretty awkward in the elevator. She glances at him but she’s got nothing to say. Arriving on ground floor, he turns around and seriously tells her not to hurt his dad before leaving.

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At Brave Wedding, Mi Mo is still thinking about Min Woo’s words. Da Jung brings a wedding invitation to her. It’s a couple made up of completely opposite people. They hold different opinions of the couple. Mi Mo asks Da Jung about how the couples’ camp is going. Da Jung reveals nothing major has happened. But yesterday, they shared a 10-minute long ‘no-talk-just-stare’ session. Flashing back to yesterday, Da Jung and her husband were directed to stare lovingly at each other, letting the angry emotions go. They did exactly that.

Da Jung smiles before asking why Mi Mo keeps on staring seriously at the goldfish. Mi Mo confesses many unexpected things have happened since she started dating Soo Hyuk. Mi Mo thinks Min Woo, who used to like her, isn’t very fond of her now. Da Jung warns her to prepare herself for the worse since all the Angels had bad experiences with serious relationships. A single father and single divorcee relationship won’t be easy. Mi Mo complains about Da Jung scaring her off.

In Mi Mo’s office, she is daydreaming about remarriage. She thinks remarriage is like a merger between two companies. It involves a contract, agreement and feisty in-laws.

Mi Mo visits Soo Hyuk. His sisters are coming over. The doorbell rings and they both go to open it. He has five older sisters and four younger sisters. He wants her to remember all their names and faces.

The couple and nine sisters dine together. Soo Hyuk is taking good care of Mi Mo, which makes his sisters jealous. The oldest sister’s appetite disappears because of the way Mi Mo is eating. Soo Hyuk slams his fist on the table. He threatens them that if they continue to bother Mi Mo, he’ll run away to the States with her. He says, “I’ll protect you!”

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Mi Mo narrates; having a man who protects her from angry siblings is great. However, his son is a whole new obstacle. She finally snaps out of her imaginations.

At Dong Mi’s house, she cooked up a storm for Jung Woo. She wants to energize him to ace the university entrance exam. He asks what she has on today. Her friend is coming over with her baby. “Babies are cute,” he says. She becomes excited. Her friend got married and had a baby straight after. She casually asks when he will get married. While he’s munching on food, he replies he thinks he’ll get married five years after finding his first job. He asks if she’ll continue to pack lunches for him until then. As a cute bribery, he promises to treat her like a princess after they get married. She is concerned.

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Dong Mi’s friend pops by with her newborn. Her friend advises her to get married soon but doesn’t think Jung Woo is the one.

At Mi Mo’s place, Mi Mo organised a little candlelit dinner with no alcohol involved. She wants to be more romantic. Soo Hyuk is touched. She cooked for him to make up for the lunch he made her last time. All the ingredients are fresh this time round. He digs his fork into the cake and is delighted.

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It’s teatime. Mi Mo thinks the feeling is incomplete without alcohol. Soo Hyuk says looking at her under a dim light while he is sober is more dangerous. She is a bit embarrassed. He starts seducing her by complimenting how pretty her features are, especially those gorgeous lips. She says guys can’t resist her lips. He thinks it’s impolite if he doesn’t kiss them so he leans forward. They pause because of her dog that is a ‘minor’. He suggests they should move to her room. She cheekily smiles at him as he picks her up bridal style.

They lay on her bed and Soo Hyuk starts caressing Mi Mo’s face. He slowly moves in to kiss her. Meanwhile, the dog intelligently presses the remote to turn on the TV. The poor dog is lonely.

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Next morning, Soo Hyuk is awake before Mi Mo. He watches her sleep. She wakes up from his touch. He says he wants to treasure every little moment they share.

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Dong Bae prepared breakfast for Ae Ran but she’s running late. He convinces her to eat first, as he’ll drive her to work. She’s impressed by his tasty food. He also prepared a lunch box for her, which has her favourite California nuts. She finally strikes a smile but questions if he used the same tactic to seduce other girls. He doesn’t give his female colleagues any nuts as he let’s them starve. He won’t let her starve because she’s his woman. She loves it and asks for a ride to work.

