Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Ep 6

Love triangles are emotionally and physically exhausting for those involved and their associates because they are all chasing One More Happy Ending.

Soo Hyuk and Hae Joon are not only battling each other but also themselves throughout this episode.

Mi Mo is pinned in between the men and tries to pick the right exit.

Episode 6 Recap:

A flower garden surrounds Mi Mo. Dressed in a hanbok and sleeping in a glass cabinet, Princess Mi Mo wakes up from her beauty sleep. She does yoga to kill time while waiting for her Prince. As her Prince draws near, she quickly jumps into bed and pretends to sleep.


Prince Hae Joon gets 98 points for looks. He leans forward to kiss Mi Mo. Skinship is worth 99 points. Mi Mo will let him off the hook for being late if he holds her hands. If he does, then she’ll be with him forever. He takes her hand and points at their ride – a brown horse. Mi Mo’s fantasy of riding on a German-bred white horse isn’t quite fulfilled.



Mi Mo has conditions before hopping off with Hae Joon. He doesn’t have house in Hanyang like she desires, instead a house in Gyeonggi Province. He just looks like a rich guy on the outside, she bickers. He defends himself as a filial son who doesn’t use his parents’ money. They are about to head off but a scholar barges his way in to stop them. The scholar is Soo Hyuk.


Soo Hyuk asks where Mi Mo is going after spending a hot night together. She pretends she doesn’t know him. He takes out a pink cloth that reads, “You are mine” as evidence. Hae Joon accuses Mi Mo for misbehaving while waiting for him. She still fails to ‘remember’. Hae Joon states in anger that she’s a two-timer and she’s the type he hates the most. Soo Hyuk reacts with a Daesang worthy ‘OMFG’ expression.

We return to the present where Soo Hyuk is driving Mi Mo home. A teary-eyed, ice-cold Mi Mo reflects on what Hae Joon’s ex told her. She’s taking her words seriously, thinking she is always the one giving yet still ‘lacking’ in Hae Joon’s eyes.


Hae Joon is on his way to Mi Mo’s. He’s listening to a story on the radio – a guy starts seeing his female friend of 10 years as a woman. This strikes him like lightning. ‘Broken Friendship’ by Hong Kyung Min is played, just as Hae Joon stops outside a chicken restaurant. Soo Hyuk pops into his mind.


The neighbours arrive at their parking lot. Soo Hyuk tenderly looks at the sick Mi Mo before wrapping her up with his coat. He tells her not to fight against the winter. The way he cares for her is heartwarming. He holds onto her by the waist and warms her up with his hands.


Hae Joon appears in front of them. His handsome face darkens. The boys have an awkward stare-off, causing Soo Hyuk to nervously take his hand off Mi Mo’s arm. He manages to wave at his buddy. But Hae Joon only has eyes for Mi Mo.

OMHE6-12Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 2.06.35 pm

Mi Mo asks Hae Joon if he came straight to her place from work without calling. She’s smiling as if she likes his initiative. He bluntly answers, “You didn’t pick up.” Her phone was off. Hae Joon glances at Soo Hyuk who’s avoiding him. He asks Soo Hyuk if they came home together. Soo Hyuk honestly says they ran into each other by coincidence. Hae Joon sasses about it happening frequently. Soo Hyuk says they should talk inside since Mi Mo’s probably cold. Hae Joon ignores him and takes off the coat from Mi Mo. Hae Joon jealously hands it back to Soo Hyuk. He puts his coat on Mi Mo like she’s his property before holding onto her and walking off. Mi Mo looks back at Soo Hyuk and feels bad for him.


Hae Joon and Mi Mo share some hot tea. He is wearing a jealous and extremely miserable expression. Mi Mo tries to break the tension by smiling. Hae Joon finally speaks up but rudely asks what’s inside a paper bag on the table. She says it’s nothing; just a bag filled with old memories. He doesn’t like her secrecy one bit and asks what kind of old memories she had. But she would rather not talk about them. He asks her if she’s not going to tell him even if he’s curious. His eyes are tearing up.

Mi Mo replies, “Can’t you see the mess I am in?” She is also teary-eyed. She is thankful for his coat but believes he can’t see it. He finally asks, “What happened to you?” She questions why it’s so damn hard for him to notice her. He wants to know what happened but she is hurt and doesn’t feel like telling him. Breaking the silence, Mi Mo announces she needs a hot shower. She asks if he could leave. He does so. She complains how she said she was cold and he didn’t do anything. “He knows nothing about women.”


