Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Ep 5

The sweetness and brutality of timing has been prominently explored in One More Happy Ending so far but the extremes are likely to intensify this week.

Chances exist for people to take and if one misses it, another will snatch it.

Episode 5 Recap:

Throwing pebbles into a river and tiptoeing on a passage of rocks can be quite entertaining. Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk act as two young adults in the 80’s. Mi Mo is having fun while Soo Hyuk watches on from afar. She ditches a pebble at him and calls him an idiot for sitting there. His friend teaches him a lesson about codes that girls’ use. He gives Soo Hyuk a pretty wreath and a big stone to impress a girl.


Soo Hyuk runs in the rain to find Mi Mo. She is sitting next to Hae Joon under a hut. She tugs onto his arm, before running her fingers up his neck. Soo Hyuk’s face is frozen. Hae Joon is getting turned on as Mi Mo tries to kiss him. Soo Hyuk is annoyed at Mi Mo for two-timing.


Returning to where the previous episode left off, Soo Hyuk caresses Mi Mo’s face. He calls her a ‘sissy thing’ before leaning closer to her. He tries to kiss her but falls onto her shoulder instead. She is startled, so she pushes him onto the floor. Suddenly, Min Woo comes out of the elevator.


Min Woo crosses his arms, holding a ‘what have we got here’ expression. Mi Mo slaps Soo Hyuk to wake him. She’s panicking and yells, “You’re son just got back from school!” She calls his name, Romeo and 1502 but to no avail. Min Woo says his father should wake up in the morning so Mi Mo can go back home. She tries to explain the situation. Min Woo cuts in, saying when men and women hang out they make babies. She reveals they just lied down together so they can’t get babies. Min Woo asks if she tried to kidnap his father. It’s not the case so he asks her to help him.


Mi Mo carries Soo Hyuk on her back and Min Woo holds his backside. They struggled to get him on his bed. Mi Mo takes off his jacket before leaving him to rest.

Min Woo pours some juice for Mi Mo. He says he was taught to feed his guests. Mi Mo compliments the kid for being mature for his age unlike his dad. They sit down together as Mi Mo scans the photos on the wall. The adorable snaps and drawings are of the father and son. She asks Min Woo if he’s eaten. He ate around his academy. She looks at him, questioning if he always eats out. He directly says, “Don’t look at me with pitiful eyes.” He is a kid who lives and eats in luxury so there’s nothing to feel sorry for. But there is one thing he lacks – a woman not a mother. Not for himself but for his dad. Mi Mo slowly nods before leaving.

The girls are still at the party. They’re tired but still complain that Mi Mo always goes home to sleep. Ae Ran compares her to Cinderella. She is sad about becoming another Mi Mo. Da Jung advises her to live a happy marriage full of butterflies. Da Jung reflects on her marriage and motherhood taking a big toll on her heart. The girls let out a sigh.


Dong Mi receives a text while sleeping. It’s from the guy who stood her up. He apologised for breaking his promise.


Mi Mo pops by Soo Hyuk’s place again and Min Woo opens the door. She says a nuna like her can’t cook so she bought him take-out. The sleepy Min Woo looks inside the bag. It’s hangover food for his dad. She tells him to lock his door because his dad is a dangerous drunk. He politely bows and thanks her.

Soo Hyuk wakes up in the morning and steps out of his room clumsily. Min Woo already heated up hangover soup for him. He tells his dad Mi Mo bought it for him. Soo Hyuk remembers calling Mi Mo a promiscuous goldfish and regrets his actions. Min Woo asks him why Mi Mo calls him Romeo and if she is his Juliet. Soo Hyuk asks his son if ahjumma was drunk. She wasn’t. He has a mental breakdown.


Mi Mo exits her place and Soo Hyuk immediately comes out. Soo Hyuk wants to retreat to save embarrassment. It’s too late so he just awkwardly smiles and waves at her.

