Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Ep 3

The stakes are getting higher for Mi Mo’s affections in the third installment of One More Happy Ending.

As the two leading men’s feelings grow for the love-thirsty Mi Mo, the tension has shot over the moon.

Episode 3 Recap

The episode starts with a jump into the Joseon era. Dong Mi is an upper-class lady who is seeking marriage advice from fortunetellers. She takes her leave and slowly strolls her way home.


On the bridge she crosses, the scene cuts to a scholar looking up into the sky. He sees the moon, which has Dong Mi’s glowing face beaming right back at him. Dong Mi also looks up to the moon and it has the scholar’s face on it too. She watches the moon with hopeful eyes and a pretty smile.


Dong Mi’s apparent blind marriage date has arrived. She’s dressed like a true noblewoman, sporting a traditional hanbok and two red dots on her cheeks. But to her surprise, her husband is not what she anticipated. The husband takes away the cloth from his face, revealing it. He’s a chubby-faced, sleazy uncle with a beard. She tries to escape but the two fortunetellers tighten their grip on her. The uncle gives her a creepy smile. All she can do is scream.


One of the four main ladies tries to escape from the palace. A scholar in the dark catches another. As for Mi Mo, a posse follows her every step.

Mi Mo’s eyes flutter to a sudden bright aura. It’s Hae Joon, who is the King of the palace. While she is in her room writing on a scroll, she dreams about how good it would be if she’d become his concubine.


Mi Mo wanders around the palace in the middle of the night, only to spot King Hae Joon in her sight. She lustfully stares at him from afar.

The scroll Mi Mo was writing on has ended up in the hands of the King but it isn’t Hae Joon, it is actually Soo Hyuk. This is strange. He bursts out in anger and destroys the scroll. He screams to his government to kill the messenger.


Suddenly, we witness an execution of several people, including Mi Mo. She cries in pain from the brutality of the guards. They’re pushing her legs apart with wooden logs. All she could do is sit there and die slowly.


Back to the present, and a dazed Mi Mo is still at the hospital. She’s sitting in the exact spot from the previous episode and has her eyes fixated on Hae Joon. She narrates about some crazy girl wrote a confession letter and got herself killed. She asks if she is crazy for saying she likes him. This leaves Hae Joon speechless.


Soo Hyuk is still driving. He bickers about how troublesome Mi Mo is.


Returning to the hospital, Hae Joon shoots a confused look at Mi Mo and turns his back to see if anyone or if Soo Hyuk is around. He points to himself and asks if he’s the guy she wants to marry. She nods and explains that he is definitely the one that has been beside her all day and is the owner of the coat she’s wearing. He looks at her as if she’s lost her mind.


At that moment, Dong Mi screams “Han Mi Mo!” She hurriedly runs to her sides and starts hitting her. She grabs her friend’s head and asks her if she’s all right. It’s nice to see her worry this much. Hae Joon softly giggles to himself. Dong Mi notices Hae Joon’s coat and is shocked that Mi Mo is wearing it. Mi Mo looks back at Hae Joon before she attempts to explain. Dong Mi just hugs her out of care for Mi Mo’s mind being airy.

Dong Mi tries to take off the coat and angrily asks who is Dr. Goo Hae Joon, if Mi Mo was taken advantage of by him. It’s actually the other way around. Dong Mi rips off the buttons, only to see Mi Mo’s kinky lingerie. She gasps widely at her friend. Hae Joon’s eyes widen but quickly looks away before letting out an awkward cough.


Dong Mi swiftly closes up the coat to cover Mi Mo. Mi Mo shrieks at Dong Mi who suddenly feels apologetic. Hae Joon takes another gulp of his juice to calm down his hormones. Dong Mi swings her arm around Mi Mo and whispers, “Do you like that guy?” Mi Mo frantically denies as Hae Joon gets up from his seat. Mi Mo wants to speak and Hae Joon hears her quiet murmur. He faces her but she says nothing. He walks off in annoyance.

