Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Ep 15

Bottling up a ton of worries has taken its toll emotionally on the cupids of  One More Happy Ending.

This episode proves that communication is key in relationships.

Episode 15 Recap:

In Mi Mo’s imagination, she is out in the wilderness. She keeps on screaming: “How are you?” She is trying to squeeze tears out of her eyes but fails. Someone has left her for five years.

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Suddenly, a delivery man approaches her. He hands her a letter from her ex-husband. She wonders how he knew. It’s because ‘To ex-wife, from ex-husband’ is written in bold on the envelope. Inside the envelope is a wedding invitation to Seung Jae and Si Ah’s wedding. Mi Mo thinks Seung Jae must’ve heard her screams for him. She grumbles: “Why does it have to be her?” She destroys the invitation with her boots.

Back to the present, the exes are walking into the same restaurant. Mi Mo tells Seung Jae to keep a distance from her or else she’ll loose her appetite. The food won’t taste sweet for Seung Jae either. They both wave at Soo Hyuk, Min Woo and Si Ah. The coincidence strikes them hard.

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Si Ah remembers Mi Mo, so Soo Hyuk asks if she knows Mi Mo. Si Ah says she kind of knows Mi Mo but their relationship is complicated. Mi Mo and Seung Jae join them.

Si Ah is the first to speak. She mentions she has fate with Mi Mo. Soo Hyuk asks Mi Mo what they’re talking about. Si Ah reveals that Mi Mo and Seung Jae are ‘not-close university classmates’. Soo Hyuk wonders what happened between them to act so coldly. Mi Mo drops her glass and accuses Seung Jae of being Seul Ah’s fan. Seung Jae is baffled. Mi Mo says he used to send hate mail to her. Soo Hyuk slams his spoon on the table before Mi Mo calms him down. Si Ah asks Seung Jae if he is a Seul Ah fan. Seung Jae claims he was but he didn’t send anything to Mi Mo. He disliked going to the same Uni as her. Soo Hyuk defends his girlfriend by saying Seul Ah is a more hateful person in real life. Soo Hyuk says it must be hard for Mi Mo to receive hate from such a big guy. She plays along. Si Ah is glad Seung Jae didn’t like Mi Mo or else it would’ve been awkward today. The exes both let out coughs.

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During dessert, Mi Mo and Seung Jae give Min Woo their birthday gifts. Min Woo receives two identical jackets. Si Ah and Soo Hyuk are confused as to how the exes share the same taste. Si Ah suggests they could get over the past and become good friends. Soo Hyuk scoffs at the idea. Si Ah reasons that the four of them can meet everyday before she and Seung Jae jets off to the US. Seung Jae doesn’t like her joke. Soo Hyuk believes it won’t take long for them to get closer because of how charming his goldfish is. Si Ah is disgusted. Soo Hyuk continues to shower Mi Mo with compliments such as how she looks cute even when she’s angry. Mi Mo narrates about exes always wanting to show off how much better their new partner is in comparison.

We visit Hae Joon at the hospital. He spots a man handing Yeon Soo a lunch bag and a coffee. It’s the guy from her date. Hae Joon finds a spot to sit down. Yeon Soo and two nurses sit nearby him. Yeon Soo drinks the coffee and is sharing the food with the nurses. One nurse stands up and asks Hae Joon if he wants to join them. Hae Joon kindly rejects since he is meeting someone for lunch. Yeon Soo turns around and smiles at him. The nurses are jealous of her having such a sweet guy. She doesn’t eat because she doesn’t like sushi. Hae Joon overhears this.

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Returning to Min Woo’s party, Mi Mo is boasting about how awesome Soo Hyuk is. Soo Hyuk continues to act like a puppy. Seung Jae holds a bitter expression while Seul Ah seems happy for her brother. Si Ah tries to cheer up her fiancé, by complimenting on his pretty eyes. Mi Mo turns up the cheesiness. She thinks Soo Hyuk is lovely from head to toe. He even has heart-shaped nostrils. Min Woo chokes on his juice before checking his dad’s nostrils. Min Woo can’t see the hearts. “The two of you are so full of love,” Si Ah says. Mi Mo keeps sticking onto Soo Hyuk like glue.

The two ladies go to the bathroom together. Si Ah is thankful to Mi Mo for loving Soo Hyuk. She is happy for them and is glad her oppa has an amazing girlfriend. Mi Mo widely smiles in response. Si Ah asks Mi Mo to stay closely beside her oppa. Mi Mo watches Si Ah apply her make up. Si Ah faces her, so she asks when Si Ah is getting married. Si Ah will be walking down the aisle one week from now. Mi Mo is shocked. Si Ah says they’ll be having a small gathering in Korea and a big ceremony in the US. She tells Mi Mo that Seung Jae was married before so his family hopes to have a small wedding. They exit the bathroom.