Hae Joon looks at unit 1501 and 1502 and then the elevator. He’s in between them and on the way out. Who’s the third wheeler now?

A brooding Soo Hyuk finishes his shower. He thinks back to Hae Joon removing his coat and replacing it. He remembered Hae Joon’s angered look. He lets out a sigh and lies on his bed. Suddenly, the room lights up and he sees a couple of Mi Mo-inspired fairies flying around. One of the fairies says, “You’ve fallen for me.” He freaks out. Pondering back to the shivering Mi Mo in his car, he starts getting pissed.


Hae Joon is driving home and he is furious at the situation. At least his jealousy means he does have feelings.

Poor Mi Mo is coughing at home. She’s really sick. Her doorbell rings a moment later. It’s her neighbour carrying a bag of medicine. He noticed her sneezing earlier. He extends his hand to touch her forehead making her flinch. He tells her to dress warmly because see-through clothes don’t suit her. I want to cry right now. She smiles in appreciation.
She takes the medicine he bought. She grins at the medicine and frowns at her unresponsive phone.


Next morning, the neighbours are taking the elevator together. Mi Mo blurts out; ‘Thanks for the medicine.” Soo Hyuk acts cool. She admits she is grateful for him being there yesterday. It’s nice to see her being honest with him.

Mi Mo arrives at work. There’s still no sight of Hae Joon on her phone. She contemplates calling him even though he hurt her. She predicts Hae Joon might also want to call her too.

Hae Joon is in his office for an appointment with the annoying student. Her grandfather owns the hospital so she asks him if he can see a halo on her head now. She thinks she is irresistible but he says he would be admitted into hospital if he sees a halo. He advises her to leave.

A daydreaming Mi Mo keeps on tapping onto her phone and murmuring “When is he going to call?” Her phone finally rings but it’s from an unknown number.

OMHE6-24 OMHE6-23

It must be fate because Soo Hyuk gets a call from the exact mystery number. The caller is a rep from Dalbit Elementary School called Woo Hyo Min. She talks about the anniversary invitation, which Soo Hyuk received and Mi Mo didn’t. The rep asks them to attend the time capsule ceremony, going back to 20 years ago where they were apart of the play. They both agree to go.

Back at Hae Joon’s office, the juvenile is still yapping about how she’s younger and wealthier than the ‘wrinkly’ ahjumma, Mi Mo. She is not sensible or reasonable, so she loses. He tells her to learn these qualities at school. He smiles as she struts away.

Ex-wife stops by for a visit, checking if Mi Mo asked Hae Joon about something. She comes clean and admits she met her. Hae Joon is worried.

Masspunch are having their meeting. The editor asked Soo Hyuk about the ‘scene-maker’ story. He says he tried to ask the restaurant staff but they remained silent. A Ni speaks up about a different rumour she found, which could be an interesting story. A Ni will get sufficient ‘evidence’ first. Soo Hyuk’s eyes widen. He is not impressed.


Mi Mo and Da Jung are seeing separate clients who want the same thing – wealth and assets. Mi Mo’s female client is rich but wants to keep it a secret.

Dong Mi’s boyfriend watches kids play as he waits for her. He even has two coffees with him. Dong Mi sprints to his side and is happy he’s here despite the cold weather. He places a can in her hands. He misses her. She overreacts and whacks him a bit too hard. As they take a seat, he surprises her with a gift. Lifting the box, it’s a pink Louis Vuitton scarf. Hello, sugar daddy. He wraps it over her. She has to wear it every time she sees him. She says, “Why couldn’t we meet sooner?” According to Mi Mo’s narration, sugar daddy has got Dong Mi financially covered for retirement.


Soo Hyuk has taken the rebellious A Ni outside. She defends herself for uncovering all the facts that he is hiding, which benefits the publication. He questions what rumours she speaks of. She knows there is another person related to the ‘interesting’ story. But she keeps her stance and forces him to wait longer until she finds more evidence.

Meanwhile, Mi Mo is talking to Da Jung’s client. The single father is nervous. Mi Mo comforts him, saying most clients are nervous at first. He talks about his 10-year-old son, who he single-handedly raised. They have a friend-like relationship. This case rings a few bells. He asks if she knows any single fathers. She forgets for a second before describing Soo Hyuk as an immature school friend. He questions whether Soo Hyuk is actually immature. He starts explaining the difficulties he went through, mainly due to limited information about fatherhood. Back then; there wasn’t any online blogs to learn off.