Mi Mo immediately gives her buddy the evils and sarcastically compliments on her immaculate timing. Dong Mi is simply puzzled by the situation.
Soo Hyuk can’t seem to get a smooth ride as he encounters a car crash and is stuck at the scene.

Mi Mo finds herself in the emergency room. From her corner, she sees Hae Joon saving a mass of injured patients who flock into the hospital. She’s in awe of how professional he is. She goes to get her drip off. The nurse gives her the all clear to go home. In regards to Hae Joon’s coat, she asks the nurse if she could return it another time because of what she’s wearing. The nurse smirks and says she’ll see her next time and she’ll notify Hae Joon that she’s gone home.

Finally, Soo Hyuk arrives at the hospital. He asks the reception for her whereabouts; only to find out she’s left. Hae Joon bumps into him and asks why he is so late since he’s her husband. Soo Hyuk denies their marriage and divorce.


Dong Mi is driving Mi Mo home. Mi Mo regrets her insane confession to Hae Joon. Dong Mi believes her condition isn’t that bad since the doctor allowed her to go home.

The boys are chatting at the hospital. Soo Hyuk coolly explains how he and Mi Mo became entangled with each other because of alcohol. Hae Joon is surprised as he asks Soo Hyuk if he really wasn’t dating Mi Mo. Soo Hyuk revealed that they were old school friends that haven’t met in 24 years. Hae Joon thinks back to Mi Mo’s confession and says she wasn’t crazy after all. Soo Hyuk insists she is crazy because she went through the drunken fiasco. Hae Joon laughs to himself as Soo Hyuk thanks him for convincing the office worker to stop them.


Soo Hyuk is really relieved he didn’t get married to Mi Mo for real. That flicked Hae Joon’s switch. He asks his friend again if there was anything going on between the two. Soo Hyuk scoffs at him. Hae Joon thinks they must’ve shared some attraction toward each other. Soo Hyuk seriously admits he truly does not have any feelings for her but Hae Joon questions why did he come to the hospital. Soo Hyuk cutely says he was half asleep and he wanted to see him before yawning his way to get a coffee.

A deflated Mi Mo returns home. She’s wearing Dong Mi’s clothes and not Hae Joon’s coat. The coat is in a polka dot gift bag. She dumps it onto the table and regrets ever bringing it along with her. She predicts Hae Joon must think she’s insane for being his friend’s ‘wife’ who wants to have an affair.


Hae Joon is still at work but is distracted in his thoughts. He relishes back to his first meeting with Mi Mo at the government office. His imagined her as an angel from above. He smirks to himself, calling the girl interesting.


Soo Hyuk comes back to his apartment. He walks to his place but immediately makes his way to his neighbour’s. He wants to press the doorbell but he is reminded of what Hae Joon said to him earlier about rocking up late at night despite not liking her. His mind ponders about Mi Mo wanting a passionate and hot relationship. He catches a glimpse of what happened after they left the elevator that night.

The two were drunkenly walking to their apartments. Mi Mo calls Soo Hyuk honey and says she’ll see him in her dreams. He replies the same. This little memory convinces Soo Hyuk they did not have sex that night.

Meanwhile, Mi Mo is restless in her bed. She cannot sleep and is threatening to cry because of her stupid decisions. She frets about how she’s going to resolve the Hae Joon issue all night long.


It’s dawn and Mi Mo hasn’t got any sleep. Her panda eyes are showing, so she quickly tries to conceal them. She then rocks up at the hospital dressed like a stalker ahjumma with a headscarf and shades. She spots Hae Joon talking to his nurse and scans his divine facial features. To grab a closer look she takes of her sunglasses. She’s absolutely mesmerized by him.


Mi Mo meets up with Dong Mi and Da Jung, declaring she should get remarried. They pout at her. Da Jung asks her if she thinks marriage is fun. Mi Mo gives a toothy grin and admits there is a man that makes her heart flutter. Da Jung sneers, saying she’s lucky to have a beating heart inside her tiny chest. Ouch. Mi Mo claims she’s met her knight in shining armor as Dong Mi catches on and realises its Hae Joon from last night. Da Jung is impressed with her picking up skills. Dong Mi asks if she apologised to him for declaring him as a marriage candidate because it would be burdensome for him.