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Meanwhile, Soo Hyuk comes out from the bathroom. He sees Seung Jae talking on the phone and mentioning Mi Mo. Seung Jae tells his friend that he’s going crazy from their awkwardness. Soo Hyuk hushes behind him. Seung Jae then drops the bombshell: “I had no idea I’d meet my ex-wife like this.” Immediately, Soo Hyuk’s eyes flicker towards Seung Jae. Soo Hyuk doesn’t have time to react as the ladies and his son come out. He can only stare at Seung Jae. Seung Jae has got no clue and suggests they should leave.

Hae Joon is at a Japanese bar with his friend. He recalls the time when he dated Yeon Soo during college. Yeon Soo once told him she didn’t like to eat fish because of the smell. Hae Joon guessed she wouldn’t like sushi, which was unfortunate since he liked it. Yeon Soo agreed to go eat Japanese regardless, since she ‘liked’ teriyaki dishes.

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Back to the present, Hae Joon’s friend is snapping photos of his sushi. He asks Hae Joon how Yeon Soo was doing. Hae Joon says she’s doing all right. His friend is forever amazed at how they could still work together after the divorce. Hae Joon thinks it’s just work but his friend believes affections must be involved.

Soo Hyuk is driving home with Min Woo sleeping at the back. He notices Mi Mo being all flustered. Mi Mo recalls the time when Soo Hyuk told her all about his sister, including her name. She can’t believe how slow she is.

Yeon Soo is in her office. Hae Joon barges in unexpectedly. He drops a lunch bag on her desk, which startles her. He bought her a teriyaki bento, the bento she used to like, from the bar he was at. She sweetly smiles, earning an equally sweet smile from him in return. He cutely tells her to eat it all before going back to work. She is touched by his gesture. She recalls the time when she met Mi Mo for an appointment. Mi Mo once told her the Hae Joon she knew had a warm heart. “I thought I knew him better,” Yeon Soo says to herself.

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Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk arrive at Brave Wedding. Soo Hyuk wants to softly confront Mi Mo. However Mi Mo’s assistant manager stops him. The assistant tells Soo Hyuk that he’s the reason why Mi Mo had been acting weird lately. She leaves for lunch. Soo Hyuk reveals that he won’t be free until tomorrow because of work. Mi Mo didn’t know he found a job. “I can’t let Min Woo starve,” he says. She is happy for him. He wants to ask her about Seung Jae but fails again. He kisses her on her forehead and walks away. She desperately calls his name. But she can’t tell the truth so she just tells him to be safe.

Si Ah and Seung Jae walk along a street. Si Ah asks Seung Jae how he feels about meeting Mi Mo again. Seung Jae thinks it doesn’t matter because they won’t see each other often. “Why does it look like you care?” He tries to confess but bails out.

Soo Hyuk exits his apartment, only to stumble across his beloved hoobae. Hoobae took a day off just to spend time with him. Soo Hyuk is worried that his hoobae’s wife will get mad. Hoobae says she always yells at him so he should just do what he wants. Soo Hyuk plays hard to get for a split second. Hoobae blurts out that he’ll just go back to work. Soo Hyuk cutely gives in and they go for a date.

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Mi Mo’s assistant spots her boss fretting about in her office. The assistant contemplates giving Mi Mo her documents at a better time. Mi Mo draws a family tree and realises she won’t be related to Seung Jae. She still feels bad. Seung Jae and Si Ah are getting married in a week so she thinks it’ll be over soon.

Things are far from over. Mi Mo cooks dinner for the five of them. She and Seung Jae hold the darkest expressions toward each other. Si Ah addresses her as unnie and compliments on her cooking. Seung Jae teasingly agrees with his fiancée. Soo Hyuk feeds Mi Mo and showers her with his love. Mi Mo can’t get over the awkwardness.

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Mi Mo finds herself outside again. The postman gives her another envelope. She opens it to find her and Seung Jae’s wedding photos. Suddenly, the postman transformed into So Eun. So Eun is on her revenge course, making Mi Mo feel guilty for screwing up the Song family tree.

Mi Mo finally snaps out of her daydream. Her assistant can’t stand her craziness.