A younger Soo Hyuk is seen struggling with his newborn. Tasks like preparing milk formula, bathing and treating high fevers weren’t without its troubles. The client narrates, whenever his baby cried, he cried too. He says; the hardest thing was the way people looked at him but the baby’s precious smile cheered him on. He concludes; a guy like Soo Hyuk cannot be immature.


Da Jung is putting her son to bed. She grins at his adorable sleeping face. She loves her child more than anyone else. Walking out of his room, she sees her husband walking past. He didn’t spare her a glance. She decides to enter his master bedroom.


Her husband is a bit startled to see his wife. With watery eyes, she hesitates before asking him to give her a hug. Would this be the first in seven years? He chuckles and answers; does she expect him to react like an animal when she asked him? “You crushed my pride,” he states. She rejected him for seven years so he doesn’t want to touch her. He tells her to never speak in a needy tone because it makes him feel like a criminal. She apologises and leaves. They are left crying in their own rooms.

Soo Hyuk is at home reading a Han Mi Mo archive on the Masspunch site. He finds out the times where her antis or Seul Ah fans went ape at her causing her to be admitted into a hospital.

Mi Mo is about to drink her signature soju and beer mix. She is talking to Dong Mi over the phone about her losing to Hae Joon because she confessed first. She cries, why is Hae Joon treating her so badly. Dong Mi thinks she is at disadvantage for liking him more. Mi Mo wonders why Dong Mi is the one giving advice now. She’s feeling terrible so she hangs up. She notices a new notification, missed calls from Hae Joon! Just when she’s getting upset, she gets an incoming call from her love.

Hae Joon is waiting in the park downstairs of Mi Mo’s apartment. He reflects back to him telling off his ex for revealing their past to Mi Mo. He was worried if Mi Mo misunderstood. Mi Mo runs down and sees him. He says he called her many times. She didn’t pick up because she wanted to make him desperate. It worked since he was scared he wouldn’t see her again. So, he waited three hours for her. She grabs his hand and asks him wasn’t he cold? He just smirks in content since she’s touching him. She talks about women feeling inferior after confessing first.


Breaking the solemnness, Hae Joon hands a large gift box to Mi Mo. While Mi Mo blabbers about not being a girl who is easily swayed by gifts, she still opens it. White fluffy earmuffs, cute. Hae Joon takes them out and gently puts it on her head. He tells her not to listen to words she doesn’t want to hear before grabbing her hand and shoving it in his pocket. There’s something inside and he tells her to take it out. They his collection of Mi Mo stickers from Angel breads! She’s shocked and wonders where he got them. He reveals he collected them from bread packets 13 years ago since he was her biggest fan. He bought about 100 breads to get those stickers. Because of Mi Mo, he went to a broadcasting station and cried for a girl group’s disbandment – both for the first time.



The angel he thought had flown away from him showed up at his work, wearing something other than wings. He thanks her for courageously talking to him first. “You are very precious to me,” he confesses. Mi Mo is mesmerized and is thankful for his words. He gives her a hug. They are both smiling like lovebirds. He finally tries to kiss her but she remembers eating dried squid. So, she kisses his cheeks and hugs him aggressively instead. He’s completely startled.

Mi Mo is brushing her teeth rigorously. She asks herself why she had to eat squid. But she is hopeful that Hae Joon will kiss her next time.

Dong Mi is putting her six months worth of savings in the bank. She doesn’t follow a 12-month system because she might get married which changes everything. That’s why she can’t afford new homewares for six years. She checks out a few branded watches. The sales assistant tries to sell her a limited edition model that actor Lee Jung Jae wears. Another customer ditches her credit card out and wants to buy it. In the end, Dong Mi buys the watch.

A Ni is investigating into the Mi Mo story again. She wants to ask Kim Jung Hoon some questions and tries debating with the manager. At that moment, Soo Hyuk walks up and demands for a talk. They sit down and Soo Hyuk immediately tells her to stop. He hid the details to prevent Mi Mo from getting humiliated. She asks if he has anything going on with Mi Mo and since when has their articles ever been nice. She still doesn’t budge which causes Soo Hyuk to lay down an ethics lecture on her. Journalists aren’t supposed to cross the line and throw a person down the cliff just for one successful article. She ignores him and exclaims that she’ll find out if it’s worth exposing.