Dong Mi lists out all of Hae Joon’s outstanding attributes and questions Mi Mo’s worthiness for a great guy like him. Mi Mo is disappointed at the two for not encouraging her. Dong Mi points her fork at her and says she’s holding it in because she is her friend but she hates girls like her. She slams an wedding invitation on the table, claiming the bride is exactly like her.

We jump to a BBQ restaurant where Dong Mi is attending a work party. Everyone is happily socializing with each other or their partners while Dong Mi is busy grilling the meat by herself. But right opposite her is a hunk who is also busy eating. She captures her prey and starts blowing onto a piece of meat. She places the piece onto his plate, giving a cheesy smile in return. He nicely says thanks. Suddenly the guy next to the hunk (who is actually the ‘husband’ from the first skit) offers her a toast of soju. She drinks and forces a smile out.


Dong Mi’s colleague tells her to drink more to make up for the $200 blind date convention not working out. She advises her to stop wasting money on such useless things and consider the guys around her instead. Her eyes move toward the two single men in front of them. Dong Mi is like, there’s only one that is her type.

One of her colleagues announces she’s getting married to Teacher Kang Soo Yong, the hunk Dong Mi targeted. Dong Mi spits out her drink and causes a shower. Soo Yong jumps up and puts his arm around his fiancée. It’s game over for the tragic Dong Mi.

Back to the café and Dong Mi is still pressed about losing out to a single divorcee like Mi Mo. She angrily yells at Mi Mo and girls like her that stuff up the system for chasing single, unmarried men at their age. She believes it should be banned.

After lunch, Mi Mo sees a new client at her office. She is a pretty, wealthy and middle-aged woman who doesn’t have children. The client claims her husband divorced her because one woman wasn’t enough. She believes he needs about 3,000 to be happy. Exaggerated or not, he’s still a manwhore. Mi Mo is joyed to do business with this client who fulfills her ideal needs.

For the New Year, Brave Wedding has rejuvenated their client analysis system to deliver a report of compatibility and levels full of juicy details. Once the report is done, they would see which candidates match each client’s interests.

Mi Mo gets a call from the Masspunch reporter who interviewed her and Da Jung. The reporter is chasing up on whether Mi Mo received a marriage proposal or not. Mi Mo honestly tells her ex is getting married to another girl. She requests for the story to be written amazingly and companied by a gorgeous, heavily photoshopped photo to not make her ex pity her.


We enter Da Jung’s son’s room where she is putting him to sleep. She lovingly strokes her cute little boy’s hair as he is snoring away. She’s getting a little teary just by looking at him.
Da Jung’s husband is sitting alone at their dining table with his arms crossed. He’s always so grumpy. Da Jung joins him.

Da Jung asks if they really have to go through the trial because he would lose. He says they both will. But Da Jung just gives him permission to date and travel with all the girls he wishes. She believes they could get a divorce faster if he cheats. He says he cannot do that until after they separate because he cares about her. He doesn’t want to scar her. She refutes, saying he already scarred her for asking her to sign every two days and there’s no difference if he finds someone now or later. Da Jung says she wants more money and if he divorced her, he’ll be less popular for the ladies with a child and all.

Ae Ran’s house is also in crisis. Her mother is furious at her and breaks a glass in anger. Ae Ran apologises and reiterates how she cannot get married. Her mother says it is too difficult to cancel a wedding with 600 guests. She suggests to her they should get married and get divorced later. Mother puts her stance and declares she must get married. They cause more rage before mother asks if Ae Ran feels bad for her fiancé.


Fiancé Dong Bae comes home and he sees the broken glass on the floor. He glances at Ae Ran, who can’t bear to look at him. He starts picking up the glass. He approaches her and holds onto her hand. He says it is okay to feel insecure and asks for another chance to get rid of her feelings. He begs for them to get married and live together for a year and if she still felt that way, he’ll let her go. She starts to cry with him. Mi Mo narrarates, Ae Ran doesn’t know understand why her heart doesn’t beat for this perfect man.

