Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Ep 7

The seventh installment of One More Happy Ending proves to viewers that when love becomes a competition, people’s true colours are revealed.

“I need to be happy, for people around me to be happy as well.” – Han Mi Mo.

Episode 7 Recap:

The best friends falling for the same girl arc actually began in college. A flashback reveals the history of when Soo Hyuk and Hae Joon were entangled in a love triangle.


Hae Joon was the first to strike. The trio are at a bar doing shots. While Soo Hyuk is busy drinking, Hae Joon looks after the lucky girl by pouring water instead of soju for her. But as he’s helping her, her eyes are laid on Soo Hyuk.


Soo Hyuk begins dating the girl. They are a campus couple that is in love. Hae Joon can only watch from the shadows, wondering how he lost to his friend. Discrepancies arise for the lovebirds. The girl wants Soo Hyuk to convince her to trust him. He’s too scared to trust himself.


We see Soo Hyuk at a maternity ward and he is introduced to a baby boy. It’s baby Min Woo. Meanwhile, Hae Joon is an intern and he walks into a room. He sees Ahn Soon Soo, who is his former crush and the mother of Soo Hyuk’s son. She is falling unconscious. He quickly calls for help and a team arrives to save her. But his professor isn’t there. She is struggling for her life. The doctors couldn’t revive her, leaving the two in indescribable despair.



Hae Joon tells Soo Hyuk the news. He kneels down to him; agonizing about the words he didn’t get to say. They are both in tears, as Hae Joon consoles Soo Hyuk by saying it’s okay.

Soon Soo’s brother comes after Soo Hyuk and throws him across the waiting room. He blames him for Soon Soo’s death.

After work, Hae Joon visits Soo Hyuk’s house. He sees an opened door, where Soo Hyuk sits on the couch, hopelessly observing his son. He grabs Soo Hyuk’s collar and demands for him to keep it together. He says it’s okay if Soo Hyuk doesn’t eat but the baby will die.


Hae Joon feeds Min Woo while Soo Hyuk expresses his doubts of living on after Soon Soo’s death. Hae Joon consoles Soo Hyuk that in time, everything will work out and with his son smiling; he’ll smile too. He tells Soo Hyuk to go back to the US where he has family and return when he’s standing upright again.

Back to the present, Soo Hyuk drives home after the confrontation with A Ni. He rushes to see Hae Joon.

Mi Mo is looking gloomy at work. She is troubled by her encounter with Soo Hyuk last night. She tries to shake off any lingering feelings. On her desk lies Min Woo’s bank account and lipstick. She stares at it, reminding herself she’s got a request to do.


The boys are locking horns at each other. Soo Hyuk apologises to Hae Joon. Hae Joon tells him not to get involved if he’s sorry. The past is creeping back into Hae Joon’s mind. He does not want to lose again. As Soo Hyuk admits he likes Mi Mo, Hae Joon’s ex-wife appears behind them. Soo Hyuk says he’ll be the bad guy and continue to like her. Hae Joon warns Soo Hyuk that he’ll hurt everyone if he does. He tells him to endure a one-sided love and wish for her happiness instead. Hae Joon goes back to work, leaving Soo Hyuk emotionally frustrated.

Soo Hyuk gets a call from Mi Mo while Hae Joon destroys his phone. Hae Joon briefly thinks back to A Ni’s bet about him repeating her selfish antics. Soo Hyuk hasn’t left so Hae Joon’s ex approaches him. She asks him out for coffee and a chat.


They sit in the cafeteria and she speaks up first. She says Hae Joon wants to slap Soo Hyuk but she wants to hug him. She understands how much he went through before going to the hospital. According to her, Hae Joon has never been troubled or heartbroken because of a girl. She believes it doesn’t matter who owns a one-sided love because it all depends on how Mi Mo feels.

Mi Mo is staring at Min Woo’s bank account. Da Jung walks in with some tea. Mi Mo hopes to help someone find happiness. She reveals that her heart aches when she sees Soo Hyuk and Min Woo. She believes it’s because Soo Hyuk is a lonely man who needs comfort whom falls for anyone he finds. Da Jung steps outside and receives a reminder for a check-up.

At Masspunch, the team are discussing about an overseas photoshoot. Soo Hyuk isn’t interested as he receives a text from Mi Mo. Mi Mo wants him to drop by the office because she has something important to tell him. A Ni watches him like a sad bitch. She offers to go to London just to get away from him.

Soo Hyuk grabs a coffee for A Ni. She confesses she was going to reveal everything including Soo Hyuk’s involvement but bailed. She asks if Mi Mo was moved after his confession earlier. Soo Hyuk doesn’t answer. He coolly wishes her well in London and thanks her for not publishing the article.


