Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Ep 4

Aging is inevitable in life. Dealing with it is perplexing because people are constantly chasing the clock for One More Happy Ending.

This episode is inspirational as the characters try to wriggle out of darkness to find the light in their lives.

Episode 4 Recap

The drama crosses back to the elementary school era. Soo Hyuk is reading his script and practicing his kiss scene. A witch downstairs is holding a ‘poisonous’ apple that will cause indigestion. She stares at Mi Mo on stage before her face suddenly turns evil. She doesn’t want Soo Hyuk to kiss Mi Mo before she gets a shot.


The witch approaches Soo Hyuk with her apples, claiming they will grant him a wish. She tells him to eat one but he wants to eat it next time. She presses one onto his lips, forcing him to take a bite. He feels weird. She grins mysteriously.


The performance starts and Soo Hyuk is about to kiss Mi Mo. But he starts to feel ginger and fails to complete the scene. The little witch is laughing mischievously in the corner.


Little Mi Mo sniffles her way home. She’s devastated about the public embarrassment. The supposed offender, Soo Hyuk, is quietly following her. She finally notices his presence and faces him. She screams, demanding him to stop following her. The painful look in her eyes hurts the boy even more. All he wanted to do was to apologise and hand over his hanky for her to wipe her tears.


Before school starts, Soo Hyuk rocks up at Mi Mo’s doorstep with a bouquet of flowers. He’s such a sweetheart. He contemplates whether to ring her doorbell but he hides away once the door creaks open. Mi Mo steps out with another boy and they have matching schoolbags. He grabs her hand and they walk to school together. Soo Hyuk watches on as his tiny heart starts to tear. This pattern of play repeated itself 24 years later.

Returning to where episode 3 left off, Hae Joon is asking Mi Mo to date him. Soo Hyuk watches the two from afar. Mi Mo had no idea Hae Joon would ask her out because her life was at rock bottom. Hae Joon wants her to rise up since it isn’t healthy for her. He states men never date women out of pity and he is attracted to her.

Mi Mo asks Hae Joon to pinch her but he hugs her instead. Soo Hyuk walks away like a damaged soul. The newborn couple is as ecstatic as ever.


Soo Hyuk is driving and wearing a broody expression. He’s always driving to or away from Mi Mo like this. He reflects back to Hae Joon asking him about his feelings for Mi Mo. He’s furious at himself.

Hae Joon and Mi Mo are sitting together in the lobby. There’s considerable distance between them. She asks when he started liking her. He can’t come to an exact reason but when he did is a secret. She loves his mysterious answer. He claims she landed in his world with angel wings.


We cross to a flashback to Hae Joon’s college days. His friend wants him to tag along to Angel’s comeback stage. Hae Joon scoffs at the cheesy name. His friend promises they’re super pretty in real life. He drags him to the auditorium.


The students squirm their way to their seats. The fanboy is on fire while Hae Joon is casually observing. Hae Joon is awakened by Mi Mo’s presence and he couldn’t stop staring at her.

Back to the present, Hae Joon smiles and murmurs his feelings began then. He thinks it is annoying. Mi Mo says once she gets into one’s mind, she usually stays there. The two lovebirds keep on giggling.

OMHE4-16 OMHE4-17

Solo Soo Hyuk is lying on the bench he usually sits with Mi Mo. He stares up in the sky and imagines the moon is Hae Joon and Mi Mo hugging. He reminisces the time when he kissed her. He wiggles in frustration and jealousy. Mi Mo’s a promiscuous goldfish who kisses a guy one day and hugs another the next.

Next morning, Mi Mo enters the lift while singing ‘Loving You’. The doors are closing but a hand slips in between. It’s Soo Hyuk. She swiftly greets him but his face turns into stone. He takes his time before jumping inside. She asks if he is going to work and he sasses, “what do you think?” She complains about someone’s aggressiveness in the morning. He is just balancing out someone’s peacefulness.