Mi Mo is ironing Hae Joon’s coat at home. She still hasn’t returned it to him. She is reminded of Dong Mi calling her a bullfrog earlier and she agrees, especially since she is doing things like this. She tries to come up with a plan on how to approach Hae Joon. She wants to tell Hae Joon she was not in the right mind so her confession is invalid. She refutes, why should she bother taking it back when it’s done already. Still having trouble, she calls Soo Hyuk for help.


Soo Hyuk meets Mi Mo downstairs. Mi Mo is drinking beer. He doesn’t bother saying ‘hi’ and reminds her that alcohol is very dangerous for both of them. She offers him a drink because she doesn’t have the confidence to say her words while being sober. He doesn’t want to go to the government office again! She reveals she did something wrong to his friend. Soo Hyuk says he knows about what happened in the emergency room. Mi Mo is worried about how much he knew. Soo Hyuk tells her he explained the truth to Hae Joon and told him to forget about the drunken encounter between them. Mi Mo is relieved and gives him an abrupt hug. She asks if Hae Joon said anything else, which he didn’t and offers Soo Hyuk another drink. He refuses so she drinks it instead.

Dong Mi is eating dinner at her place before she receives a call from her bullfrog colleague, Jung Mi, the one who got engaged to the hunk. Jung Mi asks Dong Mi if she wants to catch the bouquet at her wedding because all her friends are married and have kids. Ouch. Dong Mi is offended so she refuses. But Jung Mi offers her a deal, saying if she agrees then she will introduce her to a place that she can get a guy within 3 months. This sparks her fancy.


A Show Me The Money snapback appears onto the screen. Dong Mi and Mi Mo watch the guy, who supposedly is a fortuneteller, like he is a creep. He jams to rap music before pausing. He states Dong Mi has not met a man in seven years. The girls cannot believe his accuracy. Dong Mi asks the guy if she can get married before 40. He works his hand actions again. He sees a younger man of nine years. Get them fetuses, unnie! He claims a big pay slip will seal the deal.

At that moment, an infuriated girl walks into the room. The girl is a client who experienced a match turn sour. The guy became a stalker and tried to kidnap the girl. She complains she could barely step out the house. In his defence, the fortuneteller says he never guaranteed the quality of men he offers his clients.

Dong Mi doesn’t pay the dodgy rapper and chooses her plan B; follow baby-face make up tips. She watches a show and follows the guide’s make-up process. However Dong Mi uses the wrong colour for her concealer and looks like a freak show.


Mi Mo finally makes her way to Hae Joon’s workplace. She’s dressed nicely with green heals and is ready to rock. She meets Hae Joon inside. First, she thanks Hae Joon for his efforts. But he says anyone would help his sister-in-law. She’s like there is no need for him to address her like that.

As Mi Mo reveals Soo Hyuk already told her he resolved the misunderstanding with him, Hae Joon lets out a simple ‘oh’. Mi Mo doesn’t hold back by asking if Hae Joon is pushing her away on purpose. He says patients fall for doctors often because they saved their lives. He can’t believe each confession or else he’ll go nuts.

Mi Mo leans forward and interrogates Hae Joon if he sees her eyes stuttering. He replies ‘no’. She asks why doesn’t he consider her confession was real. He frankly explains getting into a complicated relationship where a third wheel is involved is the thing he resents most. So, he does not want to engage into a relationship like that or with her. Before Mi Mo speaks, Hae Joon slams down the hammer by exclaiming; “I choose friends over love” and she isn’t attractive enough to pull him and Soo Hyuk apart. Woah, it’ll be good if he stays true to his words.


Mi Mo is a bit taken back and admits she does not have such intentions because she just wanted to tell him how she felt. She thinks there’s nothing bad about that. But Hae Joon believes it could always turn bitter. She honestly tells him it may be embarrassing for her to make her way here and she contemplated a billion times but she actually liked being with him. She likes him to the extent that she’ll withstand an outright rejection. To prevent further humiliation, she apologises for taking his time and shoves his coat in his hands before running off. His heart wants to call her back but his mind holds him back.