In Da Jung’s office, she is holding a notebook filled with ‘love’. The camp host directed them to write their partner’s nickname on the book and call them by it. “Love will come back,” he drills into their minds. The assistant comes into the room with some documents. She notices Da Jung’s notebook. Da Jung explains how she needs to complete various couple activities with her husband and record it in the book with photographic evidence. Whoever completes the activities first will receive a free holiday. Da Jung asks what she calls her boyfriend. Sadly, they broke up recently. Their nicknames were Pizza and Burger. She tells Da Jung to keep it simple.

Dong Mi is sitting at a café, looking rather sad. She placed her letter for Jung Woo on the table. But her sweet memories with him make her take it back. She hesitates right until he arrives. She shoves it into her bag. He apologises for being late and asks her what she wants to talk about. She can’t ignore his bright persona. He takes her hands to try to calm her nerves down. She has something she must tell him. He will listen because he knows she won’t lie about her age like he did. She is a teacher, after all. He says he’ll just forgive her.

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Ae Ran enters the café to join Dong Mi. She asks if Dong Mi told Jung Woo. Dong Mi has her hands on her head. Ae Ran bickers about Jung Woo dumping Dong Mi’s old ass. Dong Mi admits she didn’t have the heart to tell the puppy-eyed boy that he’d been fooled. Jung Woo left for his part-time job, which makes Ae Ran even more disapproving of him. Ae Ran draws the difference between occupations for Dong Mi. Dong Mi sighs.

Mi Mo barges into Da Jung’s office. She is hopeless and explains her situation to Da Jung. Da Jung is appalled. Mi Mo starts believing that she is the one who needs to leave Soo Hyuk. Da Jung gives her a hug before advising her to talk it out with Soo Hyuk. It hurts Mi Mo just by thinking about his reaction.

Soo Hyuk and his hoobae are in the car. Hoobae notices Soo Hyuk’s gloominess. Hoobae asks, “What is today’s theme?” Soo Hyuk answers, “Promise.” The promises made between couples. Hoobae says he shouldn’t have taken the day off. It’s challenging for some couples to keep promises, unlike Hoobae who casually laughs about them.

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The boys visit a park where Soo Hyuk takes photos of kids playing around. Hoobae wants lunch but is told to wait. They spot an elderly couple and a young couple for a few snaps. It’s nice to see them have fun.

Relocating to Han River to capture the night view, they share cans of beer. He thinks saying vows are a sly act and how can you say them without registering for marriage. Soo Hyuk isn’t discouraged and wants to try it out. He wants to promise to capture stars and the moon if needed. Hoobae suggests that he should promise Mi Mo something that doesn’t move unlike the stars. Soo Hyuk believes people can change, but how they change is most important.

Mi Mo is waiting for Seung Jae at his workplace. She practices her confrontation but her chance blows up. Si Ah and So Eun approach Seung Jae before she can.

Hae Joon is at work and he gets a visit from Soo Hyuk. They take a seat. Hae Joon says Soo Hyuk needs to give something up because he can’t have everything. Soo Hyuk attentively listens to him. Hae Joon reveals a woman once told him to spit on him and forget about her while breaking up. They just smirk at each other.

Ae Ran takes up her dirty dishes to Dong Bae, who started washing. She wants to help rinse but he tells her not to, since getting wrinkles is her worst nightmare. She obediently goes to watch TV. As Dong Bae continues to do housework and ironing, she gets suspicious. So, she calls Da Jung. Da Jung thinks she shouldn’t be suspicious because Dong Bae might’ve learnt from his colleagues on how to be good to a woman. She maintains her hunch, using his previous backstabbing as her main reason.

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Still struggling with the homework, Da Jung searches up couple nicknames. Her husband happily joins her. Da Jung suggests a few lame nicknames that don’t get his approval. She asks if he likes ‘Pizza and Burger’, as recommended by her assistant. He wants to steal the nicknames. It’s Burger for the hubby and Pizza for the wifey. They write down their nicknames and decide to complete task one – buy groceries and cook together.

Mi Mo comes home, only to see So Eun trying to enter Soo Hyuk’s place. Mi Mo addresses her as the dongsaeng who lives upstairs. So Eun keeps on getting the pass code wrong, so Mi Mo tells her to give up. So Eun says Min Woo ‘gave’ her the pass code. Mi Mo raises her voice to warn So Eun that she is still Soo Hyuk’s girlfriend and doesn’t like her visiting him. So Eun demands for the pass code but Mi Mo stays firm and tells her she wouldn’t have changed it if she wanted her to visit Soo Hyuk. Mi Mo tiredly tells her to go back, since she might have another chance later.