Dong Mi is at school. The little girl she met came to drop off some papers. Dong Mi asks the girl about her boyfriend. Unfortunately, they broke up. The girl doesn’t seem too sad because she’s moved onto a fifth grade oppa. But she is thinking of breaking up with him to focus on studying. She says that guys are all the same no matter if they’re aged 8 or 12. Dong Mi takes it to heart. The girl asks if Dong Mi is still dating her young boyfriend. Dong Mi responds, “I am still dating him but I also have many worries.” The girl thinks Dong Mi should settle down. Dong Mi asks what she wants to be and she replies “A teacher.”

Yeon Soo is asking Hae Joon what kind of guy is okay for her. Hae Joon wonders why she isn’t dating the guy from the restaurant. She thinks he was all right. He asks why she is looking at other guys. It’s because she is going to meet many other people. He thinks it’s dangerous for her but a dangerous relationship is exactly what she wants. She has wasted too much time and now its time to for redemption. He warns that she’ll get hurt. She is prepared because she is sure the guy won’t hurt her as much as he did.

At the couples’ camp, Da Jung’s husband is busy talking on the phone about work. Da Jung overhears him. He just wants to spend his month off peacefully because he loves it so far. He gets off the phone as she walks down the stairs. He hops over to her with a latte. He lamely hands her the wrong one and jokes about it.

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The host explains the next activity – an ‘I see’ game. The couples have to express what they don’t like about their partner and sympathize. Love will come back if they don’t get angry. Da Jung confesses that she’s sorry for only worrying about her health and ignoring her husband’s continuous efforts. His eyes become teary as he says, “I see.” Da Jung admits that he has always been a kind man but as misunderstandings rose, they became distant. She was really upset and hated him. She apologises and thanks him for trying. He pulls her in for a hug.

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Mi Mo is shopping for treats with her dog. Suddenly, Seung Jae enters the same shop. He tries to pat Ppoppo but Mi Mo doesn’t let him. She says they’ve been running into each other often and dislikes it. He doesn’t like it either. She asks if his wife doesn’t have allergies anymore since he’s in a place with fur. He admits he lied. His wife isn’t allergic, it’s just he couldn’t keep the dog. She compares his ‘getting rid of a dog’ excuse to a child. He challenges to see how she’ll deal with it. She has confidence because she loves differently to how he does. He can’t handle her.

Mi Mo and Ppoppo arrive home. Min Woo steps out of his apartment so Mi Mo happily greets him. She asks him where he is going. He just says ‘somewhere’. She confesses that she has been sad lately because he doesn’t joke or smile with her like before. He is reactionless. She lets him go and he walks off.

It’s late at night and Mi Mo is still worried about Min Woo. She falls asleep and dreams about Soo Hyuk. They are in the corridor and Soo Hyuk is holding the big, legendary yellow ring. She says his son isn’t happy about them. He’ll try to convince Min Woo.

Meanwhile, Min Woo tries coming up with ideas to stop them getting married. He sends Mi Mo a wooden plaque with ‘virtuous woman’ engraved onto it. Mi Mo dated eight men since her divorce so she demands for them to take it away.

Coming out of Mi Mo’s dreams, Min Woo takes the elevator. Mi Mo leaves at the exact time again. If people can’t marry their Prince Charming on the first go, they hope they can raise their second husband’s kids well.

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Mi Mo follows Min Woo to the cemetery. Min Woo visits his mum and sticks his flowers onto her cabinet. He begins to cry. Mi Mo joins him. He says it’s his mum who he never got to call. He wanted his dad to find a woman but it meant that he’d get a new mum. He feels sorry to his mum if he calls someone else that. She wraps her arm around him. She comforts him, saying his mum probably knew he’d always call her mum. He asks her to never hurt his dad. This is the second time he’s asked her. She says it’s impossible not to get hurt in a relationship. She promises to make his dad smile at least once a day. They share a pinky promise.

Things brighten up as Mi Mo takes Min Woo out for pizza. He is a smiley boy again. It makes her happy.

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Si Ah visits Soo Hyuk. She asks what they’re going to do for Min Woo’s birthday and suggests they should eat dinner with Seung Jae. He says make it four people because he wants to introduce her to someone.

At Mi Mo’s, she is showing Soo Hyuk the sticker charts that Da Jung has. She vows to make him smile at least once a day. She wants a sticker each time. He asks for a chart too. She thinks he is a little cheesy. He gives her a sticker for buying the charts but she doesn’t give him one. Just to receive a sticker, he stands up and performs a confession song for her.