Hae Joon’s female colleague rocks up next to him. She recognises Mi Mo as the patient who came in her underwear. She realises Mi Mo is from the Angels because of her full cake-face.


Soo Hyuk is back at work and he is writing up the article about Seul Ah and Jung Hoon getting married. He’s staring at the screen with a heavy heart. He ultimately publishes the article as his eyes start to water. It seems like he is sincerely affected by Mi Mo, if not as a romantic interest but as an old friend.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 4.37.39 pm

The hot-gossip breaking news is causing up a storm. All the patrons at a café all receive the notification and are busy chatting about the scandal. In the café sits Mi Mo. She is left speechless. Everywhere she goes, people are talking about the couple. This makes her feel even lonelier.

Soo Hyuk is sitting in an editorial meeting. He does not look delighted at all. His editor recalls Soo Hyuk stating he felt exposing top celebrities dating was better than himself dating. He just thinks the couple will break up sooner or later while his colleagues are praising how amazing they look on the page.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 4.44.50 pm

The article on former idols is brought into discussion, where the female reporter is present. She reveals it is almost done and is ready for the editor to look over. She and Soo Hyuk walk out of the meeting together. She asks him out for dinner, just the two of them. He nods.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.05.27 pm

Gloomy Mi Mo is sitting on a bench late at night. She’s drinking beer again. Right on cue, Soo Hyuk spots her on his way home. He ponders a while before slowly taking a seat beside her. They’re in the exact position as the night before but they’re looking much sadder. He asks her if she saw the article. She nods, praising how clean the copy was, to the point she almost hates him for writing it. He apologises to her and says he needs to make a living. They remain silent for a minute.

Soo Hyuk grabs a can of beer and takes a sip. He confesses he wanted to call her earlier. Mi Mo explains her nature of not wanting to find out if her exes had affairs. She asks him if Kim Jung Hoon looked happy when he was with Seul Ah. Gee, my heart is breaking. Soo Hyuk looks at her with sincere eyes, showing how much he cares about her.

Mi Mo reminisces back to the time where she and her ex-husband were happily together. She misses those times where nothing mattered in the world other than the two of them.

Soo Hyuk tells Mi Mo, he only looks at their actions to define their feelings – whether it is hugs, kisses or holding hands. He says he is not interested in whether the couples are happy or not. He apologises to her once again. The bittersweet feeling grows as she says he is right for calling her a goldfish. She laments herself for falling for a new person despite many failed relationships.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.06.04 pm

Soo Hyuk is jealous of Mi Mo’s ability to express her feelings instead of hiding them because he just bottles them up inside and regrets later. They agree emotions are weirdly painful and laugh it off. Mi Mo takes another gulp of beer and Soo Hyuk extends his hand, wanting to pat her on the shoulder. He withdraws it, because Mi Mo isn’t his to touch.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.08.47 pmScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.15.55 pm

We visit Dong Mi’s elementary classroom and she’s consolidating her grumpy teacher image by punishing her students. But she isn’t an ideal teacher because she’s chatting on the phone. She says to Mi Mo, she shouldn’t be the one consoling Ae Ran for calling off her wedding. Her ex-fiancé Dong Bae is the one who needs consoling for his broken heart. Preach, girl. She calls herself as the cool-headed Dong Mi where Mi Mo corrects her as a cold-blooded girl. Mi Mo hangs up on her.

A cute little student approaches Dong Mi, just after she tore a kid’s dream of becoming a gamer apart on his homework. The girl stayed up till midnight to bake cookies. But they’re not for her teacher; they’re actually for her boyfriend. This is tragic. Dong Mi frets how she has a boyfriend at her young age. The student is like it’ll be pathetic if she doesn’t. Dong Mi takes a cookie and questions if boys like such things. The girl reveals they go crazy for them.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.22.47 pmScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.22.57 pm

Someone is holding a positive pregnancy tester. That woman is Ae Ran. She is in utter shock and cannot believe her eyes.