Dressed like she’s ready for a date, Mi Mo barges into Da Jung’s office. She asks her friend if her lips look seductive. Da Jung gives her a bleak reply. She takes a look at the client profile Da Jung is holding onto. She notices the big debt the guy has. The guy is a doctor who got matched recently. Da Jung is worried about the girl threatening to kill them but Mi Mo thinks love will work its magic. It’s time for her to see her love, so she bids Da Jung goodbye.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 1.07.18 am

Mi Mo and Hae Joon are on a date and they’re about to eat dessert. Hae Joon goes to the restroom, so Mi Mo starts applying more lipstick. She notices a message notification from Hae Joon’s phone saying his interest loan is due soon. Hae Joon returns and checks the message, mumbling, “It’s the loan sharks.” Mi Mo asks if he’s in debt, only to get a quick response. Hae Joon asks, “Why? Are you concerned?” She shakes her head. Most doctors are in debt due to having middle-class parents and hefty education fees. Hae Joon frightens Mi Mo on purpose, mentioning he’s scared of meeting the loan sharks tomorrow. She sips her wine. He asks if she’s going to dump him because of his debt. They both give fake laughs.

The next day, cutie pie Min Woo is spotted outside of Brave Wedding.


Mi Mo is distressed about Hae Joon’s debt. She receives a text from Hae Joon. Hae Joon knows she is working late tonight and says he finds that sexy and encourages her to make money. He’s enjoying the tease from his end but Mi Mo is scared shitless. Hae Joon’s ex is in his office and comments, seeing his bright smile is a first. He says he used to smile like that for her but she never realised it. They’ve got a very strange yet comfortable relationship.


Min Woo makes his way to Mi Mo’s office. He says they’re practically relatives since they live next door.

We cut to a date between Dong Mi and her boyfriend. She gifts him with that expensive watch. He loves it and she’s happy. Suddenly, his phone rings twice but he doesn’t want to take it. Dong Mi urges him to pick up because it seemed urgent. He warned he might raise his voice and could be heard from outside. Must be his ex-wife. His call ended within 10 seconds and returned quickly. Dong Mi tries to act cool. He tells her not to worry since he always gets such calls. He keeps on admiring his watch.


Min Woo hands Mi Mo’s business card back to her. He found it on the floor in his house. She asks if the idiot threw it out, but quickly corrects ‘idiot’ with ‘father’. He gifts her with a cutely-packaged lipstick and requests for her to find a nice woman for his dad. She believes his dad doesn’t want to date. His son thinks his actions say otherwise, as he started drinking. She agrees to help the thoughtful Min Woo. Instead of answering her basic questions, he states he wants a woman for his dad and not a mother for him. He asks her to find a hot, sexy and wise woman. She gives him the thumbs up and says they’ll discuss the payment after Soo Hyuk goes on his date. She hands back the lipstick because she doesn’t want to charge a sweet boy. He insists on paying for her service so she accepts it.


Min Woo is back at home, eating dinner with his dad. He announces that he has volunteering tomorrow. He asks if Soo Hyuk can come to support him. He coolly agrees and says he’ll go home early to drive him.

Next day, Soo Hyuk is driving home but gets a call from his photographer, telling him to return to the office immediately for a wedding shoot. He calls Min Woo to apologise for not making it.


Min Woo is a tad disappointed. Instantly after his call with dad, the doorbell rings. It’s Mi Mo, who came to ask the boy to choose a lady for his dad. She lays out a few photos of mainly pretty women and asks him if he knew Soo Hyuk’s type. He bluntly says he doesn’t like any of them. He wants her to find candidates that haven’t gone under the knife and with traditional Korean goddess looks. She sasses about his young age and his high hopes for women. It’s hard to find natural beauties these days, so she tells him to accept the reality. He compromises for girls who only got the eyes and nose combo. She thinks he is really picky.

Mi Mo notices Min Woo’s down feather jacket and wonders where he is off to. He’s going to volunteering work on his own. She suggests he should bring his dad because he’s cool and not just a nagging hag. Some girls dig his trait. He says he can’t come. As he gets up to leave, Mi Mo kindly offers to tag along.

The two volunteer at a village, where many parents and their children are also volunteering. Mi Mo makes sure Min Woo’s jacket is zipped tightly. She can make a good mother. Fellow volunteers realise Mi Mo is an ex-Angels member. This makes her beam with confidence while Min Woo is confused at the attention. Some bitch throws a block of coal at Mi Mo, who is quick to catch it. The girl rudely says only parents are allowed, not girlfriends. She’s actually Min Woo’s homeroom teacher. She vows to make Mi Mo work hard.