In the elevator, Mi Mo side-eyes Soo Hyuk. She asks if he is lonely. He flinches, making Mi Mo think she’s right. She asks if he remembers himself harassing an innocent lady next door. He bluffs like he doesn’t. She advises him to get help if he’s lonely. She casually hands him her business card. She is worried about him marrying some random girl if she doesn’t intervene so she tells him to pop by when he is sober. His mature son is worried too. She pats him and explains she can find a candidate who is both a woman and mum.

OMHE5-18 OMHE5-19

Soo Hyuk sits outside his office. He scrunches the card up and shoves it in his pocket. He finds the marriage registration form inside. His two colleagues snatch it but he swiftly snatches it back. He explains he signed it for fun when he got drunk with a friend. They want to shred it up but he refuses.


The editor raises the topic of a girl causing a scene when Seul Ah and Jung Hoon were caught kissing. Soo Hyuk gives an outrageous reaction. The photographer wasn’t there so he passes the baton to Soo Hyuk, who gives him the evils. He denies seeing anything before coming up with a lie. He says a girl got sick from Jung Hoon’s cooking so she raged at him during his proposal. He insists it didn’t affect Seul Ah but the editor tells him to dig further because a rival publication got more scoop.

Ae Ran’s wedding day has arrives. She’s looking chic in white. The husband is happy. The bridesmaids are clapping along. Dong Mi replies to her candyman with a selfie while Da Jung makes sure Mi Mo is comfortable being at a wedding. Mi Mo’s heart is fine,  so she’s good. Candyman flirts, complimenting Dong Mi looking prettier than the bride. She is ecstatic.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 5.41.07 pmOMHE5-25


Suddenly, a parade of women dressed in black crash the wedding. They’re all Ae Ran’s hubby’s exes.

It’s photo-time and Ae Ran is furious. She digs her nails into him. Each of the exes gives him bitchy looks and insults him. They ditch white roses at him. Dong Mi asks Mi Mo to catch the bouquet because she doesn’t want it’s bad luck. Mi Mo got married once so it’s all right, according to Dong Mi. Mi Mo was the only one who went for it.


Soo Hyuk rocks up at Jung Hoon’s restaurant, which is actually the hotel Ae Ran is holding her reception. He flirts an answer out of the waitress, whether other journalists stop by often. She points to one sitting alone that frequents there everyday. They agree Soo Hyuk is wasting his time but he isn’t fussed.

Ae Ran destroys a vase in her hotel room. She ditches everything at her husband for embarrassing her. He doesn’t feel sorry towards her at all. Instead, he reveals he broke up with the girls recently and even one yesterday. She is mad about him forcing her to marry him. He was sick of people viewing him as a womaniser and the pressure to get married. He married her to use her as a shield. He tries to be an asshole, suggesting they should maintain a ‘cool’ relationship and date other people. She is furious.

OMHE5-31 OMHE5-33

The girls are outside hearing every word. They believe Dong Bae has more passion than Ae Ran. Dong Mi reckons it is impressive for a man to be still married to a woman who hasn’t slept with him in seven years. That was directed at Da Jung. She then advises her to win the trial and force her husband to stay. More glass breaking is heard so the girls leave the married couple alone. Da Jung says they’ll comfort Ae Ran when needed. Dong Mi feels the couple’s honeymoon in the Maldives would be wasted.

Mi Mo tells the two to head off first. She is going to talk to her friend Chun Gi who works at the restaurant. Dong Mi warns her that she might see Jung Hoon. She says he doesn’t exist in her world.

Mi Mo enters the restaurant, asking for Chun Gi. He is off for the day. While Soo Hyuk complains about his salty spaghetti, the other journalist notices Mi Mo. At that moment, Jung Hoon aggressively tugs onto Mi Mo and pulls her aside.

OMHE5-38 OMHE5-39

Jung Hoon yells at Mi Mo for wandering near him. He’s pissed at the journalists trying to sneak information. She scoffs at his allegations. He tells her to never show up here again and to get out of his life.

Soo Hyuk walks out and bickers about the bill. He catches the exes fighting. Jung Hoon tries to shut Mi Mo up. She says he has no right to speak like he owns the hotel because he’s just a chef. He reacts and raises his hand. He smartly withdraws it. She cannot believe she dated a jerk like him. They both regret their relationship.