Mi Mo lies down on her couch. Her phone starts ringing. Soo Hyuk tries to call her but his call doesn’t go through.

Seung Jae was the first caller. He meets Mi Mo at a park. They have an intense stare-off until a leaf flies onto his face. She questions if they still have things to settle. He hands her a big envelope. She hopes it’s not their divorce papers that he hasn’t given in. It’s actually an insurance agreement contract where she is still entitled to claiming his money since they didn’t withdraw from the contract. He tells her to get her name off. The fact that he wants to see her over a measly insurance agreement baffles her. He states he was paying for monthly insurance and wants to stop. She confesses how much stress he and Si Ah have caused her. She wonders if he feels the same stress. He bluffs that he doesn’t understand her. He says he’ll give up on the money. She exclaims: “You should give up!” It takes him a while to register so she makes it clear that she can’t give up on Soo Hyuk.

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As the exes are arguing, Soo Hyuk appears around the corner. He listens in. Mi Mo doesn’t want the situation to turn into a melodrama. His thick brain still doesn’t understand her. She says they are about to become a family unless she gives up. He thinks its funny since he’s getting married in a week so she has to surrender first. He walks off, leaving her in tears.

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Rain starts to bucket down. Soo Hyuk and his umbrella save Mi Mo. He asks her why she’s sitting in the rain before caressing her cheek.

We visit Dong Mi, who meets Jung Woo at the same café. She hands him an envelope with her ‘reasons’. His eyes widen and ask why she’s doing this. She thought hard about it. He thinks it’s because of their inevitable age gap. She tells him: “If you read this, you’ll understand.” He asks: “Is this your true feelings?” She nods. He opens the letter but wonders why she isn’t leaving. She gets up and says she wrote how she feels in that letter. He understands and tells her to get home safely in the rain. She finally leaves.

He reads the letter, where she confesses that she also lied about her age. She felt terribly sorry for continuously lying in front of his beautiful eyes. The reason why she hid the truth was because she wanted to be with him. She has come to her senses and realised she should meet a potential husband at her age. The letter ends with: “Let’s break up.” He can only sigh. Dong Mi waited outside until he finished reading. She is disappointed that Jung Woo didn’t stop her from breaking up with him, as if he was waiting for this day. He’s still staring at the letter. She thinks he would’ve broken up with her first if they kept it going.

After she announces a formal ‘goodbye’ to him, she notices he left his seat. He’s standing right in front of her. She uses a ‘broken umbrella’ as an excuse but fails, as she has no problems with opening it. Her feet also ‘hurt’. He asks if other places are hurting too. She doesn’t reply. He states: “This is why dating an inexperienced woman is tiring.” He wants her to admit to her lack of dating experience. She is surprised by his quick senses. He says she shouldn’t talk about breaking up so lightly. “I’m still breaking up with you,” she says. He believes if she really wanted to, she wouldn’t have bothered writing a letter. He calls her an idiot for writing it like a love letter.

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Jung Woo pulls Dong Mi into his arms. He sweetly warns her not to speak such nonsense again. Looking into her eyes, he tells her that she can’t run away after making him fall for her. He asks her to wait because he is going to prove to her that they can overcome their age difference. “Let’s wait and see,” he says before hugging her again.

Yeon Soo gets off work. As she opens her umbrella, Hae Joon appears next to her. They happily walk in the rain together.

Mi Mo is trying to keep warm while waiting for Soo Hyuk. He gets her a cup of hot water before notifying her that he’s got to meet someone for a bit. She tells him to not get wet in the rain. He doesn’t want to see her cry because she’s really ugly when she does. After he leaves, she starts crying. She doesn’t stop as she puts on her infamous onesie.

Soo Hyuk meets Seung Jae for a late coffee. Soo Hyuk asks: “Is it funny?” Seung Jae acts dumb. “To watch your ex-wife suffer,” Soo Hyuk continues. Seung Jae doesn’t think he did anything wrong because Mi Mo would’ve found out about the insurance fiasco eventually. Soo Hyuk thinks he’s inconsiderate of her feelings and now knows why they got a divorce. Soo Hyuk warns him not to hurt Si Ah, even though he doesn’t want to see him again because of his woman. Soo Hyuk states: “I’ll become the bad brother from now and stay away, so be good to her.” He finishes his passive-aggressive warning.

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Soo Hyuk comes back to the 15th floor. He stares at apartment 1501 and hovers his fingers over the doorbell. But it’s almost 1am so he hesitates. His phone rings and it’s his work asking him to send some documents immediately.