Ae Ran is spotted at the airport, returning from her lonelymoon. Her husband picks her up. They go to a restaurant and immediately, Ae Ran pulls out the receipts for home wares she bought. She demands him to go and get a refund for her. He suggests they should live together overseas to avoid any embarrassment. She refuses so he bitches about her degrading body that won’t attract men. He reasons, living with her working husband won’t be bad since she has nowhere to go. She exclaims she has people.

So, Ae Ran rocks up at Dong Mi’s. Dong Mi doesn’t welcome her with open arms and tells her to live at Mi Mo’s. Ae Ran frets about Mi Mo’s ugly dog and pushes her way in.

Dong Mi is on a date with her boyfriend. They’re sharing cake and she gets it everywhere. He sweetly cleans her mouth with his thumb. He calls her an angel for helping her friends out before going to the toilet. She tells him his angel is waiting. He gives a disgusted expression as he walks off. Suddenly, his phone keeps on ringing. She answers it and it’s his wife calling! She thinks it’s a fraud and argues with the wife. He returns and quickly hangs up the call.

Dong Mi gets home. She’s eating peanuts with Ae Ran. She wants to save her man but Ae Ran thinks there’s something off. Ae Ran predicts Dong Mi’s bae is exactly like hers – a scammer. Dong Mi remembers him talking about his kids and his ex threatening him. He talks about his life-and-death financial struggles. He even suggests to Dong Mi that she can leave him. Ae Ran doesn’t buy his story.


Soo Hyuk is about to enter the Brave Wedding office. He reflects back to Hae Joon accusing him that a man with a bomb that will destroy them. But he is swayed by Hae Joon’s ex’s words, so he goes in. He sits next to a client who’s talking on the phone. She bickers about how she cannot marry a guy with kids and advises her friend to get away from the guy. Soo Hyuk starts to ponder about those words and decides to leave. Mi Mo is disappointed to hear that he came and left.

Mi Mo exits her office, only to find Hae Joon waiting for her with a big smile. Poor Soo Hyuk is walking home in loneliness.

The couple eats dinner together. Mi Mo is visibly worried about Soo Hyuk. Hae Joon notices but asks if she’s worried about his loans. He says he’s going to buy his own house in two months. She gives a plain reaction. He asks about what she volunteered for. She gives another bleak answer. The sparks are gone.


Da Jung’s husband is packing a suitcase. He spots an old Angels album, signed by Da Jung. He reminisces to the time when Angels were promoting. Dong Mi struggles to look cute. Seul Ah is absent. But his eyes are on Da Jung. He seeks for her backstage for her autograph.


Da Jung gets home and he immediately rushes to see her. He reveals he is going to Japan for a business trip. He wanted to notify her even if she doesn’t care. He’s softening up. She sits him down and shows him their court approval for divorce. All she wants is the apartment. He is surprised. She says she won’t be here when he gets back so she hopes he can move out by then. She sincerely wishes him well.


Soo Hyuk is drinking soju with his colleague, who helps him countdown until his limit is reached. Soo Hyuk mopes about nobody wanting to know his feelings, so he isn’t going to bother. His colleague asks Soo Hyuk why he likes Mi Mo. Soo Hyuk doesn’t have a reason. His bud helps him drink, but on the third shot, Soo Hyuk grabs his hand. “Why couldn’t I grab her hand?” He asks. The mood becomes more saddening. He calls himself stupid for denying his feelings before Hae Joon won over Mi Mo. Wifey calls but as a good friend, the colleague stays longer. Soo Hyuk says he can’t date because he’ll be the jerk.


Mi Mo and Hae Joon are slowly walking home. She asks him what was Soo Hyuk like during university since he had to raise Min Woo. He asks is she curious about Soo Hyuk. She admits she found Soo Hyuk immature but feels bad after realising the hardships he went through. She wants to introduce a good woman to him, so she asks what’s his ideal type. Hae Joon is stiff like a rock before saying Soo Hyuk likes beautiful women like all men do. She thinks it’s hard to find a warm-hearted woman who’ll take care of Min Woo.


At that moment, Hae Joon swings in front and pulls her in for a kiss. Finally, but the timing and reasoning is off. Mi Mo doesn’t feel jittery. He tells her to only talk, think and breathe about him and not Soo Hyuk. She has been talking about Soo Hyuk all night. He asks if she’s tired of him already. She stutters before denying. He envelops her into his arms and reveals he will get sulky.

A gloomy Mi Mo walks out of the lift. She touches her lips but it seems she isn’t moved. She takes out Min Woo’s account book and decides to ring her neighbour’s doorbell. No one answers.

Drunken Soo Hyuk lies on a bench outside his apartment. He closes his eyes, wondering if he should let his love go. He wakes up and sees Mi Mo staring closely at him. She knew he’d be here and asks if he has been busy. He touches her shoulder to see if she is real. She gives him a look before asking him why he just left her office earlier. He says something urgent came up. They awkwardly gaze at each other.