OMHE5-43 OMHE5-45

Soo Hyuk is still listening in on their conversation. Jung Hoon tells Mi Mo to get lost and walks off. Mi Mo bites back and spears her killer heels at his head. Soo Hyuk gasps in shock. Mi Mo struts her way towards Jung Hoon. But Soo Hyuk spots the journalist so he quickly pulls her in into a hug. He acts like he’s surprised to see his friend here but he actually is hiding her face from getting photographed. He motions to Jung Hoon to get out of there before getting snapped.


Mi Mo rushes her way out of the hotel. Soo Hyuk skips behind her. He screams, “Let’s go together, my friend!” She ignores him. He teases her for being all shy and for liking his hug too much. He asks her if he looks different after the hug. She sarcastically agrees. She thinks he is bipolar and questions if he forgot to take his medicine. She asks why he hugged her. It’s because he likes her, he says.

Soo Hyuk grabs onto the bouquet from Mi Mo’s hand. He asks her if a divorced single can receive a bouquet. She’s like, “I could get married again.” In an annoyed tone, she tells Soo Hyuk to check his account before going to her office. Marriage costs money. He believes only incapable people seek matchmakers but she calls her service “efficient”.

Mi Mo becomes serious and warns him not to criticise her occupation. She doesn’t think they’re close enough to have such conversation. Ouch. He disagrees and taps the bouquet onto her shoulder like they’re chummy. She doesn’t buy it. They are close enough since they’ve kissed, hugged and almost got married. He claims that Mi Mo is the first girl who saw his “thing”. She is speechless. He hilariously reminds her that he kept on saying ‘no’ but she still pulled down his pants. He couldn’t sleep at night since that day so he suggests to her to take responsibility for harassing him.


Turns out a whole bus full of people are laughing at their silly conversation. Soo Hyuk returns the bouquet and walks off. Mi Mo hurriedly gets into her car.

Dong Mi finally goes on her date with her candyman. She is busy playing with her hair to flirt with him. He says he is happy to see her and apologises again. Dong Mi reveals she doesn’t hold grudges. He didn’t want her to get the wrong idea. He covers his hand over hers like a sugar daddy. Dong Mi squeals and shivers. He asks, “We should begin from this moment.” Her life is complete.

OMHE5-49 OMHE5-51 OMHE5-52

Mi Mo meets Hae Joon for a night date. They’re strolling along a pretty street. She’s holding onto her bouquet (can’t she just leave it in the car?). Hae Joon tells her not to fret about Ae Ran because it’s good how she knows the truth about her husband. He advises her to give Ae Ran a big hug when she needs it. She asks if she hugs someone, who will hug her so she’d be recharged? Dumb question but he likes it.


Hae Joon brings up the fact they missed an important step. He takes Mi Mo’s bag and holds tightly onto her hand. They are overjoyed with love.

Ae Ran rocks up at Dong Mi’s with a suitcase. Dong Mi is the only friend who lives alone so that’s why she’s here. Dong Mi ain’t pleased, screaming that she should get a hunting dog to stop all her sad friends from barging in. Ae Ran expects a hug but Dong Mi doesn’t budge because she is busy texting her boyfriend. While she’s texting, Ae Ran starts to chuck her lingerie around in anger. She packed them so she could have a hot night on her honeymoon.

Da Jung is watching her cute son studying. She asks him if he’s learning anything fun. He answers, “Sex education.” She is startled because he is only a first grader. He explains the reproduction process and how he is the result. The son asks his mum her dreaded question, “Why don’t you sleep with Daddy?”


Mi Mo receives Da Jung’s call. She thinks Da Jung should’ve said married couples don’t sleep together. Da Jung is upset because her son’s expression looked as if he was blaming her. Mi Mo consoles her by explaining how smart eight-year-olds are.

Hae Joon is about to enter the elevator at his apartment building. A woman calls him “sunbae” so he turns around. It is A Ni, Soo Hyuk’s work colleague and hoobae. She is carrying a bag of beer.