Mi Mo walks out in her onesie. She desperately stares across the hall. Soo Hyuk is inside sending emails before Mi Mo throws a pebble at his door. He doesn’t react. Mi Mo throws another pebble and begins to cry a river. He finally opens the door. She hopelessly looks up at him. He wonders why she isn’t sleeping. She asks when did he get back. She continues to cry as she tells him they have to break up. He calls her “Mi Mo-yah” to calm her down.

Seung Jae finally spills the beans to Si Ah. She isn’t very worried since she isn’t Soo Hyuk’s blood-related sister. They are close like family but Seung Jae means more to her. He is both apologetic and thankful.

Mi Mo clenches her fist and mutters her ex’s name. She jumps onto Soo Hyuk to hold him tightly. He apologises to his goldfish. She starts to weep as she admits that she couldn’t even tell him to truth. He apologises again for not introducing Si Ah properly to her. She keeps on blaming him for not telling her that Si Ah isn’t blood-related to him.

At that moment, So Eun pops up again. She screams at Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo for being naughty at night and potentially risking Min Woo’s innocence. Soo Hyuk reveals that So Eun is Si Ah’s actual sister. Mi Mo says she gets it before returning into his arms.

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Mi Mo is finally asleep. Soo Hyuk strokes her hair. He lets her sleep in peace.

He goes back to his room and recalls what he told his hoobae earlier. He said he wanted to be with her even if she changes. All he needs is for her to not leave him. Hoobae told him things change when they move in together, as he’ll get excited when she goes on long holidays alone. He takes out the marriage registration form from their drunken debacle.

Dong Bae checks his phone with Ae Ran sitting next to him. She attempts to act stupid before asking if he is cheating on her again. He thinks she’s silly. If she unlocks her phone, he will too. She wants one day before the deed. He says if he were cheating he would’ve deleted everything in that time.

Seung Jae and Mi Mo are at a restaurant. Mi Mo returns the insurance document because she didn’t want him to think she kept it on purpose. She asks him if he enjoyed watching her suffer. He bites back, informing her to shut it since he already got the talk. She tries to suss out whom he spoke to but he refuses. He says they ended up tiring each other out back then. She agrees. He’s thankful to Si Ah. He doesn’t know Soo Hyuk well but he wishes her luck. His negatives make her want Soo Hyuk even more.

Mi Mo gets home and is about to take the elevator. The apartment clerk walks up next to her and sprays perfume everywhere. She sneezes and tells him if he sneezes, all the germs will disappear. He breathes in and flares his nostrils. She suggests that he should get hurt sometime.

Mi Mo arrives onto her floor. She walks into the hallway decorated with a red carpet, candles and photos stuck onto the wall with post-it notes underneath. The notes lead up to a confession that reads: “I love you, not just because I want to but because I can’t stop myself from loving you.”

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She giddily rings 1502’s doorbell. Soo Hyuk, dressed in a suit and tie, opens the door with Min Woo. The trio and Ppopo, shoot bright smiles at each other. The couple enters the apartment, which is filled with beautiful roses to create a romantic atmosphere. He plays a little video on the projector. It captures a line full of photos of her and them together. His voice in the video says he loves all the different sides of Han Mi Mo – the sexy, sweet, hard-working and energetic sides. But he likes the ‘Happy Han Mi Mo’ the most. Continuing with his speech he says: “If I promise to make her smile like this at least once a day…” He pauses the video, swiftly gets on one bended knee and opens a box with a diamond ring inside. He pops the question: “Will you marry me?” She is delighted but slow, which causes Min Woo to whisper: “Say yes!” Instead, she says she has something to tell him.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 4.10.17 amScreen Shot 2016-03-12 at 4.11.10 am

Thoughts of mine:

God bless this drama. The tension has been cleared. Hearts are beating wildly again. The minor cliffhanger, where Si Ah isn’t Soo Hyuk’s blood sister, proved to be a big turning point for Mi Mo. Mi Mo realised just how much she cherishes Soo Hyuk. But there was no way the smart Soo Hyuk could let her give up on their relationship. A proposal was always going to come and boy, he did it in enchanting fashion.

On the other hand, Dong Mi does not give Jung Woo enough credit. His maturity and experience is beyond his age. Her doubts were worthy but he truly is committed to her. He deserves a chance and she seems willing to give him it.

With Ae Ran and Da Jung’s marriages finding their spark again and Hae Joon possibly rekindling with Yeon Soo, our precious cast is primed for one last happy ending.

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