Mi Mo brings up the incident where Soo Hyuk told her not to pat his head. Soo Hyuk tries to laugh and says it’s been ages since a girl patted him. Her face shows she cannot forget how intense he was. He roughly knocks her back and jokingly asks if her heart fluttered at his actions. She won’t fall in love with him because he held her hand. She pulls out Min Woo’s account book and explains how he came to see her. She tells him not to hold anyone’s hand when he feels lonely and that she’ll help him find someone amazing. She and Min Woo sincerely want him to be happy. He can only let his eyes water like hers, with no words spoken.

It’s late at night and Da Jung’s husband wants to go into her room. He could only touch the door handle and give up.

Hae Joon is drinking alone at a bar. His ex spots him and sits herself down. She is surprised to see him in pain and asks if he’s scared of losing Mi Mo or Soo Hyuk. He admits it’s both. He reflects back to when Soo Hyuk begged forgiveness for Soon Soo’s death. Soon Soo’s brother warns Soo Hyuk not to ever date or else he will end up killing her too.

Jumping back to the present, Hae Joon’s ex confesses it would’ve been good if he cried when she left him. She is curious if Soo Hyuk doesn’t take Mi Mo away but she chooses him instead. He hasn’t stopped a girl from leaving and she thinks he probably won’t change either.


Soo Hyuk puts Min Woo to bed. He tenderly caresses his cheeks and gives him a forehead kiss. His son will never leave him alone and will always bring him happiness. He takes out Min Woo’s account book and remembers when he first gifted it to him. The original 100,000 won has increased significantly. Soo Hyuk starts crying. He is proud of his son for wanting him to be happy.

Next morning, Min Woo hurriedly eats his cereal and yogurt before school. Just as he puts his shoes on, his daddy appears and asks for a big hug. Min Woo says he is way too old for hugs, thinking his dad is crazy. Min Woo leaves for a second but comes back inside and hugs his dad. Soo Hyuk is ecstatic while Min Woo enjoys the affection.


Mi Mo is working hard. She feels a ghost hand holding onto hers. To erase her thoughts of Soo Hyuk, she looks at photos of Hae Joon. Suddenly, Soo Hyuk shows up right in front of her. He smiles before asking if it’s possible to find a woman who can also be a mother. She gets him to fill out his details but he believes she knows him well enough. She didn’t know him for 20 odd years so she doesn’t want him to blame her for choosing a bad woman. He finally fills out the form. As he is writing, her heart flutters about his recent caring gestures.


Soo Hyuk writes for his ideal type – someone with faults. Mi Mo says all her clients have faults and are divorcees. He corrects it to ‘lovely’ faults. She thinks him and Hae Joon both have abstract ideal types instead of ones related to appearance. He answers; 163cm, double eyelids, no plastic surgery and petite. He doesn’t blink as he describes her attributes. She is left completely flustered.

Dong Mi is waiting outside a restaurant for her boyfriend. A customer walks out and recognises her. He goes up to her and notices she hasn’t changed one bit. He rudely suggests her to get surgery. Before she bites back, her boyfriend turns up and wraps his arm around her. Boyfriend’s got her back and makes the guy jealous of them.


They take a seat and Dong Mi immediately hands over money to her boyfriend. He tries to act like he doesn’t want to accept it. But of course he does. She is so naïve. He covers 2AM’s This Song and it’s basically game over for Dong Mi. She even listens to it at home, which royally annoys Ae Ran.

Ae Ran is at a broadcasting station, trying to sell her clothes to idols. Ae Ran brushes past a former idol she once locked horns with. The girl confronts Ae Ran and questions what she’s doing here since she obviously isn’t performing. She bitches on about idols not wanting to wear Ae Ran’s clothes. She pats her shoulder and struts off. Ae Ran screams, “I am Hong Ae Ran!”


Ae Ran even tries to do personal deliveries for more business. But customers don’t even want to see her. Her being an Angels’ member doesn’t work anymore. However, there’s one exception, her biggest fan. The fan is a guy in his late 30’s. He lets her in his house and shows off his Angels’ memorabilia. He even did the Loving You dance. She hugs him tightly.


Mi Mo visits Soo Hyuk’s place. She shoves a candidate’s profile and photo in his face. He doesn’t share her excitement, saying the girl is ‘whatever’. She isn’t impressed after her hard work, citing the difficulty to meet his standards. He doesn’t think the girl is pretty at all and just slips the file on Mi Mo’s door handle.


Dong Mi tries to get her fluffing LV scarf replaced or refunded. The shop assistant giggles and reveals the scarf is a fake. Even Italy was misspelt as Itali. It doesn’t change her mindset though. She believes he must’ve been upset for being unable to afford a genuine one.