Mi Mo arrives at Ae Ran’s place. Mi Mo thinks Ae Ran has lost weight. Ae Ran brings her to the couch. She keeps asking what can she do? Mi Mo advises her she needs time to heal.

Dong Mi didn’t rock up to the consoling session because she’s busy looking for ovens at school instead. She’ll go broke before getting the opportunity to flaunt her cooking skills. Finding a cheap oven, she calls up for a discount. The seller agrees and asks for her address but she wants to see the oven first.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.47.32 pmScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.53.22 pm

Dong Mi meets the seller and it turns out it is the man she dreamt of in the Joseon. He brought the oven she inquired about. While he’s cleaning and overlooking the product, Dong Mi just gazes at him like he is candy. He asks her if she’s buying the oven but she’s still daydreaming. She’s going to buy it. The man blurts out the oven is great for beginners like his wife and himself. Just as she is starting to frown from another letdown, the seller reveals the wife is his ex now. Her face beams brightly so she asks if he has kids. He doesn’t. She’s close to winning the jackpot!

Mi Mo goes over to Dong Mi’s for jajjangmyeon. Dong Mi asks what she thinks about dating a divorced man. She continues to tell her story about finding two things on a second-hand website, a 40-year-old sexy divorcee and an oven. Mi Mo complains how Dong Mi is the one entering her league. She urges her to try dating the guy. Dong Mi asks if there were any questions she should not ask a divorcee. Mi Mo tells her to not ask him about why he got divorced because it makes her look nosy.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.02.59 pmScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.04.13 pm

After dinner, the two ladies are lying down in the dark. Dong Mi quizzes Mi Mo whether she’s embarrassed for confessing to a handsome doctor. Of course she is. They both laugh like little girls.

Soo Hyuk runs into a café in the early morning to meet his bae Hae Joon. Soo Hyuk compliments him for dressing up so dashingly. It’s Hae Joon’s day off work. Soo Hyuk is honoured to be Hae Joon’s date instead of a girl. That bromance is on point. Hae Joon says he’s meeting one later but he wants to clarify something with him first. He discloses he met his ideal type recently. Omo, here we go. Soo Hyuk thinks a pure girl that went through a lot does not exist. Hae Joon says she does exist. Just as Soo Hyuk congratulates his friend, Hae Joon blurts out Han Mi Mo’s name.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.13.59 pmScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.14.08 pm

Soo Hyuk instantly spits out Hae Joon’s ice Americano. He asks; “The Han Mi Mo I know?” Hae Joon nods in the most honest way. Soo Hyuk can’t comprehend how the two got involved. But he wonders back to when Mi Mo told him she found someone new. Hae Joon reiterates Soo Hyuk’s denial and questions if he should worry about getting into a love triangle. He’s taking a while to answer so Hae Joon is worried.

Soo Hyuk finally says he doesn’t but Hae Joon offers him time to figure his feeling out. Soo Hyuk blinks; telling his him Mi Mo is merely an elementary school friend. Hae Joon tells him he’s going to Brave Wedding to hand his profile to Mi Mo. If she likes what she sees, he’s going to date her for real. OMFG. Soo Hyuk looks like a lost puppy but gives his friend the all clear. As he watches Hae Joon leave, his hoobae from work calls to remind him about their dinner.

Mi Mo is accepting her reward for a successful matchmaking case. She wishes the couple to not get divorced and says she’ll make time to attend their wedding. A pretty staff member knocks on her door to tell Mi Mo a client with A-99 level is here to see her. Mi Mo’s like did Won Bin or Hyun Bin get a divorce? A tall man wearing brown suede shoes and stylish blue pants walks in. He is the flawless Goo Hae Joon.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.23.58 pmScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.27.27 pm

The woman is left in the wilderness. Hae Joon doesn’t bother to greet her; only stating the world is small. He is here because he wants to get remarried. Heol. She’s surprised. He went through a short and strong marriage.