Soo Hyuk looks at Mi Mo’s face. He advises her to quit trying to look younger by applying blush because it looks strange. It took her an hour to form a natural look. He continues to bicker, saying she can’t compare against teenagers with natural blush because she’s almost 40! Snap. They keep on arguing about her blush and it ends with Soo Hyuk telling her she doesn’t need it because she’s flushing in anger.

The two walk out of their building. Mi Mo holds back a punch because Soo Hyuk did her a favour. He doesn’t know what favour she speaks of. She just says, “Coming soon!” in English.

As they part ways, Soo Hyuk changes direction and hops into Mi Mo’s car. He claims his car is ‘broken’ so he scabs a ride off her to return his favour.


In the car, Soo Hyuk gives his reasoning for being moody. He found a cranky-side to him yesterday, which doesn’t make him feel good. He’s no different to any other man. The things he doesn’t want to have, he doesn’t want others to have either. Mi Mo chuckles and calls him the worst type of guy ever.

She advises him to let the girl go if he doesn’t want her for himself. He’s getting cranky again. He screams, the girl is not hurting one bit and was humming all morning. She is outraged by his blowout and warns him she could ditch him on the road since it’s her car. He grits his teeth so harshly they might fall off. She teases that she wants to tell him something but refuses to, making him more annoyed.


Da Jung is spotted collecting her mail. It seems like she doesn’t have a divorce letter for once.

Mi Mo is still driving Soo Hyuk but she brakes super hard at the lights, scaring pedestrians. She blames him for yelling at her. He asks if she’s really a goldfish and starts to interrogate her about her memory. He refers to what happened two nights ago and last night before accusing her feelings being all over the place. She defends, “Do I need someone’s permission for my feelings?” He recaps the dramatic turn of events and compares it to a TV show. He calls her a ridiculous pervert for hitting on every guy she sees. She gives valid reasons for her actions, including how she was honest when confessing to Hae Joon. That silenced Soo Hyuk and he isn’t angry anymore. She finally admits falling for his friend.


Soo Hyuk has left Mi Mo’s vehicle. He’s viciously drinking his Americano to release his frustration. His photographer pops out to tell him to go inside. He takes a sip from Soo Hyuk’s coffee but spits out, complaining about the large dose of sugar. Soo Hyuk says he needs it because his sugar levels are down from stress. His colleague is tired from being a dad and regrets having a baby early. It isn’t up to the man. Soo Hyuk offers his case, a ‘young’ dad raising a 13-year-old son. His colleague thinks he’s aging badly and looks terrible.


During Masspunch’s editorial meeting, the editor is sulking about his staff taking sick leave. He tells the rest not to take any unless they catch MERS. They haven’t been producing quality stories of late; only love scandals. The editor wants 10 consecutive good stories.

Da Jung is driving to work. She sees a pretty couple, commenting on how happy they look.

Dong Mi is at school and she’s on her phone again. She is waiting for the sexy seller to reply to her text about not having an instruction manual. She helps out a student to make his pink paint. Noticing all the little couples in her class, she feels jealous. Once she tells her students to change seats, one boy refutes because she told them to take care of their partners. She snaps at him like a true ahjumma.


At Brave Wedding, Da Jung places flowers in a vase. She has her usual gloomy face. Mi Mo walks in to tell her the news of Hae Joon asking her out. Mi Mo thinks she hooks guys in as often as she gets dumped. Da Jung believes Mi Mo has double the female hormones than normal. Da Jung hands over a cervical cancer screening invitation to Mi Mo, telling she should get one. They’re going to go together but they’re unsure if Ae Ran will make it. Da Jung says Ae Ran needs to be responsible for her decisions. She suggests going to Sarang Hospital but Mi Mo refuses since Hae Joon works there. But she tells her she doesn’t need to show a neurologist her breasts.