OMHE5-59 omhe5-60

A Ni drinks her beer in Hae Joon’s kitchen. He is slicing some spring onions for their ramen. She talks about the gap between her and Soo Hyuk’s heart being five centimeters. He says a gap is still a gap. She asks him when he is going to start dating. He answers and says he doesn’t have a girl right now. But he thinks he has a chance. I don’t know what he’s smoking because Mi Mo is basically his girlfriend. She wants to ask him if it’s Mi Mo but holds back. She randomly asks Hae Joon if he remembers that she’s a bad dancer.

The drama flashes back to Soo Hyuk’s college life. The lecturer is discussing about prominent politicians or celebrities’ relationships. Soo Hyuk is seen taking notes. He’s got baby Min Woo in pram next to him. A young A Ni is staring at her sunbae. Her friend relates Soo Hyuk to a hero in romantic dramas. She thinks handsome guys have tough lives. She reveals the baby’s mother died while giving birth and it shocks A Ni.


Students are dancing during dance club but Daddy Soo Hyuk is busy entertaining his son. Hae Joon enters the room after greeting his fan girls. He sits next to his friend and comments on how Min Woo can live off his handsome face like he does. A Ni appears out of nowhere and asks if bad dancers can join the club.

Ae Ran is sleeping in Dong Mi’s bed. Still frustrated out of her brains, she calls her husband. She tells him she’ll go to their honeymoon herself while he can stay and reflect. She hopes the Maldives will ‘cool’ her down.


She arrives at the airport dressed like a superstar. She spots Kim Seung Jae with a girl from a distance. She teases Seung Jae must’ve gotten more handsome due to his younger girlfriend. She warns the girl that she’ll get tired while dating an older man. The girl tries to be nice but Ae Ran maintains her bitch-face. The couple leaves her in amusement.

Soo Hyuk checks his letterbox. Mi Mo steps out of the elevator, flaunting her glittery jacket and a mini skirt. Soo Hyuk immediately notices her. He asks her if she’s cold. She states, fashionistas cross the seasons. She has to wear fewer clothes for Hae Joon to give her warm hugs. He wonders if Hae Joon is busy with patients. She believes Hae Joon needs to have a lovely night to give love at work.

Mi Mo and Hae Joon are on a movie date. Mi Mo is busy eating popcorn. She stops when a steamy kiss scene appears. She spots other couples kissing around her and glances at Hae Joon. She’s happy she isn’t alone. They both reach for popcorn at the same time. As she eats, he leans closer. She anticipates a kiss, only to be disappointed. He just pops the popcorn on her side and whispers he doesn’t eat it. He smirks at her cuteness.


The two dine at a fancy restaurant before going to another movie. This time, they upgraded to gold class. Kung Fu Panda is on screen, so there’s no kissing. Second date and they enjoy the movie and dinner combo again. By the third date, Mi Mo narrates on how boring the dates were. They’re stuck on first base – holding hands. Even Dong Mi is on second base as her candyman gives her hot kisses and plays ‘footies’. The guy is a sexy and romantic magician too.

Poor Mi Mo is not impressed when Hae Joon asks her out for another movie. She says she didn’t enjoy the movies plus they’ve watched everything. She watches a raunchy scene on her TV so she offers him to watch an old movie.

Hae Joon mumbles that he loves her cuteness and she’s driving him crazy. His colleague approaches him and advises he shouldn’t beat around the bush again because the girl will get exhausted. It will eventually push her away. Preach, girl.


Soo Hyuk steps out of the shower. He opens a letter and it’s an invitation to his elementary school’s 50th anniversary. He is addressed as Romeo from 24 years ago. His reaction is to look across the hallway.

Mi Mo is brushing her bangs. She tosses between horror or romance films, comparing which one will lead to a kiss. Romance of course, and lipstick is a must. She exclaims, today is the day he will kiss her. She starts preparing her candlelit table for the date.

The doorbell rings but its Soo Hyuk. He checks out her green lace dress and asks if she’s cold. She’s hot. He tells her to get changed because he doesn’t know where to look. She says only nice bodies can wear see-through clothes. “It’s so awkward, I want to cry.” Sure, Soo Hyuk. He tries to walk in for a chat but gets a flick in return.