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Da Jung is having dinner with her husband and son. They were both given homework by the host. They have to say ‘I love you’ to each other three times a day. The clock is ticking. Tae Yong finishes his dinner and wants to go to bed. Da Jung goes to tuck him into bed.

Dong Mi is sitting alone in her room with the lights off. She can’t stop thinking about Jung Woo’s future plans. Letting her doubts get to her, she decides to write a letter to him. She struggles with writing the first line.

Da Jung and her husband are beating around the bush. They nervously wait in separate rooms. No one has said it yet. Da Jung washes the dishes. Her husband creeps up behind her to give her a back hug. As she freezes, he whispers, “I love you.” He tells her again when she steps out of the shower.

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Da Jung finally walks into her husband’s room. She mutters, “I love you” three times and walks out. He is disappointed. She can’t control her butterflies.

Yeon Soo is on another date. The guy isn’t very neat. She says he looks different compared to his photo. It’s thanks to Photoshop. He laughs at her not looking 100% like her photo. He believes they’d be the perfect couple as a lawyer and doctor. She suddenly recalls the time when she approached Hae Joon during med school. She told him that they were the best looking individuals in their department and would make the perfect couple.

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After the date, Yeon Soo stops by Hae Joon’s office. He senses that her date didn’t go well. She feels scammed and wants to talk to Mi Mo. She wanted a guy 100 times better than Hae Joon, but the guys she saw didn’t come close. He agrees that it’s difficult to find one.

Soo Hyuk and Min Woo are sharing an ice cream. Soo Hyuk asks if Min Woo wants anything for his birthday, which is tomorrow. He doesn’t want anything because his dad worked so hard to raise him. He says dad deserves a gift. Soo Hyuk thanks him for being a good son. Soo Hyuk tells Min Woo he loves him but it creeps Min Woo out. Soo Hyuk keeps on saying it and they laugh together.

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Soo Hyuk goes over to Mi Mo’s to invite her to Min Woo’s birthday dinner. Mi Mo blames him for not telling her sooner as she doesn’t have time to get Min Woo a present. He jokes that Min Woo likes expensive things. He wants to introduce her to a girl Min Woo likes. She’s surprised. The girl’s man would also be there.

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Before the party, Mi Mo stops by a camping store. She scans the racks for a nice jacket. Suddenly a hand grabs hold of the same jacket. It’s Seung Jae. They fight for it. The one they’re holding is the last one. She thinks a man should let go gently. He doesn’t agree. But she says she used to all the time. They continue to argue. The saleswoman ends up finding another jacket, so they both buy it. As they walk out, she insists they should never meet again. He feels the same.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 3.43.55 pmScreen Shot 2016-03-05 at 3.44.01 pm

Seung Jae and Mi Mo arrive at the same hotel at once. They’re shocked to see each other again. Bumping their way to the restaurant, they see Min Woo who greets them both. Soo Hyuk, Min Woo and Si Ah wave at the two. Realisation hits Seung Jae and Mi Mo hard.

Thoughts of mine:

How long did it take Seung Jae and Mi Mo to realise that they were dating two siblings? I thought Mi Mo would’ve sensed something when she saw Si Ah with Seung Jae. However, even though the parties involved have formally faced each other, things are not likely to change. Mi Mo might keep quiet about Seung Jae’s negatives because she is the better person. Seung Jae probably won’t do any damage to her relationship either.

Min Woo is a precious child. I don’t blame him for giving Mi Mo the cold shoulder. It’s totally natural to feel sorry towards his mother. He used to be very open to his dad dating again. But he has grown more mature once his dad actually found a woman. I am glad he allowed Mi Mo to visit his mother. It was necessary for both character and plot development. Cheerful and cute Min Woo is back and hopefully here to stay.

Dong Mi is starting to think real hard about whether she is serious with Jung Woo. The nine year age gap is a big mountain to climb. Jung Woo has her in his future but he needs to get his life sorted soon. Dong Mi feels a five year wait until marriage and kids is too long. For the sake of the drama, I hope things work out between them because they are just too sweet together.

There is one week left and we’re in for a joyride to the finish line.



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