Mi Mo is meeting a client and he looks about 50. He asks if he could have a child before it’s too late. Mi Mo believes his time is up already. She advises him to raise his second wife’s kids. He doesn’t want to adopt non-bloodline children because he is a man. Mi Mo narrates those men who don’t have children want some in their second marriage, so they can do daddy-son activities.

The three ladies are getting their screenings. Dong Mi says men want younger women to extend their generations but forget about the decreasing amount of sperm they have. Mi Mo blames them for not having children earlier. Mi Mo observes other couples with pregnant wives. She says women get free check-ups after 30 to see if their uterus is healthy. Glancing over the martial status box on her form, she explains she loves ticking ‘divorced’. Da Jung wants to get out of the marriage box while Dong Mi has never left the single box.

OMHE4-28 OMHE4-29 OMHE4-30

They go through a series of tests. Da Jung’s ultrasound for breast cancer may be a worry.

Once the friends’ wrap up the tests, they are waiting behind a wall for their results. Coincidentally, Hae Joon is looking over them. Mi Mo can’t believe he is actually her man. Dong Mi thinks he’s very handsome. But Da Jung is a bit anxious. Mi Mo tells them she’ll introduce him another time.


Suddenly, a young student asks the ahjummas why they’re looking at her Dr. Goo Hae Joon. It’s the girl who wrote him a love letter. Mi Mo gives a sarcastic look, naming her as a patient. But the student reveals she is his future girlfriend because he promised to wait two years for her. She says she’ll marry him once she is legal. Mi Mo laughs, asking if her parents know that he is old enough to be her dad. Apparently, age doesn’t matter in love. Not in Mi Mo’s book which is all about social acceptance hence no inappropriate relationships. The student flaunts her bigger chest as the ladies had enough.

The ahjummas start walking out from the hospital, blabbing about how gutsy kids are these days. Dong Mi thinks Mi Mo is no match for the younger, healthier student. But Mi Mo likes her odds and declares Hae Joon will be hers in two years.

Hae Joon is in his office with the girl. He gives her self-written lyrics 98 per cent and advises her to major in literature. She says he is her inspiration. He shakes his head in amusement. She mentions her encounter with three ahjummas who were spying on him. It’s normal for Hae Joon. She tells him to notify others he doesn’t go for women over 25. But he reveals he treats those women as little sisters. Changing the subject, he checks up on her headache, which has started again because of his ‘strange’ taste.

Ae Ran catches up with Da Jung. She takes out her positive pregnancy test and asks for Da Jung’s advice. Da Jung tells Ae Ran to go get an ultrasound and a blood test to make sure. Ae Ran is scared about the results. Da Jung believes she should be congratulated for having a baby. Ae Ran disagrees because she’s already called off the wedding. Da Jung uses the test as evidence that Ae Ran is sure of him because they regularly slept together. Da Jung puts her foot down. She won’t help if she asks her to find a good doctor for an abortion. Ae Ran is disappointed at her. Da Jung leaves, stating she won’t be her friend if she makes the wrong decision.

Da Jung walks down a street. She ponders about potentially getting diagnosed with breast cancer. She flashes back to the difficulties she faced before finally getting pregnant. Mi Mo narrates, revealing her friend got married at 22. The pair tried for years until seeking medical advice. The husband lacks in sperm production. Da Jung used insemination for a while. Da Jung was at breaking point and even asked her husband to get another woman pregnant and she’ll raise the baby. After 60 tests in five years, she fell pregnant but is struggling to save her marriage.

Back to the present, Da Jung picks up her son Tae Yong from school. He is grumpy and frowning at his mother.

Meanwhile, Dong Mi is staring at her phone. The steamy seller hasn’t replied to her text yet. She makes up a fake situation about her oven malfunctioning and sends him another text. He finally replies! He apologises for the faulty and asks her out for dinner. She screams like she’s won the lottery after days of waiting.