OMHE5-73 OMHE5-77

Soo Hyuk peeks inside and spots the wine. His jaw drops and comments that wine isn’t her style. She uses her fingers to face his door. Hae Joon is arriving soon so she tells him to take is medicine because he looks depressed.

Jealous Soo Hyuk goes home, only to spy on Hae Joon who approaches Mi Mo’s door. He jumps outside to ‘greet’ his friend. Hae Joon points to Mi Mo’s. Soo Hyuk asks if he misses him. Just as Hae Joon is about to press the doorbell, Soo Hyuk stalls him. He tries to invite the couple over for his nonexistent fried chicken. He happily advertises all of Hae Joon’s fave toppings. Hae Joon smiles but says, “Next time.”

OMHE5-78 OMHE5-80

Soo Hyuk pulls the single man card as he tugs onto Hae Joon. He even fakes his teary eyes. Hae Joon ignores him and finally goes inside Mi Mo’s place.

Hae Joon and Mi Mo enjoy a glass of wine and a romantic movie. Mi Mo forks a piece of cheese. She teases Hae Joon by pretending to feed him but ended up eating it. She cutely sucks on her fork. A phone vibrates, spoiling the moment. Of course it’s Soo Hyuk text to Hae Joon.

OMHE5-81 OMHE5-83

A sexy scene bursts onto the screen. Hae Joon is stoic while Mi Mo reacts like a little girl. He giggles at her. She subtly points to the TV, giving him a hint. He senses her code. Sliding his hand behind her back, he is about to go all in. But Soo Hyuk interrupts them again with another text. He must be spying on them. Hae Joon turns his phone off. They try again, only to get disrupted by the dog. She kicks him away. A million doorbell chimes spoil another kiss.

Giving up for now, they open the door. A wide-eyed Soo Hyuk carries a plate of fried chicken. He forces out an angry smile. Mi Mo is pissed.

Soo Hyuk crashes the hot date and ruins the mood with his deliberate craziness. Hae Joon shoots daggers at him. Mi Mo is covered up and violently eats his chicken. Soo Hyuk makes Mi Mo’s special drink and tells Hae Joon she drinks mixed drink instead of wine. They drink together but only Soo Hyuk is ecstatic.


Mi Mo complains to Dong Mi about her frustration. She says even elementary kids give and receive forehead kisses. Dong Mi wonders why they only touched first base when she’s gets endless kinky sessions. She concludes that Mi Mo’s heydays are gone. Dong Mi questions if Hae Joon got divorced for being overprotective. Luckily he’s handsome.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 7.58.30 pm

Mi Mo imagines herself taking selfies with Hae Joon in bed instead of doing anything else. She just creepily admires his looks but he doesn’t move.


Snapping out of her daydream, Mi Mo waits for Hae Joon at the hospital. He texts her, notifying he’s busy so he’ll call later. The schoolgirl approaches Mi Mo again. Mi Mo tells her to go away because she isn’t in the mood. She replies seeing Hae Joon’s ex-wife around isn’t enough. Deep gasps. She says his ex is across the room. Hae Joon’s ex is actually that female colleague of his!

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.02.59 pmScreen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.04.16 pm

Da Jung sees Hae Joon’s ex-wife for an appointment. She refuses to get a breast removal. She’s scared about not being a woman anymore. The doctor tells her the surgery won’t change her that way. She reminisces to when she first became a mother and started rejecting her husband for intimacy. She cries in the corner.

A Ni is at the office and she looks for files on Soo Hyuk’s computer. She clicks on the Seul Ah folder, only to see a photo of Mi Mo and the couple. She realises he lied earlier.

Mi Mo is at home. She keeps on thinking about why Hae Joon hasn’t kissed her yet. She finds an excuse to visit his ex-wife.

The ex says there’s nothing to worry about if Mi Mo’s period is two days late. Mi Mo lies about her breast hurting but the test didn’t show anything abnormal. She tries to make up problems but fails.