The girls gather at Dong Mi’s and they all think he is full of shit. Mi Mo begins to question the guy’s unbelievable costs for child support. Dong Mi gets agitated and asks if Mi Mo has even kissed Hae Joon yet. She casually admits they have. They interrogate her about the kiss. She says it was just fine but there was something missing. Dong Mi believes Mi Mo and Hae Joon don’t match. Mi Mo sips her beer.

Soo Hyuk is taking scandalous photos with his colleague. The colleague asks if Soo Hyuk made a decision yet. Soo Hyuk is taking the easiest way out but it isn’t dating A Ni like his colleague suggests. There isn’t a third woman, but he’ll try to meet someone new and make a fresh start.


Ae Ran takes out Angels’ photocards that she got from her fan. Dong Mi wants to burn her card. Mi Mo wants to burn Seul Ah’s. Da Jung starts to cry at her card. The girls are taken aback by her sudden emotional outburst. Da Jung cries, “I used to be so pretty.” They all try to hold her, console her by saying she’s still pretty.


Hae Joon meets Mi Mo out for lunch. But she’s concerning herself over Soo Hyuk’s blind date that’s happening. Hae Joon bleakly says he knows since she’s been telling him about it for days. She keeps on fretting about Soo Hyuk. He slams his chopsticks down and demands they should leave since he lost his appetite. She asks if he’s mad. He says she is more inconsiderate over others’ feelings than he predicted. He can’t tell if he’s dating Mi Mo or his friend. She reasons how he is Soo Hyuk’s friend and should care. He says she doesn’t know him at all. He already told her he didn’t like her mentioning Soo Hyuk. She remembers his words and kiss, so she questions if he kissed her so she could stop talking. He admits it was both due to love and jealousy. It’s too late to take it back. She warns him not to disrespect her just because she confessed first. She isn’t a girl to like insincere skinship. He loudly answers, “Why would I disrespect you?” He wants to leave before they start a fight. She states she wants to leave too because it’s already a fight.


Soo Hyuk is looking dashing as ever. His blind date is late. He nervously keeps waiting.

Meanwhile, a woman with thick calves is walking through Dong Mi’s school with a bucket of dirty water. It looks like horse urine and hay taken from a farm. Dong Mi is busy chatting to her boyfriend about their date. That dirty bucket wets Dong Mi’s entire body. The culprit is her boyfriend’s scary-looking wife. She is completely shocked.


Hae Joon walks back to work. His ex finds him and asks if he enjoyed his lunch after ditching her. They are so chilled. He doesn’t want to talk about it. She distracts him by requesting him to take out something stuck in her eye. His fingers land on her eyelids.



At that moment, Mi Mo ends up walking in their direction. Mi Mo is upset because Hae Joon didn’t bother to make her feel better. Her eyes spot the exes and Hae Joon is blowing onto his ex’s eyes. He asks if it’s uncomfortable. His ex realises the affection she was oblivious to. She questions if she really didn’t notice back then and declares she wants to get him back!



Mi Mo watches everything unfold. She narrates; she forgot that there was a dangerous person beside her man. That girl is very close to him too.

Thoughts of mine:

It’s official. Soo Hyuk has taken over Mi Mo’s everyday life. He is everything she thinks and talks about, even towards her ultra-jealous boyfriend. A simple moment of hand holding with Soo Hyuk makes her first kiss with Hae Joon feel almost irrelevant. Something is off about Hae Joon’s intentions and I’m glad she found out the truth.

Hae Joon is showing his possessiveness way too obviously, in all the wrong ways. Sure, he likes Mi Mo but he has a stronger desire to win the girl like a trophy over Soo Hyuk. That kiss was forced and he shouldn’t have done it out of jealousy. He deserved the scolding and yet he wasn’t smart enough to chase after Mi Mo.

I like Hae Joon’s ex for being so cool about her relationship with him. She’s a total professional but she’ll always be a woman who has feelings. She acted like a mediator to make everyone happy yet she couldn’t prevent her long-lasting love from being exposed. I really do hope she doesn’t become the typical bitchy ex-wife. If Hae Joon lets Mi Mo go, I’d be glad to see him try again with her, given she doesn’t commit any harmful sins.

The Angels’ stories were prominent in this episode. I feel sorry for Dong Mi. She must be the most oblivious woman ever to not realise her boyfriend is a cheating douche. Her friends tried to warn her but she found out the hard way. Ae Ran is still childish but at least her fan is still rooting for her. Da Jung remains as the most pitiful member. Her husband might be having second thoughts but he should’ve acted before she agreed to a divorce. It seems hard for all the members to gain One More Happy Ending.

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