Mi Mo is shopping for groceries. She’s talking to her boyfriend Hae Joon on the other line. She asks him to name a dish he wants his girlfriend to cook. He thinks of one thing but that’s not revealed.

Mi Mo arrives at her apartment floor. A young boy is sitting on the floor and reading a book. She approaches him and wonders who he is. He looks up and it’s Soo Hyuk’s son! Min Woo says he lives in 1502 but he can’t get in because the door lock is out of battery. Aw, poor kid. Mi Mo hands him cash to buy some. She tries to help him out and is surprised at his lackluster skills. He claims his handsome dad spoiled him too much. She realises for the first time that Soo Hyuk has a 13-year-old son.

Like a nosy neighbour, Mi Mo asks Min Woo if his mother lives with them. He says they just met and she’s full of questions before giving her an awkward smirk. She apologises but reveals she, as a young nuna has known his handsome dad for years. He dismisses her nuna tag because if he treats ahjumma like a nuna then his dad would be a hyung. Mi Mo murmurs; “You’re just like your dad.” The door finally opened. Mi Mo flaunts her skills for the boy to listen. She can do everything since she lives alone including fixing a toilet. He asks if he could call her when something needs fixing.


At that moment, Soo Hyuk’s colleague slash admirer, A Ni, pops by their apartment. Min Woo addresses her as nuna. Mi Mo immediately remembers her as the journalist who did her interview. She questions A Ni if she lived here too but says she just works with Soo Hyuk. She thanks her for writing a great story and leaves the two.

Mi Mo walks into her apartment and compares herself with A Ni. They look around the same age but Min Woo calls her ahjumma instead of nuna like her.

A Ni places her groceries on the kitchen bench. She reveals to Min Woo his dad rejected her. Min Woo even told her to wear denim shorts because she looks the best in them but it didn’t work. He encourages her to not give up because his dad must’ve been surprised by her confession after being single for 13 years. She’s tired of trying but Min Woo cheers her up. He’ll be a good son to her if she marries his dad.

Soo Hyuk is still working. He is in his car, waiting for a good chance to snap a shot of a red sport car. They’ve caught another celebrity couple on camera. He isn’t happy because they got good shots because his mind is still occupied by Hae Joon and Mi Mo’s hug. Soo Hyuk asks his photographer what do celebrities do after they get inside. He jokes, the clapping game before Soo Hyuk kicks him out.

The two aren’t done yet. They take some photos of the guy’s car. The guy is pretty young so the photographer does a comparison. He gets a discount on a luxury vehicle, while he was aiming for a high score on his exams. Soo Hyuk is like; I was raising a son at that age. His colleague respects him and reveals he loves working late because he can’t stand his wife and child crying. But he cries with him too. Soo Hyuk feels his pain.

Walking back to their car, the colleague explains he saw his wife different after she confessed. He tells Soo Hyuk, a confession imprints on a person more than he thinks.


Soo Hyuk arrives back home but he considers visiting Mi Mo first. Perhaps a confession is on the cards? He rings her doorbell and she opens the door, wearing a cute apron. She dares him to come in, only if he apologises for harassing her in the morning. He wants her to apologise for ditching him in the middle of nowhere. He lets himself in.

Mi Mo says she couldn’t drive properly when a dog is continuously barking at her. Soo Hyuk ignores her and notices her busy kitchen, asking if it is someone’s birthday. She’s making gujeolpan (a tray of nine traditional dishes) for her honey. His jealousy is ignited, commenting she’s only been dating for a day. He checks out her ingredients and angrily bickers, “Are you cooking for the King with delicacies from all over the nation?” She corrects him; Hae Joon is her Prince Charming. He calls her easy after one confession.