Mi Mo goes in for another appointment. The ex directly agrees to reveal why she broke up with Hae Joon. She knows Mi Mo won’t dare to ask the awkward questions. She tells her she got so angry with Hae Joon so she told him they should break up. She proposed and broke up with him and he said ‘yes’ both times. He was never anxious over her. She was always the one. She asks Mi Mo if she confessed first and states Hae Joon will never love you enough.

Meeting Dong Mi at a bar, Mi Mo thinks Hae Joon either doesn’t like her or is just cooperating since she confessed. Dong Mi believes it’s the latter. Dong Mi poses a test to see who is the problem.

Meanwhile, Soo Hyuk and his sidekick are out filing secret couples again. They’re sick of their job. Soo Hyuk wants to go before he jumps on his colleague.


Mi Mo hired out a room next door to the secret couple. She is practicing a magic trick that’ll heat things up according to Dong Mi. As she is convincing herself she’s still hot, Soo Hyuk hears her voice. His colleague says the place is perfect for affairs before Soo Hyuk lets him go.

Hae Joon calls Mi Mo, informing her he couldn’t make it. She says she is fine but she is bummed. Soo Hyuk suddenly appears in front of her. They ask each other why they’re here. Mi Mo casually hides the flowers. Soo Hyuk blurts out, “He must’ve stood you up.” She admits its true and says she came an hour early for him. She planned to show him she’s still a beautiful girl to make him desperately want her. Soo Hyuk tells her to “do it” and he’ll see if he wants her or not.


He’s a man so if it works on him, it’ll work on Hae Joon. So, Mi Mo starts to seduce the reasonably calm Soo Hyuk. She slides her hand from his chest to shoulder and pulls a flower from his ear. She repeats this again. Blowing into his ear, he flinches. He can’t keep his mouth shut and hormones in check after each sultry touch. She finishes the show by making a rose bigger through the candle’s fire.

Soo Hyuk is super impressed and slightly aroused. But he tries to clap like a proud ‘friend’. He says, “It’s not it.” Mi Mo is confused but looks up at her hat and it’s in flames. He splashes water at her face and pours the entire jug on her head to put out the fire.


Soo Hyuk drives the drenched Mi Mo home. She is shivering even with a towel on. Soo Hyuk turns on the heater.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.42.43 pmOMHE5-207

Hae Joon shows up at Mi Mo’s doorstep. He’s ringing the doorbell but there’s no answer. He calls her but her phone is off.


On his way to his car, he sees Soo Hyuk warming a freezing Mi Mo up with his hands. She’s wearing his coat too. He says, “This is going to get complicated.” The love triangle stare at each other and Mi Mo is the only one smiling.


Thoughts of mine:

The love triangle has been traced with permanent marker in this episode.

Hae Joon is not only boring but a gutless boyfriend. The fact he does not consider himself as Mi Mo’s man and takes thing agonizingly slow proves he deserves to lose to Soo Hyuk. He prioritises work over taking the chance to get closer to Mi Mo. His looks alone aren’t sufficient enough because his effort isn’t there.

Soo Hyuk is consistently jealous but he tries to maintain his neighbour image. Sure, he single-handedly ruined Mi Mo and Hae Joon’s date but his friend should’ve made it up to her. While Hae Joon is busy standing Mi Mo up, Soo Hyuk is making Mi Mo happy. He’s easily available as a companion and a potential love interest. I bet he will feel a bit guilty for getting caught by Hae Joon. Hopefully he doesn’t back off completely and tells his friend off for ditching Mi Mo.

The cliffhangers definitely made the show more unpredictable. I cannot believe Hae Joon’s colleague is his ex-wife. She acted like any other jealous girl and it’s surprising how comfortable their relationship is. The other cliffhanger had me absolutely shell-shocked – Ae Ran’s husband being an absolute player. It’s unknown whether he wanted to get revenge or he’s actually a player. Either way, Ae Ran got a taste of her own medicine, which was vital for her character development.

At least Dong Mi finally got her early happy ending. Let’s hope she can make loads of babies with her newfound beau.

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