Mi Mo is diligently giving a helping hand. She volunteers to carry coal on her back but the bitch gives her two blocks more to make her suffer. Mi Mo walks like a snail as Min Woo cheekily laughs at her.


Soo Hyuk finally wraps up his work. He’s angry because his colleague got the celeb mixed up for some D-Lister.

Like an embarrassing ahjumma, Mi Mo takes selfies with coal marks on her face and sends it to Hae Joon. Even Min Woo can’t enjoy his chocolate ice cream in peace. He says his dad’s friend said his dad hates girls who take selfies while volunteering. Hah, this kid has got Soo Hyuk’s sass. Mi Mo stops and questions if that friend’s last name is ‘Goo’. He’s like, “How did you know?” Soo Hyuk only has eyes for Hae Joon. She notices that he has chocolate all over his face so she grabs a tissue to clean him up.


Suddenly, Soo Hyuk arrives at the village and runs to find his son. He sees Mi Mo cleaning Min Woo’s cheeks like a mother and Min Woo pretending to wipe off coal on her cheeks, but instead smears more on. He lets out the most mischievous laugh. Soo Hyuk wears an unreadable expression as he approaches them.


Soo Hyuk asks what happened and why is Mi Mo here. Mi Mo and Min Woo are unfazed by him and are annoyed because he spoiled their fun time. Min Woo’s says he’s kind of close to the next-door ahjumma and became friends with her. Mi Mo says she should volunteer a bit so she can go to heaven.

A Ni catches up with Hae Joon at a café. She starts interrogating him about how much he knew about Mi Mo. She questions if he knows that Soo Hyuk likes Mi Mo. He answers, “What makes you say that?” Soo Hyuk is proactively protecting Mi Mo. But Hae Joon tells her it’s because they’re old friends. She says Soo Hyuk sees her as more since he cares a lot about her. Hae Joon demands her not to jump to conclusions. He states clearly, “She is mine.” He is dead serious. She challenges him to see if he’s as childish as her.

Back at the village, the trio is having fun. Soo Hyuk is delighted to see Mi Mo enjoy volunteering with him and Min Woo. He and Mi Mo are carrying coal on their backs again. They walk up a steep hill and he holds onto the edge of Mi Mo’s carrier like a gentleman. After dropping off the coal, they walk back down. On the fourth step, Mi Mo loses her footing and sprains her ankle. She stumbles onto Soo Hyuk, who frantically holds onto her. He tells her to be careful.


A bunch of ahjussis gossip about Min Woo’s dad being a womaniser at university, according to one of their sister-in-laws. One ahjussi talks about Soo Hyuk sleeping around, ultimately resulting in the birth of Min Woo. Mi Mo overhears their conversation and she is enraged. She approaches them and bitchily mentions the fact she didn’t see them working yet they’re here killing time. She tells them they’re pathetic and should be ashamed. She scoots them to get off their butts.

Mi Mo is handing out coal instead of carrying them. An ahjussi from earlier asks for a carrier. She gives him the heaviest one and stacks on like 15 blocks. He thinks it’s too heavy so Mi Mo teases him about being an old dad that his son will be embarrassed by.


The day is finally over. Soo Hyuk is waiting by his car. Mi Mo is holding onto Min Woo and she chats about being great company. Soo Hyuk notices Mi Mo limping, as her ankle is hindering her movement. He quickly goes to her and checks the injury. It’s swollen like a balloon. The boys look at her. Soo Hyuk scolds her for stupidly continuing to work even when she’s injured.


Soo Hyuk is driving home. His eyes are visibly watery and he is still pissed. Mi Mo sneaks a glance at the boys and notices Soo Hyuk’s annoyed expression. She thinks back to those ahjussis wrongful words along with her male client’s kind ones. But to steer her thoughts away from Soo Hyuk, Hae Joon texts her and asks when does she finish. She notifies him that she’s going home and will call him when she arrives.

Hae Joon is already waiting in her parking lot. He reflects on what A Ni said; if his best friend whom he cares for and is always living in guilt falls for his girl and will he give her up?


The trio pulls into the parking lot. Hae Joon sees their car from afar and the people in it – his girlfriend, his best friend and best friend’s son. Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk step out first. Mi Mo says her ankle is starting to hurt so Soo Hyuk immediately picks her up bridal style against her will.

Hae Joon sees every inch of this and gets out of his car, fuming. He wants to snatch back his woman for the second time. But he stalls, as the neighbours together with Min Woo walk ahead, resembling what a family looks like. His clenched fist slowly releases. He lets her go, ripping his heart apart.