Soo Hyuk turns his back at Mi Mo. He advises her not to shower Hae Joon with gifts because he’ll grow tired of her. She keeps her stance, saying she’s always been the girl who’s upfront about her feelings. She used to think loving is losing but she found out loving someone more is winning. If a mighty effort is given, then there won’t be regrets after a break up. Just as Soo Hyuk starts to get emotional, she tells him to watch if her relationship will be a sad or happy ending. She asks him to stay and taste her food when it’s done. He explodes like a ticking bomb and refuses to be Hae Joon’s bitch. He makes a mess of the vegetables and stumbles out.

Grunting his way back home, Min Woo and A Ni come to greet him. He freezes. He though A Ni was sick. She is happy he knows but asks why he didn’t visit her because there’s nothing sadder than eating alone when sick. Min Woo acts all innocent behind his nuna. She came to find a dinner buddy, which Min Woo claims it’s him not his dad. She invites him over to the table and reveals she faked being sick.


After diner, the sunbae-hoobae duo sits down for an awkward chat. Soo Hyuk can’t bear to look at A Ni. She asks if there really isn’t any space for her. He says there’s definitely space for her but he doesn’t want to give her false hope to take that tiny space. He admits when he meets a girl who takes a bigger space in his heart, he will leave A Ni. A Ni thinks he’s mean but he is just honest with her. She’s gone crazy by asking him if he likes men because she doesn’t get why he’s been single. He spits out his hot coffee. He explains for the nth time – the right girl hasn’t showed up yet. He reveals he needs someone to destroy his guilt.

Mi Mo, Dong Mi and Da Jung are at a café. Mi Mo and Dong Mi are having a staring contest. They have their medical results in front of them. After taking a glance at them, they argue about who should reveal first. The results show Mi Mo’s uterus age is at 29, while Dong Mi’s is 35. She does a quirky celebratory dance. Mi Mo advises her to do yoga and take ginseng to improve the health of her uterus. The ladies ask Da Jung why she isn’t revealing hers. She makes excuses before leaving.

Da Jung visits a women’s clinic and she bumps into Ae Ran. Da Jung asks Ae Ran if she got a check-up. Ae Ran nods and suggests they should go for tea.

The two relocate and Ae Ran spills the beans. She is not pregnant because her period just started. The doctor said the tester failed and perhaps her hormones were over-stressed. She’s fine now. Da Jung is relieved. Ae Ran has decided she’ll get married after realising her selfishness and rues her rash decision-making. Da Jung holds onto her hand and apologizes for not comforting her. Ae Ran questions why Da Jung came to the clinic. It is revealed that Da Jung is in high risk of breast cancer and needs a biopsy. The doctor says she might even have to remove her breasts. She is devastated.


Soo Hyuk visits his deceased wife. He’s staring blankly at her photograph. He remembers A Ni saying feeling guilty is too tiring. He reminisces to the time where he wrote a letter to Hae Joon when he left the country to raise Min Woo. He thanked Hae Joon for advising him to move overseas with his family. He declared he would return to Korea eventually. Hae Joon finishes reading and looks at the photo of Soo Hyuk and his son. He is interrupted by his friend who pops up with an Angels bread. He is hoping for Seul Ah but he got Mi Mo again. He leaves so Hae Joon secretly picked up Mi Mo’s sticker.

A serve of gujeolpan appears onto the screen. It’s Mi Mo’s treat for Hae Joon. They met up at his hospital. She frets about how much hard work she put in because she was blinded by his love. He asks her what she wants him to do for her. She loves his give-and-take style. She wants a tight hug like that night.


Mi Mo keeps on staring at Hae Joon. He thinks she wants a hug. But she tells him some good news – if he wants children later, she is capable of getting pregnant. He spits out his food in surprise and blinks a few times. He almost chokes. She wonders if he didn’t think about it. He says they just started dating. She explains there are many men who date women with that thought. He smartly states, pregnancy is beyond their control and their happiness shouldn’t be defined by it. She believes her man has no weaknesses and he agrees.