Hae Joon takes a seat as Mi Mo struggles to serve a cup of tea for him. She apologises for her abnormally shaky hands. Hae Joon teasingly warns her not to spill it on him. Mi Mo takes a look at his profile, trying to get her shit together. He describes his ideal type – a girl who is 165cm, small and cute like a puppy, good at dealing with problems. But she must be a pure girl who has been through the thick and thin times. Mi Mo tries to dissect his needs. He is totally fixated on her. She plays with her tongue to kill the tension.

The guy asks her if it is frustrating to get stared at. He’s surprisingly sassy. He reckons Brave Wedding is not suitable for him. Mi Mo is confused as to why he isn’t signing up. She’s not objective, he believes. He advises her to manage her eyes because he just caught her. She tries to defend her actions but he doesn’t budge and just walks out.

Mi Mo frets about Hae Joon’s strange, douche-like actions. She thinks he shouldn’t mess with the CEO.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.47.43 pmScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.44.41 pm

Soo Hyuk and his colleague are on their dinner outing. The younger girl looks around at other couples having a great time. They are the polar opposite as Soo Hyuk is barely eating and is too busy thinking about Mi Mo. She finally speaks up and asks if something is up. He denies but he’s looking at the clock. She requests for him to treat her like his leading lady just once. She confesses she wants to be his woman, not a college hoobae.

The two walk out and Hae Joon rejects her. She only likes him so it won’t be possible to find someone better. She tells him not to feel responsible and console her before leaving.

Mi Mo is standing in an unfamiliar apartment lobby. Soo Hyuk is driving home with a broody expression. He thinks back to Hae Joon’s declaration and puts on his Bluetooth. He tries to call Mi Mo’s office but no one answers.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.52.21 pmScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.53.20 pm

As Soo Hyuk gets frustrated, Hae Joon enters his apartment lobby. Hae Joon walks up to Mi Mo and asks if she’s allowed to use client information for personal purposes. He reveals she called him and came to his place. She came to convince him to do business with her. He refuses and questions if she personally seeks out clients like this. She smartly answers she doesn’t normally but only in his case because every agency wants him. He asks if she read the profile. She memorised it. He declares he has succeeded!

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.59.31 pmScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.00.00 pm

Mi Mo angrily accuses him for playing with her and not signing up. He says he can’t sign up because then he can’t date her! She can’t comprehend his words so he repeats them. She asks him if why he wants to date her all of the sudden. He has already confirmed the relationship won’t be complicated so he tells her; “Let’s do this.”

Poor old Soo Hyuk sprints his way to Hae Joon’s apartment. He sees his best friend and almost-married half. He begins to tear up.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.01.21 pmScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.03.23 pm

Mi Mo asks Hae Joon to pinch her. Just as he is about to do it, he says he doesn’t want to. He asks her how’s this? And captures her into his arms for a hug. Soo Hyuk grits his teeth because his feet is stuck in his position, stopping him from spoiling the party. Hae Joon asks again, if Mi Mo believes him now. Soo Hyuk is left heartbroken.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.04.42 pmScreen Shot 2016-01-28 at 7.06.11 pm

Thoughts of mine:

This episode was filled with warm and fuzzy romantic scenes. From confessions to push-and-pull antics, it was definitely the Mi Mo and Hae Joon show. However, the birth of a new couple was at the expense of Soo Hyuk who only realised his feelings at the end. His heart ripped apart because of it. If only he was one step earlier or even expressed his interest during those late night bonding sessions, then he might’ve just made Mi Mo waver for him. I expect him to lay low for a while because he doesn’t seem the type to go against his words, especially for Hae Joon’s sake.

On the other hand, it was nice to see Dong Mi finally get a glimpse of a decent and single man. I hope she gets the goods this time. The poor girl can’t keep on getting dating tips from a naive colleague or her 8-year-old student.

Ae Ran’s storyline has encountered another obstacle. She just escaped her marriage but now she’s got a baby on the way, things do not get any easier. Perhaps it is a change for the better because her ex-fiance surely would not abandon his child. Could we see a spark in Ae Ran’s feelings? It is way too early to predict but it’ll be a nice ending for them all.

The next episode poses to be another intriguing one to watch.

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