Soo Hyuk carries Mi Mo all the way to his apartment. He sits her down and takes off her shoes. He warns her to stay right there or else he’ll get mad. Min Woo offers to go and buy medicine like a responsible son. He lets him go. Mi Mo tries to walk but he just softly leads her back to the couch. He’s about to clean and massage her foot in water. She says she can do it, only to receive a ‘don’t argue’ look. He takes her sock off and starts wetting her foot. She tries to argue again but he gives her another look. She’s flustered by his genuine care for her.


Meanwhile, Hae Joon hasn’t left yet and tries calling Mi Mo. Mi Mo hears her ringtone so she attempts to get up. Soo Hyuk places his hand on her arm to stop her. “Just a little longer,” he says. Hae Joon can’t take it anymore so he decides to go upstairs. But his heart prevents him from pressing the elevator button.


Soo Hyuk is still massaging Mi Mo’s ankle with all his sincerity. She says, “Thank you.” He looks at her tenderly before thanking her for going with Min Woo. They share an emotional few seconds of eye contact before looking elsewhere.


She spots his invitation to their school’s time capsule ceremony. They both reveal that they’ll be going. Mi Mo says old memories eventually fade away. He asks if she really thinks so? He believes those memories could still remain. She says things have changed since then, including them both. He maintains his longing expression. She talks about how they were 10-year-olds and now he’s 13-year-old’s father. “It must’ve been tough, how could you endure it?” she comments with teary eyes. He is about to cry. If she was him, she wouldn’t have done such a great job. She pats him on the head and says, “You’ve grown up well, Soo Hyuk-ah.”


Soo Hyuk holds onto her hand tightly and takes it away from his head. He tells her not to touch him. But he keeps his head lowered. She is a little lost. He places her hand on her lap and finally meets her eyes. “It makes me want to hold you,” he desperately pleas. I’m an emotional wreck and my heart is shattered. Their eyes don’t leave each other until Min Woo comes home. Mi Mo immediately gets up and hops her way out. Soo Hyuk is left on the verge of tears.



Mi Mo holds onto her chest while Soo Hyuk is sighing at the bucket of water.

A saddened Soo Hyuk is sitting in the cold outside his work. His photographer joins him. He is out to regain his senses. His colleague tells him the identity of the girl who caused a scene has been revealed. He reveals it’s Han Mi Mo who fought with Seul Ah and A Ni is about to publish the story. Soo Hyuk makes a run for it.


Soo Hyuk slams A Ni’s laptop shut. He reminds her he told her not to push someone off the cliff. He tells her to check on the previous articles. She screams, isn’t it a fact? He roars back, facts don’t matter because this girl is going to be hurt if it’s published! She yells, articles hurt everyone before popping the question, “Do you like Han Mi Mo?” She asks again, if he likes the Han Mi Mo his best friend is dating. He doesn’t answer directly. He says if she’s curious, release the article and see how mad he’ll get. She won’t be the first to realise his feelings.

He drives to see Hae Joon. They have an intense stare-off. He speaks up and says he is sorry. Hae Joon replies, “Don’t do it then, don’t get in between us.” But he won’t back off. He confesses he has to get involved because he has no other choice.


Thoughts of mine:

Best episode yet. It was an emotional rollercoaster. Just when Hae Joon started patching things up with Mi Mo, his efforts still lacked compared to Soo Hyuk. He isn’t there for Mi Mo when she needs him. That is when his best friend brings the best out of his sincere feelings for her.

The confession scene got me crying a river. The intensity and chemistry could not be denied. It was touching to see Mi Mo complimenting on Soo Hyuk’s ability to endure hardships for his son. But every single time Soo Hyuk showed his affectionate care for her, I melted. His line, “Don’t touch me, it makes me want to hold you” was the highlight. It marked his last act of being in the friendzone.

I also appreciate Hae Joon for holding back that night. It took all his strength and tolerance but he would’ve appeared as obsessive if he interrupted the two again. He still has Mi Mo head over heels for him but it might not last.

Min Woo was another shining gem. His maturity, cuteness and undying love for his dad brought a smile to my face. He grew closer to Mi Mo, to the point where he couldn’t stop grinning and laughing at her.

One last note, A Ni has gone crazy since getting rejected. Her desperate antics have come back to bite her. Soo Hyuk won’t be the kind sunbae to her anymore.

This is a rom-com but the melodramatic elements take it to new heights, making the drama more meaningful and relatable. I cannot wait to see what’s in store next.

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