Dong Mi’s D-day has finally arrived. She’s wearing bold colours and make-up. Sitting there in utter excitement, she texts her date she’s arrived. He’s on his way. After half an hour, he hasn’t arrived. She checks up on him and he replies that he is parking. Hours have passed so she decides to call her ‘secondhand luxury item’. Unfortunately, the call is disconnected. She is pissed.


Da Jung slowly walks to Ae Ran’s apartment door. Mi Mo opens up and greets her in her signature cow onesie. It’s a singles party and probably Ae Ran’s last. Mi Mo hands Da Jung a cute onesie but she doesn’t want to wear such a childish outfit. Mi Mo says she can wear hers and unzips herself, revealing those fake breasts. She bites her lips and quickly zips it back up.

The ladies are just about to go inside. Dong Mi makes an entrance with pink eyeliner stains all over her cheeks. She got stood up.

Dong Mi got into her onesie and starts cursing the hell out of the secondhand seller. She cries, blaming the man for not clearing things up when she was hitting on him. Her friends agree with her, calling him a bastard as they’re drinking. Watch out, Mi Mo is mixing her soju and beer. Mi Mo offers her drink to Dong Mi but she yells she hates it mixed. The poor girl complains about her friends getting into Angels for their looks when she had to sing until her throat bled.

Dong Mi begins to ball her eyes out. Da Jung tries to console her for having the best job. Dong Mi doesn’t listen and declares she’s going to wreck her life from now onwards.

The boys are out on a date at a bar. Drinks are on the table but their chumminess is not. Soo Hyuk talks about everyone dating in the winter. Hae Joon says it’s not because of weather as people fall in love when they can. Soo Hyuk flares his nostrils. He is tired of finding secret couples. Hae Joon notices a change – Soo Hyuk is lonely for once. He believes Soo Hyuk will start dating soon.


Soo Hyuk still thinks he doesn’t have it easy like others. He says taking one step is hard. Hae Joon refutes, it is hard for others too but they just gather up their courage.

It is very late and Mi Mo just gets home. She screams her heart out. Soo Hyuk is sitting there in front of her and he’s completely drunk. She jumps over to him and wakes him up. She notices he drank alcohol. His eyes open and lets out a sigh. She asks for his passcode but he calls her a promiscuous goldfish. He repeats his reasoning from earlier. She says hugs and kisses are nothing and are done between families too.


Mi Mo tries to pull him up but he’s too heavy. She collapses onto him instead. He stares directly at her with intent. She is flustered so she tries to squirm away. He holds onto her tightly. His hands slowly cup her cheeks. He says; “I keep on getting upset when I see you.” She says it is because he’s looking at her so closely. He claims there hasn’t been one woman who made him upset in 13 years except for her. He says he really can’t stand her. She is still confused. He leans his head even closer to her, like if he is going to kiss her.


Thoughts of mine:

The big question is; “DID THEY KISS OR NOT?” Drama gods are known to end episodes with a bang. Alcohol has done its job in making Soo Hyuk gain the courage to express his feelings. It is better than bottling it up inside. Sure, there’s every chance that he didn’t lock lips with Mi Mo. But the important thing is; Mi Mo has received a hunch about Soo Hyuk’s strange behaviour. Soo Hyuk shouldn’t give up just yet.

I must praise the perfection that is Hae Joon. He’s liked his girlfriend since her idol days. He says all the mature and nice words she wants to hear. We don’t need to comment on his looks. I like his honesty when he indirectly confessed he’s troubled with dating a girl who Soo Hyuk may also like. Deep inside he is mighty sure of his friend’s feelings but he’s let his selfishness out for once. I don’t blame the guy.

Like previous episodes, the drama goes deeper into the other ladies’ stories. It was deflating to see Da Jung’s history and now that she’s got a health risk, it can’t be any sadder. However, even going through pain, she still puts her friends in front. To make Ae Ran reconsider her irresponsible decisions and change her own desires, it showed how awesome Da Jung is.

After two promising weeks, I anticipate more touching and enjoyable scenes from the One More Happy Ending cast.

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